Exoticaz aka YourExotic! What’s the best thing about the Internet? Well, as The Porn Dude, a lot of people might say I’m a little bit biased, but I’m pretty sure the answer’s pornography. Yes, the web was established to be a smut superhighway and everything else is just kind of incidental. To that end, Exoticaz has been offering its users access to a massive library of porno torrents to get their wank on for free.Exoticaz.to was registered in 2016 and currently gets about half a million visitors every month. That’s pretty fucking impressive for a website that gets nearly all of their traffic just from word-of-mouth. Hell, load up the front page and it isn’t even clear what the fuck the site is all about. If this is your first time hearing about it, let me be the first to tell you: Exoticaz is a private torrent tracker specializing in adult material.A Private Tracker for Private PervertsOkay, first things first. Exoticaz is private, so you don’t get to even look around and you sure as hell don’t get to play until you get an account. The good news is that the demands are very fucking minimal to get signed up. All you need is an email address and you can get verified almost immediately. I didn’t even use a real email address, just a temporary one, and the registration system didn’t give me any bullshit or errors.I know some of you are already thinking this sounds a little bit more complicated than downloading the newest Marvel superhero film off The Pirate Bay. Yes, that is true, and the virtual paper trail actually runs a little bit deeper than that. Not only do they have your email address, but the site keeps track of how much you’ve uploaded and downloaded. You’ve been worried about Comcast doing the exact same thing, and Exoticaz is basically asking you to sign up for their own internal monitoring.The downside to this are pretty fucking obvious. Besides having a username with a count of how much material you have (potentially) pirated, you have to keep seeds open even after you finish downloading a file. People who only leach will find themselves in poor standing on a private tracker like this.On the other hand, this enforced give-and-take ensures that even the less popular porno movie torrents stay online longer. I know this system of bartering may be different than what some of you freeloaders are used to, but for thousands of Exoticaz users, the trade-off is worth it. Besides, you didn’t pay for any of this shit, now did you?I figure if you’ve got the basic tech savvy to sign up for a private torrent tracker like Exoticaz, you probably don’t need much explanation about how to download the files, none of which are actually hosted on the website. In a nutshell, you’ll need a bittorrent client and maybe a VPN. If you need more explanation, click the Rules and Guides link in Exoticaz’s header. Documentation is thorough as hell, so even grandpa should be able to get the hang of this without too much trouble.More Free Porn Than You Can Shake Your Dick AtOnce you get signed up and logged in, you’ll see a header with a bunch of statistics for your own account. It’s almost like a scoreboard, and it’s going to look pretty pathetic when you first get in there. Right now, my score for Seeding, Leeching, Bonus, Reseed and Hit & Run are all at zero. Hey, give me some fucking time to learn! Right next to my username is my status, currently listed as Newbie. That sounds about right.By default, Exoticaz shows you everything they’ve got on the menu, whether it’s gay, straight or trans. This is actually displayed up in the scoreboard area, and clicking through will bring you to the account settings. I turned off the gay and tranny stuff because I really prefer seeing women getting fucked, but whatever floats your boat. There is one other torrent option listed in the same section, allowing you to narrow down the selection to only show Asian torrents. That’s pretty specific, but I’m guessing it’s because they know their audience.Most torrent sites feature a header at the top and the rest of the screen is just a text listing of the newest torrents added by users. At Exoticaz, the top of the front page has the Latest News and Changes. To be honest, there are a lot more rules in the section than I’m used to seeing on any kind of porno site. As I’m writing this, the Latest News and Changes are all about which torrent clients you can use with the site and which you cant, how torrents need to be tagged and written up, as well as a bit about their anti-lurking policy. If you’ve been signed up for a month and don’t upload or download anything, you’re going to get the boot.I’m kind of a freewheeling motherfucker and I don’t appreciate a lot of rules. That said, it looks like the seemingly stringent regulations they put on everything at Exoticaz ultimately leads to a better experience for the users. That becomes incredibly clear once you scroll down to the actual torrent listings.Porno Torrents in Loving DetailThe torrent listings themselves differ from most torrent sites in that there is a thumbnail for each one right on the front page. There’s a picture of Lena Anderson next to a torrent for her film Banana Fever, and a close-up of deep vaginal penetration for a teenage fuck movie called "Busty Teen Gets Fucked on First Date". The Japanese Adult Video flicks, like The Housewife Who Dropped Her Keys and Sister Training of Father-In-Law Who Became a Sex Toy, are typically thumbnails with a scan of the DVD cover.JAV seems to be one of the most popular pornographic subgenres on Exoticaz, which explains why the preferences will let you limit your selection to Asian flicks exclusively. Of course, those DVD covers are hard to view in thumbnail format, but fortunately, torrents on Exoticaz have pretty fucking rad description pages.I checked out the full write up for a JAV film with the catchy title, A Slut Genius Who Will Go to an Orgasmic Amateur Boy’s House and Give Him As Many Creampie Fucks As He Wants We’re Sending Out Eimi Fukada. Out front, the thumbnail is so tiny I could see barely anything besides the busty chick showing off her rack, but the dozen screenshots inside give me a much better view. Sure enough, that hairy muff gets pumped full of dripping cum as Eimi takes it from different angles.This bitch is absolutely fucking gorgeous and I’d love to see more of her. One of the really fucking cool features on Exoticaz that you don’t get on a lot of torrent sites is a convenient link to everything a particular model has done built right into the torrent description. All you have to do is click the photo of Eimi Fukada’s lovely face and it pulls up a basic bio page with more photos and some information about the babe. More importantly, you get quick access to other torrents on the site. Eimi, to date, stars in more than 40 movies you can find here.Plus Nudie Photo Galleries, Too!One thing I noticed in the bio area that I wasn’t expecting at all was the presence of full photo galleries of various models. Most torrent sites don’t host any content at all, so the entire section was a very pleasant surprise. You can find these galleries either in the bio pages or by clicking the Browse link in the header.Like the rest of Exoticaz, the sexy photo albums lean heavily toward Japanese porn stars and video idols. I spent about half an hour spanking it to some teen sluts eating ice cream in their underwear before stripping down and making what looks like a really sticky mess. Mom’s going to be mad about the sheets.As a private torrent tracker, Exoticaz does have some extra rules and regulations you have to deal with if you want to fuck around in their playground. The trade-off will be worth it to porn viewers who appreciate better descriptions for torrents they’re about to spend a day or two seeding and leeching. The site has a model section with links to relevant torrents, which is very rare on a site like this. The photo galleries are basically just gravy and something great to look at while you’re waiting for your JAV to finish downloading.