Literotica stories, search, and tags! If you’ve ever stroked the pole while reading dirty stories online, you’re probably already familiar with Literotica. The site has been around for 20 years now and gets well over 50 million views a month. It’s the king daddy motherload of written porno.The site has hundreds of thousands of stories, poems, and pictures, all submitted by Literotica users. This active and horny community has been key to the site’s longevity and popularity.Twenty Years of Perving OutYou old fuckers might remember the early days of Internet porn. Back when everyone first started getting online in the ‘90s, you had to get your smut from Usenet forums with names like a cumshot pic over dial-up took a few minutes of waiting. No wonder the sex story forums were hopping. Pretty much every category of perversion spawned its own camp of deviates banging out stories.The problem with Usenet was that it wasn’t as user-friendly as the World Wide Web that was getting so popular with your parents. You needed software other than a web browser to make the most of it. As more people used the web, less used Usenet.If Usenet wasn’t dead by November 1998 when Literotica opened its doors, the site put the nails in the coffin. Here was a massive, worldwide community of readers and writers of erotic fiction, connected through the simplicity of the web. Access to the growing collection of naughty words was easier than ever before. I must have been 14 years old and just got access to dial-up internet. I bet most of you spoiled fuckers will never understand the pain of downloading a picture or video back in those days and no wonder that sites like this quickly gained popularity, because it was either this or waiting for 30 minutes to see some naked chicks. Alright, I admit, sniffing your sister's dirty panties was another option. ;)The founders of Literotica have said they registered the domain and then pretty much came along for the ride. They give the site’s users full credit for turning it into the masturbatory funhouse we know and love.Literary Naughty BitsIt’s pretty obvious when you look at Literotica that they got started in 1998. In fact, it looks like they haven’t updated the site since then. The site may not be pretty, but the simplicity makes it easy to navigate.The main page is broken down into categories. The community section gives you access to the bustling Bulletin Board and Live Chat. There’s also a weekly advice column called Ask Aspasia and Fern, as well as Author Awards and Literotica Personals.Next up is resources. Here you’ll find a site FAQ, Volunteer Editors and Writer’s Resources. This is also where you’ll submit your own material.Beneath Resources is Stores. Literotica has managed to stay free for two decades, but they’ve got to support themselves somehow. Bandwidth for 50+ million views a month ain’t cheap. Buy some dildos, video on demand, or the Literotica print anthology to support the site.Honestly, most users are going to scroll past these sections, down to the really good stuff: the Erotic Stories. Broken up into around 50 subcategories including poetry and illustrations, these links into Literotica’s catalog make up the bulk of the page.Beneath the stories are some recent Adult Headline News stories. Right now, it’s some newsflashes about Bill Cosby’s rape trial and some girl having sex with 25 boys in the bathroom.Finally, at the bottom of the page, we’ve got links to Literotica’s Erotica Audio and Erotic Images sub-sections.About Those StoriesLiterotica has links on the front page to the New stories, the Top Lists, Story Series, and the Author Index. If you’re new, you’ll probably want to start with the big list of Stories by Category.There’s a lot of overlap between the categories on a regular porn site and the categories on Literotica. You’ve got the standards like Anal, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, and Mature, for starters.There are also genres you’d expect from kinkier hardcore sites, like BDSM, Incest/Taboo, Fetish and Exhibitionist. The NonConsent/Reluctance category, AKA the rape section, currently has more than 23,000 pieces of pornographic fiction.Erotic Horror seems a little odd until you remember that Literotica is where porn means fiction. The same goes for Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which has a lot of overlap on the site with Non-Human.The list doesn’t get as deeply weird as on a hentai site, but it’s unusual if you’re used to beating your meat to moving pictures. What gives?Literotica, just like ASSTR, has a high proportion of female users compared to most sex sites. That probably does a lot to shape the collection, as does the fact that written smut is just different from the picture kind. We don’t need a redhead section if we can just imagine they’re all redheads.They even have a special name for members of the message boards, which goes by "Literoticans", "Litizens" or "Litsters", who arrange events known as "Litogethers", where you can meet each other in real life and socialize. Since these websites are mostly popular among females, this could be your chance to meet a fucked-up bitch just like yourself and fuck some real pussy! Don't forget to use a condom, unless you like to pay child support for the next 18 years. ;)Just because there are lots of women producing material doesn’t mean the site is full of feminist, #metoo porn. I’m not even sure what that would entail. A search of the story archive for “metoo” brings up 45 stories with titles like Nude Day Family Celebration Chapter 01, My Whipping Chapter 03, and The Big Bootied Latina And Her Gigolo Chapter 01.Let’s Get In ThereI took a stroll to the Incest/Taboo category, which has over 40,000 stories in it. Literotica clearly has a bunch of freaks writing and posting their own stories. Yummy. Each category’s page breaks down the same way.The top of the page shows the newest stories in the category. Holy fucking shit, no fewer than 24 incest stories have been posted in the last 24 hours. They’ve got titles like A Mother’s Lust and She Helps with Daughter’s Husband.Below the New Incest Stories are Random Taboo Stories, pulled randomly from their collection. A “Spin!” button lets you grab a fresh set. That’s a great feature to have when you’re fucking with a big collection like this.Below those is the Incest/Taboo Hall of Fame. These are the highest-rated, most loved, and most talked-about stories in the category.You’ll notice when you’re browsing that a lot of stories are part of a series. There Goes the Neighborhood Chapter 05; Keep It in the Family Part 08; A Horny Woman Chapter 03: A Night Out.If you find a series or even just a story you like, the easiest way to get more of the same is to click the author’s name under the title. It would be convenient if they put links to other chapters/episodes in the one you’re reading, but the new Story Series section of the site can help with that.Share Your Filthy FantasiesIf you’re thinking of sharing those dirty schoolgirl fantasies you’ve been typing out, go right ahead. Literotica encourages everyone to come in and play. Your account has to be validated first, but it only takes a few minutes.Literotica’s only rules are no pedophilia and no bestiality. That’s standard on every porn site. Unlike most other sites, though, Literotica allows incest and non-consensual sex. I know that 50 % of you sex depraved fuckers now skipped to the next site review in this category, since this was exactly what you were looking for isn't it? Anyways, the other 50 % of you sick fucks still reading, I can assure you that there's plenty of material about incest fantasies! "Keeping it in the family", as Kay Parker would say. ;)The rule about bestiality only applies to real animals, so there are plenty of stories on Literotica about dragon rape and werewolf threesomes.My first encounter with Literotica came after I let this broad I was smashing use my computer. She forgot to log out of the site, so I found out she wrote a lot of really rough daddy/daughter scenes and she also fapped to that Bellesa website. I bought handcuffs and a thick leather belt later that day.Dirty Pictures and PoemsI know some of you hate reading, but you saw that I mentioned pictures and now you’re searching Literotica for some vagina close-ups. Settle down, bucko. This still ain’t a traditional porn site.The Illustrated section of Stories has stories with a handful of drawings or photos. They’re not really photosets. There are some titties if you really dig deep, but a lot of them are stories written around stock photos of women.Literotica’s Adult Comics and Erotic Art sections are okay detours if you’re already on the site, but they’re not really a selling point. If you’re after that kind of material, you’re better off pointing your dick at a hentai site that specializes in it.The poetry section has a few new pieces a day, but I couldn’t tell you much about the quality of the stuff. I like huge titties and tight cunts stretched out by monster cocks. I get lost when you replace those with metaphors about rainbows and shit.If you’re looking for literary erotica to get the blood pumping to your cock, Literotica (often misspelled as "litrotica", "lirotica", "literotca", "litterotica", "literoitca", "literocia" and "literatica") is absolutely the first place I’d look. They’ve been around since the very beginning of the game, and the site is still the biggest collection of written smut in the world. Go check it out if you haven’t yet.