AdultFan Fiction! Well, most people tend to confuse with but tell you what; they are not in any way related.Adult Fan Fiction is all about art and story authors; activities carried out involve challenging people to write about various topics, sharing as well as helping others find stories written way back. It’s a platform where authors not only challenge each other in contests for awards but also mentor each other. For instance, there is a writer’s corner where authors discuss the art of writing among themselves which includes advice, strategies, styles, and specifics in writing adult material. Also, there is a Character Profile help forum. This forum aims at helping people create a good character or more for their stories.Experience the talent here by viewing lots of exciting mainly erotic manga and anime art in their art room and also get to read numerous sex stories written by their authors. Even if you are talented in either of the sectors join in on their fun contests and challenges if not write about movies or something. There is ultimately so much to do.StatisticsAdult fanfiction is a stories archive site hosted by excess and owned by Apollo. It has been around for 16 years (2002 – 2017) now. The site's navigation speed is average, and it is not clear how popular the site is plus the number of visitors it receives on a daily basis.Site design and navigationThe site's layout takes some getting used to because everything is just bombarded into the site. Well, it’s good to clarify stuff, but these suckers have clearly overdone this shit. I guess that perhaps they don’t know that nobody wants to know what happened in the kitchen, all they fuckin' want to do is eat. However, the background colors camouflage perfectly, everything is arranged in the form of cards, and there are lots of sorting features meaning that navigation through the site will not be that bad.There are also basic tools used by members to navigate through the site. These include; member directory (a click on any alphabet lists down all members whose name begins with it, Find a member; a search member engine for specific member searches, searching for a story section; where members post hints of stories they may be searching for in the hope that someone may have come across them, Challenges and requests; where members challenge authors to do justice to suggested plots, dribs, drabs, and doggy tales; prompts and memes section, adapt a story of one of the authors topic section, categories request section, story codes section, AFF supporters and hall of shame section where plagiarists are posted among other nasties.NewsThese folks keep you posted about everything happening in the site in general, forums and about contests being undertaken. I found this quite effective especially because even when certain links are not working you will be in the know.ForumsLast I checked no motherfucker hated forums; this shit brings together suckers who share the same ideologies. Before joining any of the forums however you might want to consider going through their 8 key rules on signatures, creating an account with an invalid archive ID, Trolls, flaming other members, duplicate forum accounts, creating an account with an invalid email, spasm topics and spammers and lastly posting and usability by members by level. Just saying, perhaps failure to do so may lead you to be paraded in the hall of shame.Also, if you have any questions related to archives and forums you can direct them to the FAQs section where they will be attended promptly.ArchivesThis is definitely my favorite section with lots of content for your viewing pleasure. This includes; anime, books, bleach, games, celebrity, Naruto, manga among many other erotic contexts.I particularly fell for one of DemonGoddess stories; Does life have a meaning...I couldn't handle or process anything at that moment. I got up and made a B line for the door. My mind was going a mile a second as I ran passed her. "Umm, ok well, I should be ready to take you to practice in about 45 minutes," She said as I ran up the stairs. I ran into the bathroom, slammed the door, and turn the shower on. I quickly jerked off thinking of all those sexy pictures I saw of my very own mother. The ones that came to mind instantly was the pictures in the folder called "beach set." Picture after picture of my mom in different string bikinis. In each picture, she had a nasty, seductive look on her face as if to say, "Please jump on top of me and fuck my brains out." One, in particular, she was on all four, knees together, and her perfect round plump ass arched way up in the air. I put my hand over my mouth as came harder than I ever had before'...DonateEvery fuckin’ month the site comes up with a certain amount of money they expect to be able to have raised by the end of it. Surprisingly, these motherfuckers depend on handouts from members and fans for financial support. It’s a good thing that they haven’t bombarded users with Ads, however, I am not sure they had a well-laid plan of how to sustain their site. I am saying this because it seems like money has pushed them to the wall; rumor has it that the site is currently on sale. Anyways, if you wish to support their course, you can send your donations via PayPal to "[email protected]". They appreciate those who do so by listing them down in the supporters' section together with the amount they donated.MembershipSigning up for a user account is a cumbersome process requiring you to fill in a series of stuff from your valid email address, display name, password among others. The only thing I think I missed or is not clearly indicated is the archive profile and pen name. Otherwise, it's free but frankly signing up is one heck of an awful experience. Thank god some sites only require an email and nickname. This one is way out too fucked up.What I like about the siteThere is so much erotic content in the form of drawn art, stories and discussions on various topics like hot movies you know, the likes of pitch-perfect. Also, it’s like some nestling ground for upcoming artists; there is a writer’s wall and character-building forums to guide them too. How thoughtful, it’s, all the same, giving back to the community. Besides, the banners available are almost not noticeable since they do not in any way interfere with the user’s experience. Plus the sorting features are many and at your disposal so there are no hitches in the navigation process.What I hate about the siteI have always complained about crowded sites, but this one is the worst. There is just too much information on every fuckin' detail including their financial targets. There are very few pictures too actually only in the art wall which makes the site appear too plain and utmost boring. Also, the signing up process is not only long but also unclear like what is fuckin' wrong with these motherfuckers. They have left out details on basic shit. I am not even promising that you won’t get lost in the site. Besides, repeating their site's information on every goddamned page sucks!Suggestions that I have for the siteFirst, the site should withhold unnecessary details, put them in the FAQ section or just create links for them. They should also allow photos in all sections because this site is not any near vibrant and it fuckin' looks like a mockery of a vintage site. Also perhaps they shout write an about us page because unless you browse the site for a while, you might not actually get the whole idea of what the site is all about. Also at this age in time no site should be depending on donations, it’s totally unacceptable with millions of affiliate programs to go. I bet users feel like you folks are fuckin' helpless or something.ConclusionAll in all, if you are a talented nasty artistic mind, is your best bet. Get to share, view and read other artists, as well as authors, work as you built each other and get to enjoy a wide range of content available.