PornHub ASMR

Pornhub has got to be one of the most famous porn sites in the world, if not THE most famous porn site in the entire fucking world. But today, I’m looking at a very tight niche of videos that exist on this site. From the millions of videos uploaded to this platform, there are a few thousand of them that fall into a very interesting genre of porn ASMR. This is something that is really interesting to me, especially since I’ve been watching porn for so long that I am just aching for something new and exciting to pop up for me to enjoy. Porn ASMR is the next step in enjoying porn sounds and visuals too.Pleasant and arousing sex audio soundsYou see, porn ASMR works sort of like regular ASMR in that it should be relaxing and all that. However, with porn ASMR you also have the added goal of cumming super hard. If you want to beat your meat to sex sounds that sound soothing and interesting to your ears, then I do think that Pornhub has what you need. These kinds of videos are not something that you can find on any porn site, and many of them don’t even recognize this as a genre. Granted, neither does Pornhub, but at least this site has a bunch of these videos for you to watch. It’s a great place for people who are looking for some porn ASMR videos.Now, with ASMR porn the most important thing is the audio. Of course, we all know that Pornhub.com is a porn video platform, so how the hell are you expected to enjoy audio instead. Well, I feel that it’s possible since there are just so many options you can take. For example, if you really don’t want to be distracted by the video, you can open up another tab, pull up a picture of your favorite erotic pornstar or whatever the fuck you want, and just jerk off to the sounds. However, if you want the full experience, in my opinion, you should keep the video on and watch it along with all the sounds you’re going to hear.The video can be quite important tooSome people see porn ASMR as a strictly audio-driven fad, but I see it as more than that. Do you remember how ASMR videos were really popular on YouTube a while back? Everyone was talking about this shit, but they were also featuring the videos too. That’s because the audio itself doesn’t really do it for many people unless they see the man or woman who is making them. People are more visual than they are driven by audio, especially men. Men love to see a hot chick, so the most important thing with porn ASMR for many guys is the video itself. I know it sounds crazy, but people love ASMR for the visuals too!Okay, that’s a lot of information to take in. If you want me to dumb it down and just put it in a few words: you should just try out porn ASMR for yourself and see how it works for you. If the audio is enough for you, then you don’t have to watch the video. However, if the audio just isn’t enough and you need to see the person creating the sounds, then definitely watch the ASMR for the video visuals as well! Nobody can stop you after all, it’s a free porn site and we all know this. At the end of the day, only you know what kind of ASMR experience you’re looking for with porn. Different people like different things.Ads can be a major distraction for ASMROf course, with Pornhub.com, you can always stay safe in knowing that the videos will always be free here. But this doesn’t come without any downsides. There are plenty of downsides to Pornhub, even though many review sites will be too scared to mention them. For me, these downsides are obvious and I won’t keep them from you. So if you want to enjoy yourself to the max and want to know what the pros and cons of Pornhub.com are, then you should keep reading and see what I’m about to tell you. There is definitely a price to pay on this website and it comes in the form of various annoying adverts. Most people hate ads, so if you are someone who just wants free porn without that, well, too bad…On Pornhub.com, there are just so many fucking ads that you can expect them on every corner of the site. You will see them on the main page, the different categories, while you’re browsing through the videos, while you’re actually inside of an ASMR video and so on. Banner ads can really be annoying and take away from the porn ASMR experience, especially if you’re looking for that visual hit as well. For example, you might get a hardcore sped up Brazzers ad while you’re watching a softcore ASMR video and that can really pull you out of the erotic mood that you might have been in. Ads just fucking suck.Thousands of search results for ASMR pornBut yeah, when it comes to free porn, there is always a price to pay and we are all aware of this, I think. But the bigger problem when it comes to ASMR content and Pornhub is that there isn’t a genre or category that you can go to to get only this kind of content. The best thing you can do is use the search feature at the top of the site and just use that to your advantage to find all the ASMR porn videos on the website. And I’m not saying that this is the worst thing in the world, but it does limit you a little bit if you don’t know about ASMR or you haven’t heard of it before since there is no category.Since you’re reading this review though, I can assume that you know what porn ASMR is. I can also imagine that you are probably wondering by this point how many of these free porn ASMR videos there are on Pornhub. Well, there are over 5400 pornos to enjoy when you get the “ASMR” search results. Is this enough? Probably. I think that most people won’t be able to watch the thousands upon thousands of videos that Pornhub has to offer no matter what category they go to. And when it comes to the more obscure shit like the genre we are talking about today, I can also see it being tricky to find elsewhere.Beautiful design, but no category for ASMRBy now, you all probably know how to use Pornhub. If not this site, then you’ve probably used a free porn site before. Well, if you’ve ever watched porn before, you’ll know how to operate this place in search of the hottest porn ASMR ever. When you look at Pornhub.com and all of its features, you will see a really good and well-rounded website. I guess the only thing that really sucks apart from those ads and the lack of the category is the fact that the search results won’t always give you the perfect association with the videos. Some people put in various tags for no good reason here just to squeeze out a few more views from poor chaps who want ASMR and then end up getting nothing like it.Pornhub.com is also a really pretty website. I think I speak for everyone when I say that most porn sites should look at Pornhub and then base their design on it. The site has great colors, great features, it’s fast, it’s full of porn, and it’s free. I mean, it doesn’t get better than this, does it? Well, that stands to be up for debate in the future since I know that many sites are now trying to get rid of ads and are exploring alternative ways of earning money. Only time will tell if Pornhub will still be able to retain the crown as the king of ASMR porn since many other sites just don’t have that much of this content.