What do you think of when you hear the word Soundgasm? An orgasm with the help of sound? An orgasm for your ears? Hardcore ejaculation to female ASMR? Whatever your association is, it’s probable that you’re not wrong. Today we’re looking at a website called Soundgasm.net, though there’s a twist. You can’t really use the site through that website domain. Instead, we will be using Flari.com to access it and search through it. That is as far as Flaru goes, however, and all the file hosting and jerking off will be happening on the side of Soundgasm, so that’s the actual website that we want to take a look at here.Flaru is used to explore SoundgasmOne of the first things I tell people when I want to explain what Soundgasm.net is all about is that I tell them it’s about spinning the feeling you get after you hear a soothing sound into something sexual. I know many people find it hard to wrap their heads around that kind of concept, but I understand those who find certain sounds sexy as fuck. Let’s face it; telephone sex was as big as it is because people can get off to just sound without anything else. Well, Soundgasm is looking to use that to its advantage and bring you closer to a porn niche that not that many people talk about, but which is really interesting if you ask me. Anyway, I think we should really take a look at all the content that you can hope to find.As I’ve said, Flaru.com is just how we will browse the wares of Soundgasm.net. It acts as a sort of web browser, except you can home in on a specific website and search it. As far as I know, this is the only way of using Soundgasm. When you go to that website, it’s like a white wasteland. You really need the help of Flaru in order to get anywhere with Soundgasm. So, when you see all the content on Flaru.com, you might think that it’s all stored on that website, but in fact, it’s all from Soundgasm; make no mistake about it. Anyway, I believe that now is a good time to take a look at the actual audio files there.Not studio-grade, but okay qualitySo, what about the content? Is it really that good? Well, I don’t know, it depends on what you see as good or bad content. I can certainly tell you that the content you will find on Soundgasm is some next level shit. It’s filmed by mostly amateur girls and guys in an audio format and they read out a role to you that you can get into. In order for you to truly immerse yourself into a role, it is recommended that you use a pair of headphones. Many of these people have their own microphones, and though they might not be professional mics, they are better than average and so you will be getting pretty good quality.What I’m trying to say is that although the audio files are kinda amateurish and have the occasional pop or noise that isn’t filtered really well, at the same time, I feel that it’s much better than some of the sound quality you will find on YouTube and so on. This place really brings it all together and you can tell that there has been a lot of time and effort dedicated to each and every single one of the recordings. So, while the quality might not be studio-grade, it’s certainly pretty good. You can expect that the people who post to Soundgasm take their sweet time in making sure that what they are making is of sound quality, no pun intended. So, expect to get a good kick out of all the audio files this site has to offer you.F4M and M4F audio porn categoriesSo, what kinds of audio files can you expect? Well, for one, you can expect audio files that get a lot into roles and role-playing. You will see things like Star Wars come up a lot, as well as other kinds of roleplay categories, though Star Wars is the only kind of role play that gets named after the actual franchise here. What I think is that this is one of the most famous ones to get into when it comes to this kind of audio fetishism, so I guess people like to film it too. But the real star of the show is the diversity of content that you can experience here. It’s not just one kind of role play in Star Wars and that’s it.No, on Soundgasm, you will find a huge variety of stuff that you can listen to and jerk off to. You can choose between categories that are F4M and categories that are M4F, because, believe it or not, chicks get off to this kind of crap a lot too. For example, they really like to get into submissive roles, so for them, there are often these ageplay and number categories that play around with the numbers a bit and get into taboo territory. For example, it might be an audio of a father sweet-talking his little girl to have incestual sex with him, or he might rape her, or whatever else. Hey, don’t look at me; I didn’t record it!All kinds of different roleplay situationsBut while I’m not the one who recorded the audio files, I really do understand people who get into this kind of shit. I can see the power dynamic and all that at play when you jerk off to this crap. I don’t quite understand why you can’t satisfy yourself with some actual rape fantasy porn or stepcest porn. Still, I guess that this might feel more real or you might be able to put yourself into the main role of the person who is recording it or put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side. Whatever it might be, I can see how people can get into this stuff, especially since it’s so new, exciting, and most of all, taboo.And I really think that it’s this taboo factor that really gives Soundgasm its edge. Without the taboo angle, this is nothing more than a website used to store audio files. I think that you can get a lot more out of these files if you really wanted that kind of enjoyment out of it. Anyway, for the most part, I feel that you really can get a lot out of this place, especially in terms of weird content in audio format. Let me give you some examples of what you can enjoy here. There’s Star Wars roleplay, cheating, ageplay, numbers, rape, incest, anime, MILF and so on. With so much of it to explore, you’ll be stuck for days!Stark contrast in the website designsBut none of it would be possible without Flaru. Since Soundgasm.net doesn’t really have much of a design of its own outside of the page where you play the audio file, I can’t really say much about it. It doesn’t look that good, but that’s mostly because it doesn’t look like much at all! It looks like an afterthought, while Flaru looks like the real star of the show up until the moment you click off the website and you are sent off to the actual domain where the audio files are hosted. That’s where the fun begins, and that’s unfortunately where every influence that Flaru had that could help this review stops.In fact, the contrast is so stark, that I don’t even know if you should use the great dark mode that Flaru.com has to offer. This is because when you finally open up a specific audio file, you will be met with a white page that is a complete and utter stark contrast to what you just saw on Flaru with its great website design and all that. If you ask me, these things could have been done a lot better in order to really give Soundgasm a better standing with me in this review, but alas I guess it wasn’t meant to be!