Sometimes you just need a hot babe to whisper dirty things in your ear. For the longest time, you couldn’t really capture that intimate moment in porn. I mean, it can be hard to hear a bitch whisper when she’s moaning as she gets her ass fisted by some lesbian slut. You kind of lose that closeness in regular porn. It’s all about the flashy scenes, hardcore poundings, and humiliation. But it can be good to take a step back and waltz on over to the softer side of porn. After all, you don’t want to desensitize your porn-addicted minds any more than they already are.That’s where ASMR porn comes in. Yeah, you’ve probably heard of the regular ear-tingling ASMR where cute babes play with velcro or whisper into the microphone on YouTube. But did you know that the same shit can be used to make your dick tingle as well? There are loads of sensual videos of girls whispering jerk off instructions (JOI), fantasy scenarios, and much more. If you want the most sensual porn that you can find, then you should stick with me while I do a deep dive in Ixxx.com’s ASMR section.A Massive Directory with ASMR Porn from Big Names Porn TubesYou horny bastards have likely heard of this site by now. It’s one of the longest-running porn directories out there. It launched way back in 1998 and has been bringing in well over 79 million fappers every single month. Hot damn, that’s a lot of traffic. But I’m not going to be delving into every nook and cranny of this popular site. I only care about whispering babes and soft sounds for this review. You can get to the section I’ll be ranting about by heading to categories and going to “ASMR” or you can simply type Ixx.com/c/asmr into your search engine of choice.I’ve always been a big fan of this site’s design. It’s got a very dark black background with bright yellow letters. It’s like seeing one of the bangin’ hot babes wearing a bee costume at a Halloween party. I know that’s specific, but goddamn did Stacy look like a fine piece of ass that evening. And, in case you fucks didn’t know, this isn’t your normal porn tube. The videos you see aren’t hosted on this site at all. This page acts as a directory that links you out to other websites, where you’ll find the videos. Don’t worry; every site is on the up and up. The advantage of using a website like this is that you get to search through every site’s catalog at once.Over 14 Thousand Hot Videos to Jerk Your Dick toYou won’t find an ASMR category with over 14 thousand videos anywhere else. And you won’t have to deal with another site’s shitty search filters. Ixxx comes out of the gate hot with a bunch of great options for narrowing down your frantic search for the best video to fap to. You can search the ASMR section by popularity, upload date, video duration, site source, video quality, VR compatibility, and an overall rating out of 100%.Oh, and you can toggle between gay, straight, and trans videos on top of all of those other options. Hell yeah. I know I hate having to spend valuable minutes using some sub-par search system when I could already be jerking my cock to the perfect video on a hot babe telling me what to do.Every Video is Free to Stream on the Hosted Porn TubeNow, the ads are a bit out of my hands. There aren’t any on the main site, but the other porn tubes you visit are bound to have some. A few websites are polished clean and free of them, while others will try and bend you over and make you their bitch with them. Just keep that shit in mind when you’re browsing content. Thankfully, you can filter out sites that you don’t like or simply don’t want to see videos from.It’s the same deal with downloading videos. Some sites will give you full access to download as many videos as you want without paying a dime, while others will make you sign up for an account or block you from downloading completely. It’s like picking up a hottie from the club and hoping she’s good in bed. It’s just luck of the draw. Sometimes you end up with a devilish succubus who fucks like the world is going to end the next day. Other times you get a prude bitch who just lays there without making a sound.Great Mobile Experience & 1080p HD VideosBut the previews give you a good idea of what you’re getting into. You can see how long the video is, which site published it, if it’s in HD, and what its user rating is. And, of course, you get a large thumbnail that showcases a piece of the action. It’s not a video clip, but the images are pretty high quality. And there is content from a bunch of big names in the porn tube game. We’re talking about Xhamster, Eporner, Fapster, HDsex, and many more. So many of these sites deliver some damn good ASMR content. There are JOI videos, Hegre Art intimate scenes, full audio experiences, and all of the hot fetish content you could ever want.Clicking on a video will take you over to the site it is hosted on. So, the quality of the video player and the tools you get will vary across the board. It’s the same deal on mobile. The mobile experience is just as top-notch as the desktop site, but you’ll have to bank on the host sites when it comes down to watching the videos. Most of the tubes on here are mobile-friendly, but there were a few that ended up being clunky to watch.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesYou don’t have to compromise on where you’re getting your fap-worthy content from with Ixxx.com. You can easily browse through a lengthy list of the hottest ASMR videos from big-name porn sites. Gone are the days of having to go through a dozen open tabs in search of the perfect videos to blow your load to. You can make use of some killer search and filter options that make finding the perfect material easier than ever before. Really, why even bother with individual porn tubes when you can browse them all seamlessly on one ad-free site?It really is a no-brainer. You won’t have to deal with redirects, pop-ups, or any required subscriptions since this site cuts out all of the browsing time on those other sites. You can’t get more streamlined than this without having porn beamed into your fucking brain. But, hey, maybe I’ll be reviewing that a few years down the line. But that day is not today! While you wait for that shit to become reality, you can enjoy one of the sleekest porn tube browsing experiences there is with this site.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsFuck, I can’t think of much bad to say about this site. I mean, if you don’t like ASMR, then you’re not going to be jerking your cocks to the hot content on this category. It’s definitely an acquired taste. Some of that shit can feel anxiety-inducing to you more sensitive betas out there, so keep that in mind going into this if you haven’t fucked around with ASMR content before. But, really, this is a good site with a solid selection of fap-worthy ASMR videos. I don’t have anything even slightly negative to say about this one.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Ixxx.com’s ASMR porn category is going to be the perfect treat for you fucks looking for something a little more intimate. You can hear hotties lick, suck, and whisper right into your ears as they tell you about their deepest fantasies or command you to jerk off. Dive deep into well over 14 thousand videos in this free to browse porn directory! There aren’t any ads and there’s no sign-up required. It’s never been easier to search a dozen beefy porn tubes at once. I highly recommend you ASMR-lovers to check this site out right now.