The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository! One of the very first things people did when the Internet got popular was share pornography. Pictures took fucking forever to load on dialup connections, so erotic stories were popular as fuck. Some things never go out of style, though, and dirty stories are as hot now as they were then., the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository, has been serving up the literary goods for decades currently.The domain, registered back in 1998, was preceded by the newsgroup where it got the name. ASSTR has been growing a long-ass time and is sprouting new pubes even to this day. Though overshadowed by new shit like free porn tubes and VR tits in your face, the words on ASSTR still draw millions of views a month.Thousands of Authors, Decades of SmutASSTR doesn’t have a logo, just a simple, all-text header that says “Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository, because the best things in life truly are free.” The blurb says they’re home to over 1,000 authors of erotic literature, host of the "" newsgroup, a mirror for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.I was hoping to give a little more history than I could summarize in the intro. A site this old has to have some, maybe even interesting legal battles. Unfortunately, the FAQ doesn’t tell you much about the hows and whys and whens of this massive repository of written porn.There is a lot of technical information from the late ‘90s in there, so take a look if you’re interested in what kind of machines they needed to send out incest stories around the world. It’s a bit less than if they were broadcasting full-length anal movies in 4k.You can see the oldness all over ASSTR. The erotica itself may age like a fine wine, but damn, this site is ugly. I’m not sure when the current form was designed, but there’s a broken image on the front with a copyright from 1993. The bottom of the page says 2004 until you click your way inside, where it’s a fresh young 2010 vintage.They keep mentioning that they have over 1,000 authors, but I can’t find a total number of stories listed anywhere. A box on the main page displays some of the Most Recent. They’ve got names like The Admiral Recommends, Compromised, My Son Brad, and Kate: A Girl for Rent.At the end of the list is a link to everything added in the last week. Currently, there are only two stories on the page. I’m surprised and a little disappointed. At one point, I’m sure the weekly update lists stretched on and on, just screen after screen of taboo bondage, gay blackmail, and magic rape.The slow site growth could have something to do with the latest News item, posted blog-style at the bottom of the main page. It says they had a hardware failure and rebuilding the website. Shit’s fucked up, but they’re trying to fix things so authors can start adding new stories again.Maybe there are only two stories because the site is broken, but it’s hard to say. That news update is from 2017. ASSTR looks like it’s running mostly on auto-pilot, with minimal human help from the admins.All Kinds of Freaky Erotic LiteratureSo what kind of porn can you find on ASSTR? Thanks for asking. There’s a pretty wide variety here. With a collection of this size, you can probably find almost anything you could be into. That said, it leans toward the kinkier side of sex. The much, much kinkier side of sex. A lot of this shit works in blocks of text because it doesn’t work in film.The Most Recent stuff out front provides some great examples. When you hover over a title, you get an Author, Title, Summary, and sometimes Keywords. Some of them are in French, because it’s a worldwide site. Others are vague, requesting reader feedback but not telling you anything about what’s inside. The ones with the keywords let you know what you’re in for. Some readers will appreciate the warning, while others will go seeking them out.A story called House Party is about some kids deciding to invite friends over for a house party. It’s a vague description, but the keywords give some hints: MF, MF, MMF, MMF, FF, spank, inc, anal, oral, fist, rim, weed, cons, etc. Yeah, a lot of it is secret code that you’ll have to use the site a while to figure out. (The Story Codes for Authors was one of the more useful parts of the FAQ, even for a mere reader.)Compromised sounds even dirtier. This one’s about a loving father hopelessly compromised, and his relationship with his teen daughter irrevocably altered. How? By MMF, MFF, MF, FM, exhib, inc, oral, anal, bi, and preg. Holy fuck, if I’m reading this right, daddy’s going to impregnate his daughter by fucking her ass in public!I mentioned the FAQ being mostly boring technical information. There’s a section I didn’t think much of at first, assuming it was standard legal shit, but now it’s sounding a little different. I’m going to paraphrase, but the whole section reads something like this: “There’s no child porn here. It may seem like there is sometimes, but trust us, nothing at ASSTR meets the legal definition.”An Ad-Free, User-Supported Pile of Sex StoriesEven the best free porn tube you can shake your meat at is going to show you a ton of spam, even with the latest ad-blocking plugin. One incredible thing about ASSTR that is almost unheard of these days is the site’s complete lack of ads. There’s an absolute metric fuck-ton of free spank material here, and you don’t see a single ad. It would fuck up the no-images-anywhere vibe, anyway.ASSTR is a project of Internet Free Literature Corporation, a 501(c)(3) United States non-profit organization. That means donations are tax-deductible, which is good because they need them to operate. Bandwidth and credit card processing costs them about a grand a month, though with all the stale info here, it’s hard to tell when they typed that.The site has been fucked over by recent changes to the policies of both credit card companies and PayPal. You’d probably be surprised how much power they have over the porn you get to peruse while polishing your peanut. ASSTR can only take cash, check, or money orders mailed to their PO box in Virginia. Wow, even this site’s payment method is old school!Flipping Through All These PagesOne of the worst casualties of the site’s outdated style is the lack of organization. A collection of this size needs to be sorted a little better. It feels like the collection of sex stories outgrew the box they were trying to keep it in.I couldn’t find a category/genre/tag page, which is a little fucking crazy for any porn site today, even if it’s an Internet relic. The easiest way I could figure out to nail down what you’re into is to learn ASSTR’s secret sex codes and type them into the search bar. I feel like it’s something they’ll never fix, but it won’t be an issue by your third visit.It’s a pretty trivial gripe, especially for a massive free site with no ads. Honestly, I don’t know if it can survive like this, which is a damn shame. The site is old enough to feel like an institution and serves niches rarely filled. I’m sure perverts are discovering this website even to this day, walking into a paradise of smut they had no idea even existed.While the collection does lean heavily toward sex that will weird out the normals, ASSTR is big enough that most people will find something here that gets them going. Considering it’s free, it’s worth a look if you’re into lit porn and don’t mind spending a few minutes figuring out the navigation. It may also be worth your time if you’re not just an absolute degenerate, but a depraved Internet history buff as well.