With the recent interest in Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM is becoming increasingly popular in both porn and erotica. If you're looking for bondage and kinky stories, you might want to give a try. Some would say that this story is geared more towards women. They say that many women enjoy reading erotica rather than looking at porn. The layout is pretty feminine and modern in design, with short stories and novels being added constantly. It's simple to use and get into the actual content too so you won't be browsing for hours before you read your erotica. I love how the first thing you see is a great slider with beautiful images to accompany the stories being advertised. Not only do they have stories, both short and longer, they also have some resources for learning about BDSM topics.They have a video section which mostly features videos from the popular BDSM porn site, Wasteland, but this is not the main focus of the site at all. They really do take story submissions so if you think you’ve got a dirty mind, then you should start typing and send it in. If they think it is good enough they will put it up on their site and you’ll be on your way to BDSM story stardom. Who knows, it could be how you become the next EL James. If you’ve never read an erotic story before and are more like a porn guy, I suggest giving it a try. It’s way hotter than you’d think, although I’m still a hardcore porn guy myself!When you click on a story, it will load in your web browser, so there is no option to download but this isn't a problem as you can just copy and paste into Word to print if reading on the screen isn't your thing. Tags are also used on the bottom of the stories, in case you want to try to find stories with the same types of themes. In addition to short stories they have novels, and even some poetry. So, if literature is what you’re looking for you’ll be kinkily pleased with the offerings here. You really can’t go wrong with BDSM Cafe if what you are looking for it erotic BDSM stories. There are some really high quality tales woven here, that will get you hot and wet for whatever sexy business is coming to you in the future.