XNXX Sex Stories

“Sexstories.com” aka "XNXX Stories" is a name of a site that likes to get straight down to business, since they are already telling us what the fuck they have to offer in their domain name. However, I have a couple of issues with this site, so if you are interested in erotic stories that you can read for free, just continue reading. This site ain’t all that bad, and I will not sugarcoat anything, do not worry.Quite a crappy layout…I will be honest with y’all, I was very close to not even reviewing this crap only because the site looks very shitty. It looks like the first site that was launched as a fucking beta version just to show us how sites could fucking look like. From their rubbish background color to everything else, there is nothing good I can say about their design, and honestly, that is very fucking sad…They literally have an eye-irritating blue background and yellow and white font color, and everything looks like shit. I just can’t get over the fact that people are still so fucking stupid and lazy… do you lads not know that you can literally hire an amateur to make you a better site than how Sex Stories actually looks like?I’d say that a woman was probably behind this site, for two reasons; first of all, the site looks like shit and we have already established that, but it also feels like the admin is the one who created the website, and we all know that women are always trying to prove themselves… So, my guess is that a chick wanted to be “original” or whatnot, so she decided to make such crap…Another thing that might indicate that a woman was behind this place is that they offer erotic stories, and I do not know about you, but I could never really cum from reading a fucking story… Personally, I believe that stories are for pansies, but at the same time I am not here to judge anyone, I am simply here to tell you everything you need to know about this site and that’s that.On the other hand, this place was designed by XNXX.com, and if you visit their sites, you will see just how much they like that blueish design, which kind of explains why this place also looks crappy. Anyhow, I am pretty sure you are not here to listen to me gibber gabber about the design and that crap since most of you do not give a shit about the site’s design. Well, I shall now focus on the features and content.If you are still confused as to what the fuck this site is all about, do not worry as they offer a good introduction at the beginning of the site. They state all the important shit on top, so just read that. However, I think this shit should be very obvious… I just do not know what one could possibly not understand here.On a positive note, they do offer an option to switch from the shitty blue XnXX blue layout to the actual solid black and white background, which saved my eyes. It took me some time to actually notice this feature, but I am so fucking happy that I did since I would have gone blind by now.Different categories and a variety of storiesAs we all already know, this place is filled with different stories, and I do appreciate the fact that they have categories. On the homepage, you will have loads of stories presented, and you will see who wrote what, as well as the tags that are included in the story. One sentence will be shown of the story, and that might be enough for you to know if you want to read more.I honestly thought that this shit would be much easier to read once you open the story, but seriously though, their design is making my eyes bleed. No, I am not being overly dramatic, and you will understand what the fuck I mean when you actually visit the site. With that said, their stories are not half bad, and that is coming from a dude who hates reading shitty stories.Of course, all of the content is erotic, so you will not find any crappy erotic stories that do not have any action. However, these are all amateur-written stories, so do not expect too much when it comes to grammar, order or any of that professional crap. Reading what amateurs wrote is sometimes much more satisfying because you can actually understand everything the ‘writer’ wanted to imply.On the side of the site, you will have all the categories written, and there is quite a lot of them. They cover all the basics, but there were also some weirder categories, such as body modification, bestiality, cannibalism, alien, and so on. I think you understand when I say that there were some weird categories, since what the fuck is hot about cannibalism. If you are interested, check it out yourself, everything is free.All the categories are connected to the stories, and by the number they offer on the side, I can safely say that this site has a shit ton of erotic stories to offer. There is literally no way that you could run out of new material to watch, if you are a working person, that is. They also update their stories frequently, so you will have new stories quite fucking often.Friendly community, and good user-privilegesWhen you scroll all the way down after reading a story, you will see the comment section where others have written their opinion on the story and all that crap. As much as I browsed, their community is quite friendly, and I can really appreciate that since if you have any issues, these people will be more than happy to help you out.If you want, you can become a member and post your own dirty erotic stories here. However, if you do plan to do that, then you should read and follow the rules of the site, as to how you should write the stories and what should not be written. One thing that really surprised me is that they claim that they will create an account for you if you have any issues (very nice of them).As a member, you can browse all the stories, chat with the members in the comment section and even post your own stories, but if you are not a good writer, please do not. I only say that because I ran into some stories that were fucking boring, while there were also the ones that were hella interesting. This site does not need any bad stories, so please refrain from writing if you do not have imagination or experience.Great writers and even better storiesI briefly mentioned already, but I checked out a couple of their stories, and they do offer a variety, and I did like most of the stories I read. For example, there was one story that was a hardcore BDSM session, similar to 50 shades of Grey, with the slave contract and the ‘pleasure room’… it was a joy to read, especially because of all the juicy details that are written.There was also another story that features the casual meeting of two strangers, who became fuck buddies and eventually developed feelings of each other. This was a very mainstream story, but the details made everything much better. Since I am reading a story instead of watching what actually happens I prefer when writers are able to paint a picture.In the top right corner, as you can see they have some other offers, one of which are the forums, and if you have any questions or anything similar, you should visit that place. There you can talk to users and share your opinion… you know how fucking forums work. If you find a story you like, do not forget to visit that writer and check out other shit they have written.The story that will suit your dirty taste always depends on your personal preference; for example, if you do not like Alien pornography, then you probably should not list through the stories that are tagged with ‘Alien’… Since there is so much content here, you are bound to find the crap that makes your pussy wet in no time, since I assume only women read erotic stories.Whether this place is for you or not is something only you can decide after you have read this review or visited sexstories.com aka "XNXX Sex Stories" yourself. The main point of this site is that they have a lot of random stories offered, and you can read anything you want for free. Become a member, post your own shit, read stories, and have some dirty fun.