Who’s up for some Open TGC? I bet you either got a raging boner when I asked that or you’re just utterly fucking confused right now. Hey, I feel you on that. My whole job is looking at Internet porn all day and it took me a good half hour to figure out what OpenTGC even stands for. It’s a deep-niche sexual fetish, so naturally, it’s going to have its own nomenclature, secret codes and in-jokes. It sprang out of Reddit, too, so the neckbeard vibes and insular posturing is doubled; I was scared to ask for an explanation, lest I be labeled a normie and excommunicated from the herd, stripped of my fedora.I’ll make it simple for the newbies: OpenTGC.com is the happening home of TG captions, which is short for transgender captions. It took me a while to figure out exactly how that abbreviation broke down, because the genre encompasses more than just your typical chicks with dicks getting pounded up the butt like on that free tube you were browsing at Starbucks this morning. The captioned pics at Open TGC are full of feminization, sissification, shapeshifting, cuckolding, breast expansion, and all kinds of kinky shit.A History of Open TG CaptionsIn trying to figure out what the TGC in OpenTGC stands for, I fell down the rabbit hole on Google and Reddit. There’s apparently some history to the site. The original OpenTGCaptions was started by someone named Emily Thompson a few years back. Emily couldn’t or wouldn’t keep running the site, at which point someone started OpenTGC. There was some minor infighting before Emily went permanently silent, the original OpenTGCaptions.com following her into the darkness.I know how pedantic some of you Redditors get, so don’t rip my head off if my summary misses some bullshit point you think is important. I even avoided referring to Emily as “her”, so I didn’t have a #MeToo dyke calling for my balls on a skewer, since I didn’t see Emily’s “official” sex listed anywhere. Whatever the case and whoever the players, OpenTGC.com was launched in the middle of 2018. After some back-and-forth on the subject, they even included the archive from the previous website. They’re not as popular as when they had their grand opening, but they still get a few thousand visitors a day.The simple blog-style layout has a sidebar menu that appears when you click the magnifying glass. You can use it to change the default sort order from New to Best or Random, or peruse the collection by date. The site seems to be picking up steam despite their dropping traffic numbers, which may indicate a more enthusiastic group of core users. To date, Open TGC has over 15,000 transgender captions.Like I mentioned, though, transgender captions are just the beginning. I’m not sure the title does it justice, because I got way more than I was expecting. For one thing, when you think of captions, you think of a sentence or two attached to a photograph. Some dipshit could take a pic of Abella Danger and write, “Abella used to be a dude, but then a wizard turned her into a beautiful, sexy woman with a full, feminine ass.” That’d be a transgender caption, right? Simple as fuck.Right from the front page, you’ll see most of the captions ain’t a simple sentence or two. Most of the “captions” are full-on stories running paragraphs or even pages. Multiple images are the norm, while some of these tales of extreme gender fluidity are presented without any eye candy at all. A sidebar filter lets you narrow down the Short (250 words), Medium (500 words) or Long stories (1000 words). I don’t want to be an English Nazi, but they’re stretching the definition of caption here. OpenTGStories might be a better name.Check Out All This Kinky TG ShitOpenTGC.com has kind of a misleading name, but not in a bad way. It’s more like ordering a hooker and getting invited to an orgy. Instead of just transgender captions, you’re getting transgender stories, usually with pictures. That ain’t the only place the site’s title is underselling the product. There’s also a lot more here than just your standard tranny fare.Maybe it’s to be expected from the Reddit masturbator crowd, but the transgender perversion is more like what you’d find on a hentai site than your typical shemale tube. The format makes it easy to stretch the limits of one’s sexual imagination, incorporating all kinds of shit that just wouldn’t work on video and no big-name tranny producer would be willing to bank money on. That’s why you’ll find an unbelievable variety of truly perverted TG tales on OpenTGC.The newest story, added just today, opens with a dude buying a $4,000 device that can reconfigure his girlfriend’s body, behavior, and even IQ. Unfortunately, Tom purchased the device on his girlfriend’s account, which means she has all the power. Instead of giving her bigger tits and making her suck his dick, she makes Tom’s penis invert and become a vagina, and his body shrinks into that of a petite woman.The story illustrates this with a tablet-looking thing, a pretty white lady, and then a sexy Asian broad. The layout of OpenTGC is simple but attractive, with a reader that displays a couple of images at a time. As this particular story progresses, we’re treated to photos of chicks with absolutely enormous racks that must weigh in the hundreds or thousands of pounds. Before it’s all over, they start lactating all over the fucking place.See what I mean about the perversion level? You’ll never see that on a shemale paysite, and OpenTGC.com is giving it away for free. The story before that had a dude turning into a girl so he could bang his lesbian roommate, complete with a photo a naked PAWG staring unsmiling at the camera. I scrolled down a bit to find out that instead of immediately getting laid like he would in a movie, the dude-turned-babe has his pussy locked up with a padlock. Yes, there’s a photo.Want to Write Your Own TG Stories?Anyone can contribute to OpenTGC, and they seem eager for new users to get in and start playing. That’s good news and bad news for the same reasons it’s good news and bad news on other user-contributed sites. It’s good because you get a wealth of fap material in such an insanely wide variety of TG fetishes. It’s bad because, well, not everyone can string words together as well as your old friend ThePornDude. The writing here is really hit or miss.I read one unillustrated TG story about a girl getting slipped a pill that would turn her into a dude. Her boyfriend, who did the slipping, popped one as well. They black out, wake up, scream, and then the former dude goes to a male friend’s house to get laid. Even if that’s your kind of sordid yarn, the story on Open TGC doesn’t go into any more detail than I just gave you. You’re just as likely to beat off to this paragraph.On the other hand, I kind of liked the simplicity of the little blurb attached to a GIF of a goth girl bouncing her titties and smiling. “You can’t deny, I’m pretty hot now. I mean, just look at the size of these things. Just watch as they bounce.” You’re right: I can’t deny it, and I did just watch as they bounce.Open TGC isn’t really a site I can recommend to just any pervert out there, but not because it’s a bad site. I’ve got no complaints about the site itself, which is an efficient and attractive way of delivering this content. I’ve got no complaints about the content, either, even if it is hard for me to jack off to. This is niche stuff, and that means it’s going to appeal to a specific niche. Given the variety of content, it seems like their offerings will be fap-worthy to perverts with a pretty diverse range of fetishes related to gender transformation. If that gets you hard and you don’t mind reading, you’re going to love this shit.