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One thing I really enjoy doing is showing hidden gems of porn categories you might have never even knew existed. Now, I know that everyone is aware of the naughty ASMR videos that are often posted to YouTube… Where girls will use different props to create random sounds or simply whisper into the microphone. However, I am here to introduce a whole new side to ASMR videos… the porn side!There is a website called SpankBang, which is quite popular. It is known for offering all kinds of porn videos and covering a wide range of categories. This also includes the ASMR category! So, if your dick gets hard from whispers or slushy sounds of vagina juices, I think you have come to the right place! Not to mention that if you end up getting bored of ASMR porn, you can always check out different crap Spank Bang has to offer!What is ASMR?If you have never heard about ASMR before, you must have been living under a rock… So, for all my Patricks out there, I shall explain it all. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it rose to fame in 2010. It often contains seductive sensations beginning at the scalp and then moving through your body. Now, I am sure that you have encountered at least one of these videos on YouTube; they were very popular not that long ago.However, we all know that porn is not allowed on YouTube, so if you are searching for the real deal, SpankBang.com is the right place for you. ASMR is also known as a brain massage, as you basically get aroused by enhanced everyday sounds. I think that pretty much sums up what ASMR actually is, and if you would like to know what kind of videos you can expect, just continue reading. As for those who are not really turned on my naughty sounds and all that crap, you can check out other websites I have reviewed instead.Lots of hot juicy ASMR videos!Spank Bang is a free porn site with tons of different niches covered. But, I am not here to discuss all the niches; I am here to tell you more about ASMR porn. What can you really expect from a legit porn video with ASMR features? Well, expect to see a little bit of everything. For example, you can find girls with the ASMR microphone in front of them, undressing, rubbing themselves, or whispering… to give you that solo experience.However, there are also some couples who love to post their own ASMR videos, where you can hear the sounds of fucking… literally. It is quite incredible what these enhanced sounds can do to your junk, trust me. I am not that easily impressed, but watching a hot girl give a juicy BJ in a POV, and hearing all them naughty slurping sounds, got me excited, to say the least.There were also some girls who will not undress but do other random things. For example, there was this hot brunette dressed as a nurse. She had a pair of huge tits and an amazing behind. Instead of undressing or whatever the fuck, she pretended to be the nurse, and you are the patient. I think we all know where I am going with this.So, the beauty of ASMR pornography is very simple… enhanced naughty sounds! You have all kinds of scenarios listed on Spank Bang, and for me to actually explain it all would take a lot of fucking time. I think the easiest way for you to know whether the ASMR porn on SpankBang.com suits your dirty taste buds or not is to just visit the site yourself.All the videos are free, as I said… but that also means that their quality and length will vary a lot. There were videos that were 3 minutes or less… which was very disappointing. I mean, who the fuck can come in just three minutes? Don’t worry, though, because there were also videos that were over half an hour long. I think the best kinds of videos are around 20 – 30 minutes or so when talking about this specific category.As for the quality, it all depends on the video you choose to check out. Some clips were of HD quality; others were just OK at best. From what I have seen, though, the majority of the videos across SpankBang, in general, are solid. You have some HD, some medium quality, and none of them were of that phone un-watchable quality. I mean, what else could you have expected, considering that SpankBang.com is a free fucking site.Good design and simple browsing.One thing I am sure we can all appreciate is the fact that SpankBang.com has a good design. Rarely do we get to see a free porn site that actually looks good? Believe me, in my free time, I love to browse through random pornographic websites, and the shit that I have seen is just fucking ridiculous. Some people think that creating a porn site is just about giving good content, but the porn connoisseurs will agree with me that it is much more than just that.You need a website that looks presentable and attractive to the users; otherwise, nobody will fucking stay. Well, on Spank Bang, you have a rather solid website design, with a dark layout, which makes the browsing easy on the eyes. All the browsing options are on top, and you also have an option to register.The registration on Spank Bang is free, and it gives you all the usual privileges you can expect, including the option to upload your own porn videos. However, if you want to actually upload pornos, you should read their rules about that… This is a whole new topic, and I am mainly here for that good ASMR!There are other categories as well…On top of the website, there will be a page dedicated to “categories” and they pretty much cover all the categories that you will need! It is always good to have a free porn website that offers it all, and I think that that perfectly describes what SpankBang.com is all about. However, I must say that what I really enjoyed is the fact that you can search whiten a certain category… So what the fuck does that mean?Well, when you open the ASMR category (which you can do just by following the link I provided), you will have additional search options on top. You will be able to list out the most relevant, trending, new, or popular ASMR videos. You can also choose to list videos of a certain quality, duration, and when they were posted. Not to mention that there will be some category-specific tags listed on top as well!With over 3500 ASMR porn videos featured on SpankBang.com, I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are looking for. Be prepared to see a lot of familiar faces as well, since there are a lot of professional porn videos as well. There is a nice combination of professional and real amateur ASMR pornos, which is pretty neat.If you are interested in the chicks, there is a tab dedicated to the lovely pornstars who are featured on SpankBang. Instead of writing some shitty bio about the sluts, you will just get to see their hot porn videos instead! At the end of the day, that is why we are all here. Most pornstars will have at least ten different hot pornos listed on SpankBang, so if you have a favorite pussy you like watching, go nuts.That pretty much sums it up!I think I pretty much covered all the crap that is important. The ASMR category on SpankBang.com is filled with some of the hottest ASMR pornos out there, and as long as you are into this kind of shit, you are in for a treat. In case you get bored of the ASMR lovemaking, there are a ton of other categories you can check out as well.If you choose to register, you will be able to follow your favorite pornstars and thus get updated if their videos get uploaded to SpankBang. This works in the same way as YouTube’s system. Plus, you will be able to like/dislike whatever the fuck you want, comment on videos, or even download them, in case you prefer to make your own fap stash on the PC. Honestly, whether you are into ASMR or not, it doesn’t really matter that much because SpankBang.com offers everything your dick could possibly dream of.