Well on our way into the 21st century, it is hard to imagine a world in which we don’t have millions of porn videos at our fingertips any time of the day or night. We were fortunate enough to be born at a time where, with nothing more than the click of a button, we are able to access a near-infinite number of sexy sluts ready to please. We can even throw on a pair of virtual reality goggles and watch as our living rooms instantly turn into porn sets and supermodels appear before us, ready to suck our dicks for free. Ah, we are too fucking lucky.This, of course, was not always the case. Have you ever wondered how lonely fappers such as yourselves got off before the advent of video cameras? How about before the film? It’s not like people just didn’t please themselves way back then to things other than their own memories and imaginations. Oh, they most certainly did. The only difference being that, instead of busting nuts to photos and videos of naked girls, they busted nuts to books.The tradition of erotic literature goes all the way back to the days of ancient Sumer. One of the first known iterations of literary smut came in the form of a cycle of poems that revolved around the goddess Inanna getting fucked silly by her consort, Demuzid the Sheppard. I bet that shit blew the minds of ancient Sumerian men of the time. Fucking an actual goddess? Now that’s the dream.Many examples of erotic poetry also survived Ancient Greece and Rome. The Greek poets Straton of Sardis and Sappho of Lesbos (lol) were world-renowned for their groundbreaking erotic verse, and the tradition of erotic prose found its origins in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, of course, erotic fiction is a giant in the world of publishing, and the genre enjoys an avid and active base of underground amateur authors and readers as well.In other words, the ancient tradition of erotic lit is alive and well in 2018, even though there are millions of websites dedicated to hardcore porn. Some people just prefer to read their porn, as opposed to watching it. I wonder if many erotic lit fans are those people you hear about who identify as sapiosexual (they find the intellect hotter than the physical appearance). At any rate, there are plenty of sites to check out if you get off primarily on the story.Storiesonline.net has a somewhat deceitfully innocent-sounding name. I could see a lot of people visiting this site, expecting to find some Hemingway shorts, The Tempest, or maybe some Dickens to enjoy. Instead, though, what they will find are plenty of dicks enjoying short skirts and temptation. Stories Online is a huge database of erotic literature—full books, short stories, and nonfiction all revolving around the oldest of human pursuits: sex.This Site is a Time CapsuleAs soon as I arrived at the storiesonline.net home page, the first thing I noticed was that the site’s design looked as if it hadn’t been updated in quite some time. Information and links appear in a very cluttered box in front of a red background. Acting as the background of that box is what appears to be an oversized clipart icon of a piece of paper with a quill on it. At the top of the box is the site’s disclaimer in small text: “Adults only. You must be 18 to enter this site” and then, in larger text, “Storiesonline: We have the stories you want to read. Come in and enjoy … Tens of thousands of free sex stories in every category possible.” It’s very straight to the point.Where it gets confusing are the navigation buttons found underneath all that. “Preview Site” allows you to “preview the site without having to register,” even though I had no trouble accessing any of the content on the site without registering (although I couldn’t access full texts).“Story Showcase” offers another sort of preview feature. “A sample of the story gems you can find on the site,” reads this button’s subtitle. Then you have log-in, register, and post your stories, all appearing as three separate buttons. No streamlined log-in/register box like we’ve become accustomed to; no, this site looks like it was designed in the mid-90s and has not been updated since.Below these bubble links, Storiesonline lists hyperlinks to all of the genres that they feature on the site. Quickly jump to your favorite—they have erotic sex stories, science fiction, true stories, mystery, fantasy, horror, time travel, historical, and BDSM just to name a few. Underneath the genre list, they’ve also included a mission statement, which reads, in part, “Stories are our focus, including sex stories and erotica. Storiesonline is the home of thousands of authors showcasing their erotic writing talents.”Speaking of their “showcasing” of erotic authors, one cool aspect of Storiesonline is that they allow writers to submit their work for publication on the site. I don’t believe that there is any sort of acceptance or rejection process, though. It seems as if members can just post whatever they want for others to read and rate. Stories, then, earn an average rating based on a 10-point system. So, although authors may not be able to count their storiesonline' posts as official publications, it still seems like a great way to gauge how readers are reacting to them. Maybe, for example, before deciding whether or not to go on to publish them.An Engaged Community of Horny Readers and WritersIt looks like users of storiesonline.net are able to view stories by category, and those stories appear on your news feed, sort of in a forum-style list. To the left of your feed, you have a quick search bar, an area to quickly navigate to ongoing serials, complete stories (top downloads, recent top stories, recent top serials), older stories (top short stories, top long stories, all-time short classics, all-time long classics, and authors’ favorites), and a link to concluded serials and up for archival. And underneath all of that, you will find links to other platforms for erotic lit.In addition to a seemingly active and engaged community of authors and readers, they also have contests. It doesn’t appear authors win anything (other than publicity and bragging rights), but I still think it’s a great way to stoke creativity and participation among the community.Although the site design is poor, it does seem to be organized and archived pretty extensively. Search by new stories, authors, an alphabetical database, category, reviews, blogs, even universes (the fictional worlds in which stories take place). On top of all that, Storiesonline even features a separate forum for authors and readers to discuss works. There is plenty to keep you busy as a horny creative on this site.Raising the Bar (And My Dick)Overall, I was generally impressed with the content to be found on storiesonline.net. Every story I read seemed to conform to proper grammar, and all were written with careful attention to language and detail (then again, it would be pretty hard to write erotica without careful attention to detail, I’m sure). It seems like the authors who frequent this site really do care about their craft and take their work seriously.I’m willing to bet that storiesonline’s rating system probably does not hurt when it comes to incentivizing quality work as well. Whatever the reason, the stories are engaging, well-written, and interesting. Although I can’t really see myself fapping to something like this, I did feel a couple of twitches here and there in my pants when the stories started heating up. So, kudos to you, Storiesonline writers—keep up the good work.Another great aspect of Storiesonline is the site’s lack of ads. You have no idea how rare this truly is in the world of online porn. Well, actually, you probably do, since all you do is sit at home and jack off all day anyway. But, still, it’s always a breath of fresh air to visit a porn site of any type, especially a free one, and not be bombarded by ads. It just goes to show that it is possible to run a porn site without advertisements. I do it. Storiesonline does it. A few others do it. The rest of you greedy ass sons of bitches need to get your shit together and follow suit!At the end of the day, Storiesonline.net is a great platform for authors and readers alike to come together and celebrate a shared love of erotic lit. There’s a real sense of community to it and the site’s contests and rating system really keep the bar raised for quality writing. Even though the website could definitely use a serious facelift, I am happy about the lack of ads and the opportunities that Storiesonline presents to aspiring authors.After reading all these erotic stories, though, I am all revved up for some good, old fashioned porno. Even as a voracious reader, there’s still just nothing better than actually seeing and hearing sexy chicks getting fucked. The imagination will only take you so far. But, if you are a lover of erotic lit, definitely give this site a try. Happy fapping, fuckers!