Japanese ASMR

Japanese ASMR got me like, “Giggle, slurp, whisper, pop!” I’ve had my headphones on all morning, tuning in to those kawaii voices and slippery sex noises being pumped right into my ears. I’ve got those skin tingles, feelings of warmth and calmness, and a raging boner dripping into my boxers. It’s wild that I got this from audio alone when usually I’m cranking it to full 4K lesbian films or VR anal scenes. Is this what it was like masturbating before TV was invented?It’s kind of crazy how ASMR has increased in popularity over the last few years. It wasn’t that long ago that nobody had even heard of it, let alone beat off to it, but nowadays, JapaneseASMR.com is getting over 340,000 visitors a day. Like it says on the tin, they’ve been giving out free Japanese ASMR audio tracks since 2018, which is a hell of a bargaining chip. While there have been more and more ASMR sites popping up lately, the genre is still young, which makes this themed collection even more remarkable. Grab those nice over-ear cans if you’ve got them; otherwise, just hold your head to the speakers and hope your boss doesn’t wonder where those giggles and moans are coming from.What’s That You’re Listening To?It was pretty obvious just from the name that I had something special on my hands. JapaneseASMR popped up in my inbox this morning and I knew immediately it wasn’t going to be the same collection of sensual haircuts and wet coochie vibrators you find on the other sites. The big clue, of course, is the “Japanese” part of the title.And when you hit the landing page, ho boy, you may still be in for a surprise. It turns out this place is even more Japanese than I expected. My browser asked me if I wanted to translate the Japanese to English, which it does when there’s plenty of kanji on the screen, like on JAV sites. The site layout itself is pretty unremarkable, just a simple blog-style presentation with all the newest shit at the top.One of the very first thoughts that struck me was that, like so many things in the world of pornography, Japan is way the fuck ahead of the ASMR porn game than the English-speaking world. Your typical Western ASMR porn site feels really fucking new, like everyone’s still feeling out the subgenre, but there’s a heavily established vibe to Japanese ASMR, like they’ve been banging these things out for decades.Case in point, every new audio track is added with a big, relevant hentai thumbnail that looks like an officially released CD. I almost feel like I should be flipping through these on a Spotify-style audio app instead of a blog.There’s also the sheer size and scope of the collection. To date, there have been nearly 6,000 bits of kinky Japanese ASMR added to the collection. I was expecting a few hundred, which shows you how much I know on the subject of freaky Asian whispers about fucking and fetishes.Daily Asian ASMR About Sex, Farting and Everything ElseI’m sure there are some math-whiz Rainman types out there who’ve already done the calculations in their heads. JapaneseASMR.com has been around for three years and they have six thousand audio tracks, so they’re obviously adding a lot of shit to the stash. In fact, literally everything on the front page was added within the last 24 hours. They’re adding fresh ASMR smut every day, so you’d better get to work if you’re trying to fap your way through the entire thing.Today’s been a good day. The latest video is a little something called Hush Hush Pussy Time With Your Kouhais At A Bar, and the cover’s got a couple of drooling anime hotties with their tits out, giving fuck-me eyes to the camera. The Japanese description translates to, “Junior’s sober Makato secret toro toro voice patience etch,” which maybe tells you something if you’re like a 14-level weeb. It’s almost pure gibberish to me, but hey, it comes with an hour-long Japanese ASMR track.Other new additions today include a buxom MILF track about being Scornfully Babied By Two Motherly Hostesses, binaural vore audio that turns you into food for a Yandere Incubus, and a freaky one called “A voice that melts into the depths of the brain with her strangling sex.” There’s one with a dude getting raped to death by a succubus with giant boobs, another with a futanari police interrogation, as well as a top-secret fuck-machine plan, some classroom sex with golden showers and some straight-up lolicon for the deviates.In other words, JapaneseASMR.com goes on a deep dive into some seriously kinky porn categories. It’s pretty standard on hentai sites to find subgenres that make Pornhub look like the Disney Channel, so it’s no real surprise they do the same with Japanese ASMR. The audio-only format lets them do a lot that would be impractical, impossible or just illegal to do on video, so naturally, they’ve gone wild with the format.You’ll find a really nice breakdown of those categories on the JapaneseASMR tags page. One of the things I really like is that they’ve divided all the tags up by subcategories, making those hundreds of fetishes a hell of a lot easier to sift through. I’d like to see hentai sites start adopting a similar approach, because the lists are fun to browse and this makes the process easier.The subcategories include Focus/Appeals like Peeping, Maniac and Lots of White Cream/Juices, and Items/Tools with tags like Drugs, Lotion and Stun Gun. There are Character/Clothing options like Wrestlers and Older Sisters, and Outfits/Occupations like Bondage, Shrine Maidens and Nurses.I could go on forever just listing categories and subcategories, but honestly, you owe it to yourself to take a look, if only to find some fetishes you’ve never heard of. There’s some really perverse stuff under Brutality/Abnormality like Ball Busting, Burping, Farting and Stretch/Expansion.And a Handful for the English SpeakersSo, where do I start? Do I pop in the IEMs and listen to the one about the mom practicing her nut-crushing skills, the one with the furry cat girls who need love and discipline, or the one about licking your younger sister’s feet after getting busted stealing her panties? There’s a lot to choose from, but I’m unfortunately guessing a lot of the plotlines from the pictures and the tags.The only real problem I found with JapaneseASMR is that most of their Japanese ASMR is in, well, Japanese. That’s great if you’re from Japan or you’re one of those really invested weeaboos who’s taken the time to learn the language on the off chance an Asian woman ever speaks to you. If you’re just a casual masturbator who doesn’t speak Japanese, you’re going to be at a bit of a disadvantage.There are a handful of English-language ASMR tracks, but the pickings are slim. As of this writing, there are only eight of them, including a sex diary with a SFW tag and a JOI lesson with a sexy foreign English teacher. Typing “English” into the search bar brings up a lot of false positives, but you can find them via the Tags page if that’s what you’re looking for.I’d been curious about this buxom MILF track that was uploaded earlier today, even though it’s in Japanese. I put on my headphones and pulled up the one about being Scornfully Babied. They have multiple servers to choose from, so none of the links should ever go dead, and you can download whatever you want.This one clocks in at nearly three hours, so I guess it’s a good thing I ordered a small fries before I sat down. Now I’ll have an excuse to squat on the McDonald’s WiFi while I enjoy this. It opens with a Japanese chick whispering in one ear, and then another chick starts whispering in the other ear. Even though I don’t speak the language, I get skin tingles almost immediately. When the moaning starts, my dick gets hard. When the wet squishy sounds begin, I don’t have much choice but to start touching myself.And well, I think that’s why the police just pulled up outside. I’ve got to cut this short, but the long and the short of it is that JapaneseASMR.com is a fucking killer source of exactly that. The collection is fucking huge, it’s all free, and they’ve got a deep selection of really freaky sex categories. It’s mostly in Japanese, but what did you expect? It’s in the title, dude.