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You don't need a 200+ IQ to know what to find on IndianSexStories! Indian women may as well be the most beautiful in the whole world with purely naturally tanned skin as well as curvy bodies. There is also something about their conservative culture and way of life that makes the prospects of laying with an Indian bitch next to impossible and strangely worth a fucking try. Well, I know for some of us the closest we've been to these gorgeous bitches is the Bollywood movies, i.e. If you guys have even taken an interest in them.However, not to worry because Indian Sex Stories is here to ignite that luscious spark by bringing you the most sensual of nasty Indian endeavors. And it’s a good thing that there are also sexy photo galleries to provide vivid visuals of these gallant hotties. Also, there is a pretty diverse mash-up that am sure will send ripples of sexual excitement all over your body leaving you with one heck of a boner. Now, what to you say? Shall we dive into it already?What to expectIt’s an Indian site already, and you can expect to be sharing in not only their beauty and nasty sex fantasies but also their magnificent flesh. Am talking about;Tons of Sex stories; the site features a huge collection of well written exquisite sex stories that immerse you, drag your lustful feelings along with them and basically leave you feeling pathetically pussy of ass hole starved, trust me!Sex photos; whether it’s sexy busty auntie’s, married women or even nasty pretty Indian bitches. Be sure to find a generous share of their sizzling hot galleries presented in the most alluring way possible.The site design is a big fart jokeAm fed up with sex stories site trying to paint literature as a dead fun end, and clearly, this site is no exception. Like, why the hell would anyone be attracted to an egg-themed party? My take; it’s a goddamned tabooish Indian Sex stories and photos site, and everyone would love to feel that tight sexual tension and perhaps some rich Indian vibes. For heaven’s sake, these beautiful people are fucking pompous and colorful which leaves me wondering whether the site’s intention was to fucking paint them as boring as hell or they were just trying some calm before the storm. Whatever men, it sucks!Simple efficient navigationPersonally, I hate guessing when it comes to sites like this one, which means that I would prefer knowing whatever shit am up against ASAP! And am glad that this site didn’t disappoint me in that regard; clearly selling out their content right from the menu bar and even most wonderfully the search bar. Am talking about a situation whereby there are concrete categorical site content's summation, completely eradicating the guesswork aspect. Awesome, don’t you think?Sex Stories scopeThe sex Stories featured here cut across diverse cultures as well as niches that I will be discussing below:Diversity; the stories feature women of the Indian, Desi, Naukrani, Savita Bhabhi, Mayalam, Rishton Mein Chudai as well as Samuhik Chudai which is so much for diversity if you asked me.Niches; well, there is quite a series of categories around here including; Group, maidservant, virgin, couple, gay male, incest, lesbian, office/teacher as well as Teacher Ke Saath.Poetry/Jokes; these are the best of Desi Indian sex jokes, the funniest Hindu and among other languages English fun and cheerful taunts.The Real Sensual ScoopFor starters am always busy looking to find my faithful users new content as well as find new updates to add to my work. And you can bet for those among other reasons I would have been thrilled to listen to the stories instead of having to fucking read them but what to do? There is no provision for audios, but I doubt any reading fanatic will find this as a big issue.In any case, I read quite a number, and I can tell you that there is a tone of shitty creativity around this place and you better get your ass down here; whether you are just looking to enjoy and get off to some or write your own. There is just so much filthy, nasty and equally enthralling pieces to read including; those of lesbian grown ass bitches eating each other’s cunts, sexually starved married men and women banging their maidservants, naughty teachers fucking their students and so much more stories you cannot afford to miss out on. It is important to note, however, that for you to be able to join the rest of the writers into contributing to the site’s sex Stories, you'll have to sign up which is pretty easy if you asked me.Some delightful eyes candyI don’t know about you, but I think that Indian bitches are pretty youthful and at best exotic, perhaps because of their diet or something. But am pretty sure that even nude fanatics will tell you that it’s not every fucking day that you come across authentic Indian amateur nudes. And I can tell you for sure that these bitches do not disappoint even one bit when it comes to letting the world celebrate their beautiful bodies, boobies or even tight cunts and they are nothing less than adorable! To top it up, I was more than thrilled by the fact that these galleries are backed by some nasty delightful stories that add on to the whole nasty aura, damn!Why Indian Sex Stories is a gemMobile compatible; you can access the site right from your handset basically making it even more palatable for users can access it anywhere anytime.Hot Indian babes photos; there are lost of yummy Indian babes delights to not only feast your eyes on but also beat meat to. Also, they are accompanied by erotic stories that make them even more enthralling and appealing to our sexual demons.Diverse, English/Hindu stories; for starters, there are more than lots of exciting Stories to browse through on this site. Basically, all of them featuring sick fantasies of bitches getting fucked hard, succumbing to passionate temptation, men outing out each other’s assholes among thousands of other scenes. And am glad that in as much as it’s a Hindi porn Stories site, they have tried to be inclusive, including even the English ones which again is pretty cool.Lots of awesomely written sex stories; there seems to be a couple of distinctive writers on this rotten creative penned down porn arena, and you can totally trust my word when I tell you that you are going to love whatever it is that you choose to immerse yourself into irrespective of the genre because these freaks have made that certain.Possible concernsThe stories have no audio version; sex Stories stimulate the mind in ways that only a reader can understand. And I get that there are those feelings that played out porn cannot be able to perfect even in a million years. However, it is only fair to think that they should be fucking inclusive even to the illiterate or those suffering from various sight predicaments and would love to chill out and get off to some nasty tales. Don’t you agree?A few ads; there are a few friendly links on the menu that absolutely give users the freedom to venture into or not. However, the banners on the site are just cramped up where you can see them whether you want to or not which is pretty much annoying.What I think should be doneThe site should take their visual appeal seriously by including some pompous Hinduish colors or something to make it a little more alluring. They should also try being fucking considerate for mucks sake, by including the audios for the stories as well tone down the fucking Ads to at least champion for concentration.Final thoughtsIndian Sex Stories is an awesome sex Stories site with a diverse stir up of exciting, sensual Stories whether based on weird sex fantasies or purely confessions. And you can bet that the categories available are thrilling at best making the site an even more palatable free adventure which I know more than a few folks wouldn’t mind daring. Also, there are fascinating amateur sexy photos of local Indian bitches in all states of undress that you will regret missing out on. Which leads me to telling you that while there might be a few negligible misgivings of the site, anyone can choose to overlook those and either have fun or grow their talents. Enjoy!