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Looking for free femdom, bondage or BDSM stories at BDSMLibrary? Tell me. Were you neglected as a child? Did your father beat you? Were you bullied? Is there a gripping childhood trauma in your soul that comes to the surface every time you face a crisis? If so, then you’re a top candidate to be a BDSM fan. BDSM Library is an iconic XXX website dedicated to delivering nothing but the best BDSM porn to the world in all formats, shapes, and sizes. This is a real haven for the worldwide BDSM community because its forums have been active with fans talking about how they like to be the top or bottom since 2001 – that’s 17 years of in-depth debates, lectures, experiences and general knowledge which literally makes up the ‘library’ of Regardless if you’re a fanatic who likes to get spanked (or do the spanking) every other day, if you’re a casual BDSM-er who had an ex-girlfriend that liked getting choked, or you’re a sick freak of a virgin who likes jacking off to humiliation and torture porn, you’re sure to appreciate what this enormous website has on offer.Free MembershipThere is a treasure's worth of BDSM-related content on this site, and you can take advantage of it like you take advantage of your dick at night, because the website gives it to you all for free – all you gotta do is become a member. Also, as soon as you register, you’ll get yourself a free blog so you can start posting about your relevant experiences from the start, and all it takes is becoming a member. And what does it cost to become one? Absolutely fucking nothing. So if you’re someone who has a healthy or sick preference for all things BDSM-related, then I really don’t know why you haven’t become a member of its largest fandom in existence.Stories All AroundOne of the most quality, consistent features about this website is its BDSM stories – I mean, it's highlighted in red text right on the top middle of the homepage, so it’s gotta be important, right? The stories on BDSMlibrary are everything – thousands of real (and probably some fake) experiences that have been posted by the site’s users since 2001 and onward, all compiled into one big section for your reading pleasure. If you’re a novice to the world of porn, you might think that reading your porn would amount to a crappy experience, and it’s in no way comparable to content with visual stimuli like photos or videos.But you’re wrong, and you should feel bad about yourself because you’re probably a <100 IQ loser who stays at home and jerks off all day while your parents sigh in disappointment. The bondage stories on here are A-grade BDSM material and will definitely get the right person aroused, after all, as it says on the site; “Our largest sexual organ is still the human mind and it's limited only by your imagination.” And that means that if you ever hope to transcend your porn-consumption to a higher, more refined level, then you’re gonna have to put down the photos and videos and start doing some reading and imagining.The Galleries are Here TooLet’s face it, as sophisticated as reading pornography may be, sometimes you just want a quick fap to relieve tension, soothe the depression away, help you go to sleep – whatever. That’s why there’s a GIANT gallery of images on this website that’s big enough to keep you orgasming on the hour for weeks, and possibly months. That’s not an overstatement either – there are pics on the gallery section of this page which have constantly been uploaded for the better part of two fucking decades, so you best believe that there’s more than enough to go around.And they’re properly categorized too, so you can find what you’re looking for with relative ease – 41 categories of organized, vintage and new BDSM pictures that will make any dedicated fan feel like a kid in a candy store. There’s everything here, from amateurs, Asian, black & couples to the more extreme, out-there shit like torture, smothering, slaves, water, punishment, pregnant and so on. Even cartoons and furries can join in on the fun with their own dedicated category. Basically, if you can imagine it, it’s probably there, and chances are it’s nowhere else to be found on the world wide web.Wanna Watch Hot BDSM Videos?Remember when I literally just said that this site’s forte was its stories, and how it has a whole heap of images enough to keep you satisfied for a lifetime? Well, if you’re someone who can barely make ends meet then you’ll probably want to embrace those two sections of this website, because the videos on here are, brace for it, pay-per-view. That’s right, all the videos you could ever watch when it comes to good old fashioned bondage porn and they’re locked behind a paywall that only a full credit card can penetrate.Now I’m not saying this website is inherently bad for doing this, because the videos they have available are all professionally-filmed XXX movies. That’s right – not an amateur video in sight, even the ‘amateur’ category in the video section has professionally-filmed XXX movies that claim to have amateurs in their cast. Still, I wouldn’t let this fact deter me away from this website because regardless of the paywall that’s blocking the videos, there’s still PLENTY of free and interactive shit on here that’s sure to make this place worth your time.Live Chat Rooms With Fellow MembersYou don’t have to pay for the privilege of being able to view videos on here, because there’s a whole section dedicated to live chat rooms that can be used by you and this time for free. All you have to do is make your own profile and follow all the rules listed at the beginning of the section, and you’re good to go. This is probably the funnest section of this website because you can roleplay being dominant or submissive with other people who are as interested in whips, chains, ropes, and latex as much as you are. Now, unfortunately, there’s no webcam option on this section of this page, because there’s a dedicated ‘Live Fetish Webcams’ section for that kind of fun.Live Fetish WebcamsNow you don’t have to bother socializing and interacting with people in the real world because you can get the full, uncensored pleasure of being able to speak with fellow BDSM fans while being on a face-to-face (or in this case, genital to genital) live webcam feed with them. You might not be so impressed by your choice of co-cammer for the most part, but you’re sure to find a person that’s right for you. And who knows, one day you might marry and have kids with that same person and tell your kids how you met each other on a live cam session hosted on an old internet website dedicated to all BDSM-related content.The Website is Definitely in Need of an UpdateDespite all the effort the admins have been putting into this website since 2001, there’s no doubt about the fact that this site’s interface, written content, and functions are all desperately in need of an update. At first glance, the design looks dated, which isn’t such a bad thing and it was probably the admins’ decision to keep it in its original form intentionally so that it can look nostalgic. But the outdatedness doesn’t end there, because the site’s functions are also old and more-or-less defunct.One fine example of this is when you enter the chat room section, where the rules state: “YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE ENTERING CHAT!! If you enter the chat as an unregistered user, you will be immediately kicked from the room.” Then there’s other stuff like: “Please select your user name (�nick�) carefully, as it is somewhat difficult to change your name. To change your user name, you will need Contact Torq either by PM on the forum or by email at [email protected]”It seems obvious that the admins put this into the website back in 2001, when using the internet wasn’t an everyday thing for pretty much all the Western world and people needed helpful hints on how to navigate through simple websites. This doesn’t go hand-in-hand with nostalgia, and it’d probably be best if the admins just updated the whole website to be more functional while still retaining its classic look. Also, one last thing, at this moment, half of the site’s categories are broken links – that really kind of fucks up the whole user experience, doesn’t it?