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I can’t believe that I’m actually reviewing audio porn when I could just as easily be looking at some titties right now. All right, I’ll be nice to all the audiophiles out there. I’ll admit it, though, I’ve jerked off to some sound clips that I received from babes I’ve been banging in the past. I definitely get the appeal of listening to some skank moan in pleasure in your ear. You can close your eyes and pretend she’s in the room with you. If she’s got a professional recording setup, it’ll sound all the more real. These bitches really crank out the quality recording equipment, let me tell you. It’s not like the old days when all we had were built-in webcam microphones.Speaking of the old days, Literotica has been around since forever ago. It was founded in the 90s and has been gathering all kinds of written smut stories that anyone and their grandmother is welcome to write. It’s like a never-ending pit of depravity that everyone’s free to contribute to. Granted, not everyone’s born a Tolstoy, but there are still tens of thousands of peak quality written pieces on this site for you to jerk off to. That is, provided you’re the kind of nerd who gets off to text.But, we’re not here to talk about the stories, are we? It’s all about the audio today. You’ll find all kinds of recordings here, from short collections of sex moans to long-form stories with all kinds of narration and exposition. Basically, you get varying degrees of nerd behavior, and you need to pick your poison. The audio smut might not be the website’s primary focus, but don’t let that scare you away. This place is loaded with more audio than you could possibly listen through in one lifetime. There’s enough to last you a million and one faps here, I guarantee it.Longer StoriesThese are kind of an extension of the standard literary format that’s already been popular on Literotica for over two decades. You get a book, basically. An audiobook, to be exact. The book will have all kinds of sexual themes, from lewd situations to straight-up detailed descriptions of quadruple tentacle rape. Hell, if you dig deep enough, you might find some stories about monsters eating girls alive while they’re fucking them. There’s really no censorship or rules when it comes to this kind of fiction. Literature seems to be the least censored form of media, so it’s a natural fit for porn.These audiobooks might be sound files, but they’re still structured like books. You can listen to them on the go or sitting down at home. Hell, you’re free to take them out for a jog if you’d like. Most of them are kind of made for fapping, though. Even the ones too long have certain masturbatory vibes. And sure, some take longer to wind up the action than others, but that’s because a lot of this shit was either written by a woman or written for a woman.Shorter Moan CompilationsThe audio sex stories section on Literotica is mostly just filled with soundbites of women moaning in pleasure with some kinky wordplay in between. They’ll call you daddy and beg for your cock. If they’re especially horny, they might even simulate some slurping noises. Who knows; they might actually be sucking cock next to the microphone. You’re free to pretend that that’s the case if it helps you cum faster. The point is, these are obviously made for nothing but the faps. You’re supposed to pop one on, get into the groove, and bust a nut. There’s no real story here.Alternatively, some of them will have a little textual exposition in the title or the description so that they’re easier to find. This also gives you some sense of what you’re listening to. So, let’s say you want to hear a girl talking about how much she wants your cock. You could look up “master slave play” or maybe “blowjob slurps,” and that’ll give you a ton of results that you can jerk off to. So, without actually saying the word blowjob, you know that that’s the setup. This is super useful for the more intricate scenarios.I’m trying to say that these kinds of short moaning clips don’t have an exposition in them. So, if it’s some sort of elaborate scenario that involves fantastic creatures or the girl in question is being dicked by several dudes at a time, she can’t straight up say that. It wouldn’t make any sense. She’s too busy moaning to spell it out for you. So, you read the title and the description. That way, you know what you’re getting.The QualityIt’s a bit of a mixed bag, but still a lot more consistent than, say, an amateur porn tube. Potato cams can really ruin the experience if you’re watching homemade smut. Potato microphones, on the other hand, are still a step up from phone call standards. So, at worst, you’re pretending you’re on the phone having remote sex with your girl. It’s easier to make audio than it is to record video. That’s just how that works.Since Literotica has had this audio sex stories section for a long while, you’ll find a ton of old stuff here that’s just a bit disappointing in terms of audio quality. Still, overall, the quality of the actual content is top-notch. If you’ve got a horny girl pretending to want your cock in a voice clip, you pretty much have to enjoy it. It’s so much better than reading a book. It feels a lot more real because that’s an actual person making those noises. Now, I don’t know how you can find actual sound clips of girls masturbating if that’s your thing. You might have better luck just going to PornHub and minimizing the videos if you’re into that sort of thing.This is more of a place for chicks to live out their fantasies of becoming writers and pretending that that’s the reason why so many dudes are interested in their work. In reality, dudes will jerk off to any kind of garbage writing as long as the girl doing the moaning sounds sexy. And, if she’s ugly as fuck, you can just pretend that she’s a 10. You don’t have to look at her. That’s the main upside.Navigating LiteroticaMaking your way around Literotica’s audio sex stories section should be simple enough. Their website has been free for the longest time, and it remains free today. I don’t know how they can afford to offer all these audio files for free, but that’s not my problem. They don’t charge for memberships, so by all means, get to downloading these audio clips. They have them embedded directly as mp3 files, so you don’t have to listen to them online. You can give them the old right click and save treatment if you’re starting a collection. And sure, you have to sift through them one by one, but what did you expect? They’re not going to let you download tens of thousands of audio clips in one go. That would bankrupt them.Thankfully, these clips are properly tagged, described, sorted, and aligned across the entire fucking site, so you can always find what you’re looking for. If you’ve got a fetish, they’ve got an audio story to go with it, no matter how specific it might be. By default, they show you the latest releases, which is where the site’s regulars shine. There are so many babes on here that are treating their free audio clips as a full-time career. Some of them even have Patreon accounts so that you can throw them a shekel or two. Literotica’s really come a long way as a free platform for audiophiles.Try The BooksI recommend that you try out the longer stories. A lot of them come out in stories. Typically, I wouldn’t give a shit, but these babes really go out of their way to reel you in. They care about their followers, and they want to provide you with a quality fap and a story you can really give a crap about. It’s all about infidelity, whoring around, sucking cock, and the like. You, as the listener, play the role of the dude, by the way. This isn’t some sort of first-person cock sucking experience. That would fucking suck.Now, you sit back and enjoy yourself while some talented actress whispers sweet nothings in your ear. It’s the perfect experience if you’re the kind of person who gets off on sounds or if you are deaf. By all means, check it out. It’s completely free, and who knows, it might become your next favorite type of porn.