Ah, JAV torrents from Jav Junkies! It doesn’t matter what kind of smut you get off to because, we can all agree that the craziest, kinkiest, and the most fucked up shit comes from Japan. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. While there is still plenty of ‘normal’ porn from Japan, the majority of the adult stuff coming from the Land Of The Rising Sun seems to be of the weird, bizarre variety, some of which can jade even the most hardcore fap master. The sight of a Japanese slut with her face covered in sticky jizz from multiple cocks is just but an example of how kinky the Japs can get.Anyone looking to get their fix of Japanese smut should try JavJunkies.com. Why, you ask? Sit your ass down and let me explain. But first, why would the site require me to confirm that I’m not a robot? Like ‘look, I’m a fucking robot and I just visited a porn site!” OK, let’s say I’m a robot, what is there to stop me from accessing the site when all it takes is a single click? Anyway, forget about that part because you are here for the porn and JavJunkies has it in plenty. You may not know it from the name, but it is a porn torrent site where you download full JAV DVD movies with plenty of thin-eyed sluts getting more than a little nasty. If you prefer your smut bizarre and kinky, there is loads of content to keep that thing in your pants as hard as nails.Shitty design that almost spoils the partyIf, like I think, you have been reading my reviews, then you know I like sprinkling them with a bit of honesty and criticism. The first time you visit Jav Junkies, you can’t help but notice the crappy design. For starters, who the fuck thought it was a nice idea to have a pink/white layout with no option to turn off the lights? You might go blind especially if you are looking for something to jerk off to at night. The organization of content is also wanting, and that’s actually saying it nicely.The site also looks different from what you are used to. For starters, there is a glaring lack of a basic browsing menu to guide you on your testicle relaxing journey. However, that should not be too big a problem because there is a search feature (albeit basic) so you can knock yourself. It took me a while to know where to click courtesy of the small pink fonts but after a while, I was able to pick out some details including an FAQ section although, to be honest, it wasn’t too helpful as they don’t say much about the site apart from a few details that you probably don’t give a fuck about. But hey, that’s why I’m here, remember?Huge fucking archiveYou can’t tell the exact total of the movies available, but at times the admins post up to 50 entries per day and considering these fucks have been around since 2009, you can imagine there are thousands upon thousands of files to check out. The videos are DVD rips so you can expect excellent quality with the site coming out to say that they don’t allow low quality or incomplete versions which they actually term as ‘annoying.’ That’s how much the site is committed to quality.There is a catch though; you can’t watch any of the shit here, which is something I probably should have told you earlier. The whole of the content at Jav Junkies is only available for download. Head over to the right side of the site where the content is arranged by month going back to August 2009. The DVD covers are way too small for me to know whatever the fuck is going on. Some of you sick fucks might probably have better eyesight than me, but unless you download the content, you won’t be able to see shit which is obviously a big shame. Additionally, there are no previews or any available information about the videos before you download them — not even screenshots. You only get the name of the leading AV idol, file size, and the number of files. Disappointing? You tell me.Downloading the torrents is actually an easy affair. You just click on the cover image and get a download link, and you are good to go. However, another tab opens up, mostly an ad or link to another site. At some point, I was directed to an online shop promising the best sex toys which I didn’t find remotely amusing. Why would I need a fucking sex toy when I can effortlessly score pussy? Bunch of toads!Japanese sluts are the fucking bombDo you have a specific AV idol in mind? The good news is you can download smut from a particular porn star by clicking on ‘Monthly top 20 idols’. You will quickly realize why it is easy to fall in love with Japanese girls with their sweet innocent-looking faces, friendly demeanors, creamy and soft tits, and inevitably tasty coochies. They throw every other fucking bunny out of the water and the way they suck and fuck cocks, you’d think there is a thousand-year-long tradition of testicle draining in Japan. With their signature Asian black bush, these whores have exotic slits that have no doubt hosted many foreign tongues and cocks. Don’t even get me started on the way they coax a bucket load of fun spunk from their fellow performers in raunchy, freakish actions that you’d have to see to believe.The only unfortunate thing is there is no porn star index and hovering over the picture only yields the porn star’s name and the size of the file with the rest just little scribbling in Japanese. However, you horny jerk hounds will have plenty to look forward to.Tags? They have lots of themThere are no real categories, and the content is only arranged by dates which is so fucking annoying. However, there is a tag cloud on the right just below the dated archive which should be some consolation. Hover over any given tag to know the number of ‘topics’ around that particular tag with the list including cosplay, squirt, double penetration, prostitute, incest, bukkake, and fellatio among many others.Reasons to be excited about Jav JunkiesThousands of HD JAV; when it comes to the best places to get your daily JAV fix, there is no better place than Jav Junkies which has thousands of torrents with hardcore Japanese smut waiting for you to download.Free downloads; download huge files with the kinkiest porn from the East for absolutely free and jerk yourself silly until you can get it up anymore.Some western porn; a little diversity can’t possibly do you any harm, and you can expect a solid collection of porn from the west (Europe and the United States) with the likes of Nikki Benz, Dillion Harper, Riley Reid among others featuring prominently.Tag cloud; the list of tags makes up for the lack of categories and other sorting features and should help you sit back and loosen your pants.Possible concerns Shitty design; whoever made this site clearly has no idea on how to make a good site design. I mean, damn! You fucks could have paid an amateur, and he’d have done a better job.Stupid security checks; this one is by far the most annoying aspect of the site. You have to confirm that you are not a robot every time you want to move to different areas of the site. Whoever thought this was a good idea deserves to be fucking shot.No information about torrents; anyone with no idea of how torrents work will have a rough time comprehending the content here as the site hasn’t gone out of its way to explain the process.Annoying ads; there are so many ads and pop-ups doing rounds that will inevitably ruin your experience. I was so fucking pissed off.What I think should be doneSort the troublesome navigation. No one wants to go through silly security checks each time they want to check content from different parts of the site. It’s so fucking annoying, to say the least.Bottom lineTruth be told, Jav Junkies is a pretty ordinary site but with great content. That the site has a massive assortment of JAV porn DVD torrents is not in doubt, but the awful navigation, limited sorting features, and lack of useful information about each torrent makes the site a hard nut to crack. You may check out the site for thousands of free JAV DVD torrents, but anyone with no knowledge of torrents should probably look elsewhere for their Japanese porn fix.