EroASMR is only half subtle with the name. You can throw out guesses for what the “Ero” part stands for; this could be an Emergency Response Organization, the Electronic Return Originator used by the IRS, or maybe something a bit kinkier, a shortened version of “erotic”. The ASMR is less mysterious, as the phenomenon and fetish has grown massively in popularity over the last few years. Grab the lube, the silicone schoolgirl snatch, and those expensive headphones your wife didn’t want you to buy. It’s time to get all was established in 2019, so they arguably got in on the ground floor when Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos started blowing up the Internet. Hell, I bet half of you perverts hadn’t even heard of it yet. These days, it’s a different story, and the site gets around 3,000 visitors a day tuning in for those dirty whispers and tickly noises. This one’s a good choice for cheapskate library masturbators and highbrow office wankers alike, as they’re giving out porn ASMR videos on the free-tube model. Why buy the cow when she’ll curdle your milk for free?Learn How Your Braingasm Can SkyrocketI kind of figured anybody who’s going to shake their dick at an ASMR website already knows all about ASMR. They’re not taking chances at EroASMR, though, spelling it out with a couple of front-page blurbs. “This website is your source for sexual tension and psychological stress relief with the help of a new porn genre that combines ASMR and sex,” it begins, going to describe Erotic ASMR as “even more intimate than the usual one. And it is not just your soulless and hard POV porn.”Yeah, it’s fancy talk in broken English, yet somehow enticing nonetheless. They explain how your “braingasm can skyrocket, in the end leaving you relaxed and relieved.” Maybe some gray matter will squirt out of my nose when the cream is squirting out of my ding-doing, which sounds like something the hookers usually charge extra for. “If you are new to ASMR,” EroASMR says, “do not simply disregard under the assumption it being weird.”Honestly, weird is kind of what I’m in the mood for this morning. I smoked a joint for breakfast and I’m starting to feel the Viagra kick in, and these front-page thumbnails are getting me all hard and drippy. There are pornstars making fuck-me faces, cosplay sluts touching themselves and OnlyFans models licking dildos, each movie title hinting at an ASMR angle to give you those electric feelings to go with your throbbing erection.I like how has its flicks grouped into a handful of broad categories. The front-page selection is divvied up according to these distinctions, and there are also quick links in the header to their libraries of ASMR Roleplays, Dirty Talk, Blowjobs, Pussy, Moanings and a 1 Hour+ section for those looking to settle in for a nice, long fap with headphones on. There’s also an Other dropdown menu, which currently only has an entry for YouTubers. There are no dedicated sections for virtual haircuts and celery eating, but this isn’t your typical ASMR site—this one’s for jacking off!Jacking Off to ASMRI think many people would be surprised about the kind of tax write-offs I get as a professional pornography reviewer. I write off my Internet bills and porn subscriptions, not to mention laptops, pocket pussies, barrels of lube, my mailorder Viagra prescription, and the occasional BJ with GFE, because I’ve got to test those escort sites somehow. I wrote off an Oculus Quest so I could test drive the VR sites, and a pair HiFiMan Sundara planar magnetic headphones for the ASMR stuff.Let me tell you, if you think is fun with a pair of shitty Apple earbuds, you should try it with a decent set of over-ear cans. The 3D effects are noticeably enhanced by bigger headphones, and you can get an even wider stereo field by choosing a pair with open backs. The only problem with open-back headphones is they don’t provide isolation, which means everyone around you can hear what you’re listening to.The sexy whispers leaking out of mine are probably why I’m getting all these weird looks from the other Starbucks customers, but hey, I’m trying to work here! I started in Ero ASMR’s Dirty Talk section, subtitled Sex Talk Whispers and JOI. The JOI format is a natural fit for ASMR videos, though you’ll have to be careful, so you don’t get kicked out of the library while following those Jack-Off Instructions.The selections out front rotate every time you hit the Refresh button. I first landed on one called Masturbating Under the Table and Moaning to the Mic, featuring a blonde hottie in red lingerie in the thumbnail. After a quick intro establishing it as an AdultTime production, the babe appears on the screen. “Hey you,” she whispers into the mic. “I see you right there. Get over her real quick.”Her mouth sounds soft, warm and wet, her tongue and lip sounds coming through loud and clear. “You’re such a bad boy,” she whispers, but it’s hard to be good when she’s talking so dirty. She starts touching herself soon, and the whispers become interspersed with 3D moans. I got goosebumps and chills down my spine as she diddled her skittle and I banged the bottom of the table with my boner.Hundreds of Tingly ASMR Porn VideosEro ASMR doesn’t include the upload dates on their posts, so it’s hard to tell how fast the site is growing. They’re not building the collection as fast as the anything-goes tubes, but that’s to be expected. ASMR may be growing in popularity, but it’s still niche porn at this point.As of this writing, Ero ASMR has around 500 ASMR porn videos in their library. That pales in comparison to a lot of tubes, but there aren’t a lot of tubes out there with this specialty. Five hundred is impressive when you think about it, because these movies ain’t being made with the same frequency as your typical webcam masturbation show or lesbian scissor fest.I checked out one of Ero ASMR’s Sexual ASMR Roleplays next. Repaying You For Your Kindness With Blowjob is a 13-minute flick starring a sexy, dark-haired babe and a dildo. One of the things you’ll notice about the site is that it feels like a true labor of love, rather than a genre-based cash grab. For this video, they’ve taken the time to write that she does the roleplay in a non-whisper low voice. “Expect talking with personal attention and sucking wet mouth sounds.” They also include a couple of timestamps so you can skip to the cocksucking or the boobies.One of my only beefs with Ero ASMR is that they have kind of a weird baked-in video player. It may be an issue with my spam blocker, but every movie opens with a non-skippable black screen with heavy breathing and moaning sounds. I rebooted my machine when it first happened because I thought it was an issue on my end. It ultimately didn’t get in the way of my fap session, but was slightly jarring the first couple of times. I did like how the player automatically shrinks and drops to the bottom corner when you scroll the page.This scene has more of a DIY flavor you’d find on a site like OnlyFans, versus the polished production of the first video I watched. The babe is gorgeous, but even with my cans on and the volume cranked, it was so quiet I could barely hear the chick talk, slurp or suck. Like any porn tube, the content itself can be hit or miss. The next movie I watched, Fingering Sweet Juicy Vagina In Blue Sexy Stockings, made up for it, but I’m pretty sure the baristas are calling the police after the mess I made.However you slice it, is definitely going to be a treat for fans of the genre. This is one of the only sites on the web devoted entirely to ASMR porn content, and it’s clear at every level that the whole place was created by perverts who love it as much as you do. If you’re looking for some free erotic sounds and sexual triggers, this is a good place to bring out the headphones.