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Nifty Erotic Stories Archive! Erotic literature is the oldest form of smut known to man. It was porn before porn was invented. Dating back to the days of Ancient Greece, epic erotic poems were primarily how people used to get their fap on. Well, in between having gay butt sex with one another, of course (look it up, it was a totally common activity in Ancient Greece).Erotic lit has survived throughout the ages, though, and is still a popular form of smut even in today’s day and age. That’s right, believe it or not, even with billions upon billions of videos of the world’s hottest women getting fucked in any and every way imaginable at our instant disposal with nothing more than the click of a mouse, some people still prefer to read their porn.And I must say, I admire their dedication to literature. I mean, I’m a writer by profession and I don’t even read erotic lit to get off. I would put money on the majority of erotic lit readers being women or gay, though. I just don’t see straight men fapping to flowery language sans something to visually help them out. What can I say? We’re a bunch of uncultured swine, it’s true.I can definitely see the appeal to erotic lit, though. There is something sensual about really good writing. I’ve even read books and stories that have made me hard before (upon which I, of course, promptly set the book down, opened up Porn Hub, and fapped myself to fruition). But reading something to orgasm? I don’t know. I just don’t see it happening for me. But, hey, I’m open-minded, maybe I’ll give it a shot some time.There are hundreds of sites and resources for the more sapiosexual leaning, literarily-minded horndogs out there to choose from. Many of which have a sort of forum-style, community-oriented feel to them. Many of which allow their users to submit and publish their own work. Not many of which, however, have been around for as long as Nor have many (if any) acquired the same level of respect or academic consideration.Longevity, Community, ProductivityNifty is an archive of erotic stories that has been around since 1992. Is it just me, or is that fucking crazy? I didn’t even know there were websites in 1992, let alone porn sites. The archive is absolutely enormous too, with “over 264,000 stories by more than 15,000 authors,” according to the site’s homepage banner. Now that’s a fuck ton of erotic lit. And the best part? It is all 100% free.Not only is the site an absolute behemoth, but it is designed well (for an erotic lit site). I don’t know what it is, but erotic lit website designers seem to have a lot of trouble creating an enjoyable, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing online experience. So many similar sites that I’ve been to are just awful to look at and even harder to navigate. I don’t hate Nifty’s design, though.I mean, could it be better? Definitely. But it is far from the worst erotic lit site design I’ve ever seen. It’s simple … a little dated in its wallpaper-style background and blue hyperlinked text, sure, but not horrible.Just underneath the banner on the home page, you will find four boxes to choose from, all of which contain selected new stories, broken into sections by sexual orientation and identity: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender. Okay, I’m all for equal representation of sexual identities and shit, but does Nifty have no heterosexual content? I guess we’ll have to see.Below these featured stories is an easy-click button to “Publish a Story.” I like how immediate and convenient Nifty makes it for users to share their work. I always appreciate it when arts community sites like this go out of their way to encourage participation. There’s nothing snooty, elitist, or exclusive about it—how it should be.Below that easy publish button, you’ll find a list of recent Nifty announcements (news regarding the site, new publications, etc.), a place to donate to Nifty, and a list of recent donors. The site operates solely on user donations and it would appear as if they have a pretty active and eager community of users to back it up.Not only can you donate directly through the site, but after taking a look at Nifty’s announcements, it seems like they also organize real-world fundraisers. In other words, if you are looking for a supportive community of fellow erotic lit lovers, Nifty might be just what you need.Giving donations and participating in fundraisers aren’t the only ways for users to support Nifty, though. In the menu bar at the top of the site, you’ll also find a button labeled “Shop.” Clicking here will link you to Nifty’s Café Press site, where you can buy Nifty merch, such as t-shirts, hoodies, polos, coffee mugs, tote bags, even undies. Hey, if you’re a proud writer of erotica, maybe a Nifty t-shirt is just what you need.Also found in the site’s menu bar are links to “Archives” (dropdown: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Bestiality [huh…], Information, Best of Nifty, Journal Entries, and a few featured authors), New Stories, Authors, Donate, and a search bar. Strange that Nifty provides a special featured section for stories about fucking dogs or whatever, but I still have not come across any hetero erotica to enjoy. I guess the straight, white male author truly is dead once and for all.I love that Nifty is completely ad-free. I think the donation model is a great one for a site like this to lean into, and I am beyond happy to see Nifty taking full advantage of that. I fucking despise ads, especially when they are unnecessary, so I applaud the people at Nifty for finding an alternative means of keeping the site up and running for all these years.Please Update Your Reader, NiftyOne thing I hate, to switch gears for a moment, about Nifty, though, is the way the stories are actually formatted. I know I went on a long thing earlier about how great Nifty’s site design is to other community-oriented erotica sites I’ve seen and shit. But I am tempted to take that praise back after seeing their actual story display.It’s awful. It looks like someone just copied and pasted a .txt file and clicked “publish.” The formatting is far from uniform. It is boring. There are no pages. It’s just sloppy and, frankly, a bit lazy if you ask me, from a site design perspective. This is, however, par for the course when it comes to erotic lit websites. I don’t know why the people who create and moderate these sites can’t put a little more thought into their main event: the erotica.Does nobody value the idea of a pleasant reading experience? Why is it that all of these sites just throw plain text onto a white background and call it a day? There are so many better ways to present text that it just boggles my mind when I see this kind of shit. It looks cheap, amateur, and rushed. I highly recommend that the people of Nifty use some of that donation money to develop a quality e-reader component to the site. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy, just something other than seemingly randomly formatted text on a white page!A Few Updates Could Help, But a Good Site OverallOther than that, though, I like what Nifty is doing overall. Plenty of reading material, a solid platform for writers of erotica to showcase their work (particularly those from underrepresented communities), and a highly active and engaged community of authors/readers. If you’re looking for hetero smut, Nifty probably isn’t the place for you. But, then again, nearly any other site on the internet is for you, so, suck it up, snowflake.I would like to see Nifty invest in a better reader. I also think that providing a way for authors to get feedback, like a comments section on stories, for example, would be awesome too. Us writers are always looking to improve and, so, being able to read feedback from readers of our genre is invaluable. I would just like to see some more effort put into improving and updating the website in general and really embracing that engaged community with an increase in interactive features.All in all, though, you are unlikely to ever run out of reading material on Nifty. It’s an enormous archive of erotic lit for you to get all hot and bothered to. So, sit back, unzip, and enjoy, ya filthy perverts!