Wow, they must’ve hit the jackpot with the name… is a domain I am sure a lot of distributors fought for. Well, is a very well-known free porn tube website filled with all kinds of adult videos. It offers a little bit of everything, so no matter what your cock might be I the mood for, I am pretty sure Porn has your back.However, I am not here to discuss what has to offer in general. I am here to talk about their popular category called ASMR. Thus, if that is something that catches your attention, you are more than welcome to stay and read… or browse the site yourself. I mean, the site is free, so you can just stop being a lazy piece of shit and explore it on your own.What is ASMR?What kind of rock were you hiding under, to still not know what the fuck ASMR is all about? This shit rose to the top back in 2009, and everyone was doing it. ASMR stands for the autonomous sensory meridian response. In simple words, you know how your dick responds very quickly once your slut breathes or whispers into your ear? Well, that is the gist of what ASMR is all about.Of course, there are many levels to this crap, and not all of them are necessarily pornographic or naughty. Then again, if you get horny from whispering, chewing, breathing, or some certain sounds projected into the mic that makes it seem like the shit is happening right beside you… anything can be satisfying with ASMR.After ASMR became popular, there were a lot of porn websites that dedicated a separate section just to this fetish, and that is what I am here to talk about. Porn has a category dedicated just to girls who have a special microphone that will make your experience so much fucking better. I mean, the ASMR bullshit cannot really be done with just any microphone; there are special kinds dedicated just for that.Porn ASMR and lots of hotties.If you still do not understand what ASMR is, there is no better way of teaching you than showing you. Just click on the link I provided, and you will be taken to Porn’s category for ASMR videos. As for those who are ready to be introduced to a whole new world of sound porn, I am here to tell you just what kind of videos has to offer.First of all, I want to say that Porn has all kinds of shit… from actual porn videos featured in ASMR to just sluts whispering random crap or producing random sounds. It all comes down to what the fuck makes your dick hard, and this is not a department I can help with. See, personally… I prefer to watch porn and not just listen to it. So, instead of visiting the ASMR section of, I would just visit the homepage and enjoy real porn videos.However, if you are somebody who enjoys the naughty sounds and all that shit, I can see how Porn will make your dick super hard. Let’s start with the classics. You have slutty chicks dressed in naughty outfits, doing random crap to produce the sounds, or simply whispering. There was one cutie dressed as a playboy bunny, and she had two big microphones on each side. The video was around 30 minutes long, and the chick whispered, scratched some objects, tore her pantyhose, slapped her ass, grabbed her tits, and so on.Now, the second video I checked out was a lot hotter and a lot shorter. It was basically an 8-minute video, where a beauty was masturbating hardcore for the camera, and since she had those ASMR microphones, you could hear all the nice slushy sounds. It was amazing, especially since, in the end, she even squirted all over the floor…All I am trying to say is that while you have videos where the beauties will just talk to the microphone or do random things, like comb their hair for 4 minutes straight (not even joking, that was one of the videos that was featured), you also have porn movies where you will see a couple actually fuck with enhanced sounds…There was one couple where the babe was sucking a hard cock in POV, but she also had the ASMR microphone… so you can hear the juicy sounds of slurping, which was rather thrilling… especially since you could see her in action as well.It is also nice to know that you have all kinds of girls featured. There are beauties of all ethnicities, and there are both professional and amateur porn videos, which is always nice. Some babes are fat; others are fit, some are teens, some mature… So, whatever the fuck you came here for, I am sure that will suit all your dirty tastes when it comes to ASMR lovemaking.Simple browsing and a good is one of those websites that is very simple to browse through. There ain’t no complicated shit or anything that is confusing. From the moment you follow my link, you will get a huge list of naughty porn movies to choose from, and you can just scroll through all of them. The design is nice and black, which makes browsing so much easier on the eyes.Honestly, I was rather surprised that a free porn tube website is this lit. Usually, sites that just list videos from other porn websites do not look good, but Porn is not like the others. All the listed videos will give you a title and the name of the website that they are from. To be fair, all the videos that are suggested come from other free porn sites, and all of them are legit, so you do not have to worry about that.On top of the ASMR category, you have a description of the ASMR fetish. They go a little bit more in-depth than I did at the beginning of this review, but I also think that is unnecessary. I mean, it is so fucking simple; you either want to listen to enhanced slushiness, slurping, and all kinds of erotic sounds, or you do not. There ain’t no rocket science behind this crap.A lot of other porn videos.I do want to mention that Porn is a website that offers a little bit of everything. So, the ASMR category has around 1165 porn videos, but the website overall offers over 20 million pornos. Thus, even if ASMR porn does not make your pecker rise, there are a lot of other porn videos that just might. On top of the site, you have a section for the categories, and I suggest you go from there.The videos, their length, and quality will all depend on where the video is from… so I cannot tell you much about that. From my experience browsing through, most of the videos were of medium quality, and the length varied a lot. I found videos that were like 3 minutes long, but I also found Japanese porn movies that were around three h long… Basically, it all fucking depends.When it comes to the overall variety and all that crap, I think pretty much takes the cake here. You have all kinds of videos, and you even have a separate section for the premium stuff or live porn movies. However, if you are looking for some proper premium adult content or live webcam shows, I have reviewed a ton of other porn websites you should check out first.Conclusion.If you get aroused by the naughty ASMR videos, there is a whole porn category dedicated just to that. Unlike most of the ASMR videos, you can find on YouTube or elsewhere, on, all the ASMR videos are naughty and dirty. You get to see horny girls take off their clothes, masturbate, suck cocks, get fucked and so on…. All while you get to hear the enhanced sound of liquids or whatever the fuck else is happening in the video.The best thing about is the fact that even if your pecker is not in the mood for ASMR pleasures, there are a shit ton of other categories and over 20 million porn movies featured on The website is free, so take your sweet ass time and explore as much as you fucking want. I am pretty sure that sooner or later, you will find something that’ll make you erupt.