Aight, Porno Lab is for all of you more internet savvy fucks out there. If you don’t venture past the realm of Facebook, PornHub, and YouTube, then this one might not be for you. But if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and get started, then the site I have for you is actually one of the easiest porn torrent sites to use. It’s like getting your shy girlfriend to try anal for the first time. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable at first, but she’ll be slamming that dick down her poop shoot in no time.You have to get used to navigating the dangerous and sometimes confusing world of porn torrents. But the rewards are oh so worth it. Basically, torrents are files that you download from multiple sources via a peer to peer connection. Instead of hopping onto your standard site and downloading the video directly from one place, torrents take bits and pieces from multiple users to create the entire file.It’s a bit like comparing a huge facial to a bukkake. Either the cumslut is getting one big load or a bunch of smaller loads. Why bother with torrents? Well, usually torrents have shit that you’re not supposed to get for free. Movies and video games are popular, but there is also a thriving market of you devious bastards out there fighting the good fight and bringing premium porn to the masses.Good torrent sites are tough to come by. Many of them have become compromised or otherwise rendered useless by viruses, governments, getting locked down, and shit like that. So, for this one, we have to venture to a Russian site. Pornolab.net is a Russia based porn torrent site with an active community and a massive archive of all of the best porn movies, games, manga, and hentai. These guys have stood the test of time. Originating in 2008, Pornolab.net has been going strong for over 10 years. And they bring in a fuck ton of users. Over 11 million site views every single month makes this one of the more populated porn torrent sites on the net.An Account is Required to Browse and Download ContentIt has the sort of design that you would expect from a torrent site. Very, very bright all-white design throughout the entire site. You’ll have to deal with banner ads, flashing chats, redirects, pop-ups, and the whole nine yards. But if you’re using a torrent site without some sort of ad blocker, then that’s your own fucking fault.Though even you more experienced users may find this site to be a bit different from your usual experience. Instead of a free for all where anyone can download anything, there’s a user rating system that determines how much you can download. It’s a bit complex, so I’d recommend reading their full guide over in the FAQ when you first head to the site. Regardless, new users can download up to 5 torrents a day before the rating system comes into play.The homepage has sections running down the middle for News, Rules, Forum, and Topics/Categories. Up top is a small header that lets you view the tracker information for the site, the rules, the FAQ, and join groups. On the left and right sides of the site, you’ll see quick links to full movies, chat rooms, torrent clients, and all of that good shit. Pretty useful for hopping around to different sections of the site.Fetish Content, Premium Productions, Games, Hentai, and More!And the genres here are fucking great. Full-on sections for HD JAV, Hentai, BDSM, Games, Fetish Content, and Foreign Erotic Movies. Don’t settle for flipping between tabs of shitty porn sites where you can, at best, get 720p videos to stream. Fuck that. That’s like going to a damn brothel and asking to use a Groupon. You want the real deal. The full experience. And this site has it. Click on any of the categories to get a full page with thousands of titles to browse.All you do from there is scroll through and see what you want. Most of the titles include the quality of the video/game/movie, how large the file is, what kind of genre tags it has, and what language its in. You can also view when it was uploaded and how many other degenerates have downloaded the video.Fast Downloads Without Any BullshitIf you’re as fucked up as I am and use torrents on a regular basis, then you’ll know that the biggest issues come from not having enough seeders. It makes the downloads take fucking forever. No matter how amazing the content is, I’m not about waiting hours to jerk off to it. I’ve got shit to do. Actual bitches to fuck. Thankfully, this site is active enough where you won’t run into those issues too often. If you go super obscure and watch shit like prolapse lactation BDSM hentai, then you might run into some issues. But you probably have bigger issues to deal with if you’re looking up shit like that.Downloading here is just as easy. No fake download buttons or annoying shit like that. You click the link and your torrent client will automatically open and start downloading. I didn’t experience any sketchy links, downloads, viruses, or any bullshit like that when I used the site. Just make sure you’re keeping track of your user rating. If it drops too low you can be temporarily banned from downloading new torrents.No Dedicated Mobile SiteI wouldn’t bother trying to use this site on mobile. There are sites made from mobile torrenting and this isn’t one of them. If you want to bother with the whole mobile torrenting setup, then be my guest, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Using the desktop site is so much fucking easier. It’s not formatted for mobile at all, so you’ll be painstakingly zooming in and out every single time you want to try and read anything on the site. Plus, most, if not all, of the torrents on the site are made for PC operating systems and video players. It’s a lot of work for very little results on mobile.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Pornolab.net is that you can find anything here. Well, anything porn related. You can expect to find shit from every fetish, even the more fucked up ones. Gore, scat, rape, extreme BDSM, and all of that. It’s in there. Trust me, I checked. But don’t worry, there’s content for you more vanilla cucks. Lesbian, hentai, facials, siterips, and JAV to name a few of the more popular genres.Hell, they even have a forum and news feed that lets you keep up with new releases and shit. That’s something else I like to see. Most forums and chat rooms on these sites are usually abandoned. Both sections are super active here, so head there if you’re looking to chat about porn or porn torrents in general. Though keep in mind that most people are Russian, so you may experience a bit of a language barrier if you’re not from there.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI think the site theme needs to be changed. It’s like looking into a fucking bleached asshole. It’s way too bright and sterile for a torrent site. Darken that shit up. I mean, it’s only natural, right? Other than that I don’t have any other complaints. The site has a ton of resources for you torrent novices, there aren’t any malicious ads, the site is organized well and isn’t a clusterfuck to navigate, and the content is more curated than your standard torrent site due to the user system.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you like porn but hate paying for it, then Pornolab.net is your saving grace. Load up that VPN and get to downloading. Once you get the hang of using torrent sites, then there’s really nothing that regular porn sites can offer you anymore. You get all of the good shit for free. And there aren’t many better sites to torrent at. Pornolab.net has a solid design, quality content, and user-driven forums and chat rooms that will help you get started. I recommend you get your horny ass over there and start downloading nut-bustingly good content. That’s what I’ll be doing.