Hyper Dreams! In a world of 4K Ultra-HD teen cherry-popping movies and immersive VR anal fisting scenes that make you the fister, people are often surprised to learn that I appreciate a good erotic story from time to time. When the porn scenes play out in your head, the sluts are never ugly, and the action is never phoned-in or boring. That’s one of the main reasons I was so excited to find out about Hyper Dreams.Since 2011, Hyperdreams.com has been offering “Erotic Sex Stories With A Twist!” What’s the twist, you ask? Instead of just jerking off to somebody’s schoolgirl domination fantasies or a transcribed wet dream about furry nuns, these guys are offering interactive and customizable sex stories. Remember those Choose-Your-Own adventure books? Well, imagine jacking off to them!Instead of bad endings where you get shot in the face by an outlaw, you get good endings where you shoot a girl in the face with your sperm. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for as I dive in for this review.Interactive, Customizable Erotic StoriesLike most erotic story sites, HyperDreams ain’t much to look at it. Besides a stylized logo, the front page consists of nothing but plain ol’ text. There are no graphics and certainly no high-res images of pornstars getting boned and squirting girlcum all over the place. If you were illiterate, you’d never even guess it’s NSFW.But I’m guessing you wouldn’t even be reading this section of ThePornDude if you didn’t read real, real good, huh? Anybody with two brain cells to rub together can follow a link to a premium anal site, but that big brain of yours needs a different kind of stimulation. There’s nothing wrong with that, and in that case, HyperDreams might be your new joint.The front page spells out some basics about how HyperDreams.com works. Most of the erotic stories are written in second-person, present-tense, making you the main character. The stories branch out as you make decisions and choose your own path to jizz-stained boxers. Besides the Choose-Your-Own porno choices, many of their stories are also customizable.These are the main dishes, but they ain’t the only thing on the menu. There’s a page of Quickies you can beat off to in the restroom while everyone thinks you’re taking a shit. A few Collaborative Sex Stories have been put together by members of the community, and you can join in on the fun if you like stringing dirty words together or just the idea of people spanking it to your boner daydreams.Hyper Dreams also has a couple of small but growing sections of erotic audio. The Interactive Erotic Audio area has about a dozen branching, looping porn recordings with some choices along the way. The Audio JOIP (Jerk-Off Instructions with Picture) aisle features broads talking dirty while you crank it to photos.Kinky Storygames in Kinky NichesI first checked out the “storygames” in the HyperDreams.com Interactive section first. There are around 50 Choose-Your-Own sex fantasies in total. By default, you’ll see all of them, but a short row of icons lets you narrow down the selection a bit. Browse the Male POV, Female POV, or Third-person POV stories. Most are written with dudes as the lead, but the female section has almost as many. There are only a couple in the third-person category, probably because the format lends itself to tales where “you” are the main character.Most of the stories have a padlock icon next to them. I didn’t even realize HyperDreams.com was a paysite until I tried to read and interact with a story called Real Sex Doll, about a woman hypnotized to become my own, real-life sex doll. Full access to the site is twenty bucks for a lifetime membership, but there’s a fair amount of free content available.It’s definitely a better deal than the thirty monthly bones most paysites want, but I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge yet. First, I wanted to try some of these pervy next-gen sex stories.Even limiting myself to just the free stuff, Hyper Dreams has a diverse selection of sexual niches. I could read stories that cast me as the cuck or the bull in cuckold scenarios, have my dream girl tied up in bed, or get confronted by her because of my sneaky ogling. There are celebrity fantasies where you fill in the blank so you can bone Scarlett Johansson, Ariana Grande, or your mom.Strong Writing, Dirty FantasiesWith such a wide range of kinky, customizable stories, I wasn’t sure where to start. Should I hypnotize a movie star into boning me, or should I go to a masquerade party and anonymously bang some girl I know? I decided to try one called She’s a Whore, which casts me as a lonely dude in a hotel far from home. The escort I hire from an agency turns out to be a broad I know.The story is 21 pages and has 11 happy endings. Before you start, there’s a short questionnaire. It reminds me of Mad Libs, but instead of just writing some dirty shit into a clean game like you always did, you’ll be entering mundane details to make your literary sex fantasy more realistic. I chose her name (Jennifer), her relationship to me (cousin), her status (she’s married), her best feature (big round ass) and my name (Porn Dude).I like the localization feature to this story, which ensures they use the words “Ass” and “Butt” instead of “Arse” and “Bum”. It sounds funny as hell, but those kind of little details can throw off the realism. My hot cousin isn’t going to start talking with a British accent just because I’m finally sticking it to her.Become the Erotic Lit Stud of Your DreamsThe story begins using my Mad Libs from the very opening lines: “You’re out of town travelling and feeling lonely. Lying back on your hotel bed, you begin to fantasize about Jennifer. She’s a married cousin of yours, and you frequently picture her whenever you feel like a quick wank.”There are a number of writers on Hyper Dreams, whose names you’ll see listed beside each piece. This one is simply credited to the website itself, and the quality of the writing is solid. It’s a relatively simple scenario, but told with an engaging style and a good level of realism to immerse you in it. The language is smooth and flows well. From the stories I looked at it, it seems like the overall writing standards are pretty high. I didn’t see any of the sloppy amateur writing that plagues some erotic story sites.“Porn Dude? Holy fuck. Er…” My cousin is pretty surprised to see I’m the one who called about blowjob, which is pretty much how I imagine it going down in real life. The author manages to segue this realistically into having a drink together, where we discuss her work. I don’t want to give away too much, but she ends up saying, “Porn Dude! We’re related! You don’t really want to…”Here’s where my first choice comes in. There are 3 options of what I can say. I like how each phrase represents an attitude distinct from the others: platonic/friendly, horny/eager, or angry. I went with the second option and said, “I’ve always wanted you. I’ll pay double!”The biggest question about Hyper Dreams is whether or not it’s worth twenty bucks. While they don’t have the massive catalog of some erotic stories sites, spanning thousands of stories in hundreds of genres, they do offer an interactivity that you can’t get from other sites. If you’re a fan of beating off while you read, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all. A one-time donation seems more akin to donating to your favorite porn-game developer on Patreon, but without the monthly commitment.Whether you ultimately spring for the membership is up to you, but I would easily recommend HyperDreams.com to anybody and everybody who enjoys sex stories. The customization is simple but effective, and the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style works really fucking well in a masturbatory setting. The lifetime membership is cheap as hell, but there’s also enough free content to keep your hands busy for a while.