Let's torrent at Porn Leech, because the best kind of porn is free porn. Fuck paying for expensive memberships, premium accounts, or any of those other sites. You don’t want your wife finding out about those recurring charges on your credit card, right? Some of those sites are far from discreet and you might get an email or something that will be pretty hard to explain. But free porn can suck sometimes. It’s usually not full-length or anything like that. If you’re browsing a free site you’re often stuck with clips or poor-quality videos, and you can’t even download them! Let’s step out of the dark age of porn.It’s time to step up your porn game. Porn torrents are the way to go for the internet savvy people out there. If you don’t know much about software or PC’s in general, then this site is definitely not for you. I’d recommend looking ups some guides about torrents before you try and dive into it. Pornleech.is a torrent site for all things porn. Videos, galleries, games, and more. This site has been around for just around a year under their current domain, but I suspect the slippery folk in charge there have changed it up a few times. They also bring in a ton of traffic with just over 6 million visitors over the last month.Fire up that torrent client and VPN and let’s get started. If you don’t know what a torrent site is, then boy are you in for a treat. Torrent sites are where people can upload or download all sorts of content through peer-to-peer file sharing. The legality of it all is in a bit of a gray area, but I’m not a lawyer, so look up laws about your state or country before you start downloading shit. ThePornDude is here to help you get off, not bail you out of jail. But to download torrent files you need a torrent client that can process the file so that you can view it. Those clients are pretty easy to find, and they do more than just download files, but let’s not get into that rabbit hole here.Difficult to Navigate at Times with Small Text and Lots of AdsPornleech.is. First off, this site can be hard to look at. It has a super bright white background with small black text and pink boxes around everything. Everything feels like you’re zoomed out just a bit too far. I have good eyes and I had to lean in a bit to make anything out. Kind of like a chick with A cups. You know they’re there, but you have to do a bit of looking to really find them titties.What’s super easy to see are the ads. Fuck. It’s almost comical how many ads there are. Banners everywhere, pop-ups, redirects, you name it. I’m not surprised though. It’s a torrent site. Of course, there are going to be a ton of ads there. Beggars can’t be choosers! You get what you get. The ads don’t take away too much but do be careful where you click. I didn’t get any virus ads, but you can never be too careful. Alternatively, AdBlock gets rid of every single ad without issue. I mean, if you’re torrenting content I’m sure you’re not too concerned about giving a site ad revenue.But now that we’re past that, I want to talk about the front page. It’s broken up into sections showing off the top 10 torrents in each category. Those categories are Videos, HD Videos, Movies, Pictures, Hentai, Comics, 3D, Pack, 0Day, and Games. Before you ask, the Pack section is for multiple videos from the same studio/person and 0Day is a bit more complicated. 0Day porn is porn that is acquired using an exploit in software that lets hackers get the porn on the same day it comes out. So, long story short I guess, it’s the newest content you can get!Plenty of Options for the Pickiest Porn LoverBeyond the front page, there are quite a few options. The torrents page is the first place you should go to. It’s set up with a big box of categories up top that you can check off to narrow your search and a traditional search bar down below if you want to find exact titles, uploaders, or descriptions. The category selection is solid. You’ve got all of the options you would see on a regular porn site like “gangbang,” or “lesbian,” so there’s nothing new there. But you can filter any of your results by the sections I talked about in the previous paragraph.And man does Porn Leech have all of the good content. Tons of videos from slutty pornstars like Riley Reid and Veruca James that you would normally only be able to access through premium subscriptions. Plus, they have a lot of amateur content that you will only see here. When you do find something you want, go ahead and click on the title. It’ll bring you to a page with some previews of the video. Usually some sexy screengrabs, but if you like what you see all you have to do is click the big download button up top and go ahead as you would with any other torrent.The site does have a few other links and features aside from torrents if you look around. You can make an account on the site, which isn’t usually a feature you would see on torrent sites. But if you make one it gets rid of ads on the site. The account is free, so that’s definitely a bonus. With a profile, you can add torrents to your favorites list, upload your own content to share, add friends, or chat with other users in the forum. The forums are basically discussions about torrents, paid porn sites, requests, and that kind of thing. It’s not very active though. Most of the other tabs on the site just take you to other sites, so those aren’t really worth discussing.Bad Mobile ExperienceYou can access the site on mobile if you have a torrent client set up on your phone. I’m not an expert in that but go for it! Though the site is pretty hard to use on mobile. Lots of small text, difficult to click menus, and the ads are a bit more annoying. They cluster and pop-up and it’s pretty difficult not to click them. It really is a fucking mess to use. I wouldn’t recommend it. The desktop site is like the hotter older sister out of the two.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Porn Leech is the way the search sections are set up. You can find just about anything out there here. The amount of content here is fucking staggering. Also, the fact that this site doesn’t have a million fucking download buttons is a big bonus. You don’t have to worry about clicking the wrong one and getting some sketchy virus or something on your computer.They also have a really good catalog page where you can flip through the newest content on the site. You get previews on the left-hand side of every torrent, so it helps to look through here if you don’t know exactly what you want. The massive list of titles and shit can get confusing otherwise. This way of viewing the site also expands to show you how many upvotes/downvotes a torrent has.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy biggest suggestion for this site is to work on the overall design and layout. It’s all scaled so weirdly that it can be taxing to navigate. There’s no balance in any of the menus. Stuff is stretched out and the text is super fucking small sometimes. And all of that only gets worse on mobile. Also, change the damn color scheme. Who though bright white and pink was a good idea? It’s like they’re trying to fucking blind you here. It would be bearable if the text wasn’t so small.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re into sailing the seas of porn torrents, torrented porn, porrents, whatever you call them, then I would recommend checking out pornleech.is. They have a ton of content to choose from and the site itself seems to be safer than many other torrent sites. Yeah, there are a lot of ads, but that’s something you’ll have to deal with anywhere with free content. They have good shit here. Check em’ out!