Empornium.me, aka empornium.sx, aka empornium.is! Are you looking for a porn tracker that has a seemingly endless supply of porn torrents? Are you fed up of paying through your bloody nose to access premium XXX content? Empornium.me may as well be the site you are looking for. The torrent site has a lot of content of different varieties, and you are inevitably going to find whatever porn that you seek for. You will be able to take a look through a bunch of DVD rips, site content and a bunch of other goodies.Before I continue with the review, I’ll start with a disclaimer. I know this may make me sound like your mother, but I do hope that once you find content that you like, you will hand over a bit of cash in the way of membership to the original site even if it’s for a single month. All these sluts you see in porn movies don’t get their pussies destroyed for free. They also need a fucking payday, and that would be a great way to support the industry.First impressionUnlike plenty of other torrent sites out there, Empornium.me aka Empornium.sx requires you to sign up before you can access any of the content. That will require you to have an invite as the site is closed/invites only. I understand it’s a bit old school, but that’s just the way it is. Once inside and with the full view of the amazing porn torrents that awaits, you will quickly forget the hassles. The end justifies the means, remember? There is a good mixture of professional and amateur content, and no matter what you get off to, you can get all of it and much more here on Empornium.me.Site design and navigationEmpornium.me looks like your typical porn torrent site. It features a simple, yet elegant design which is enhanced by the blue background. Everything is well visible, and the site generally looks well maintained.Navigating is also an easy affair, and you will quickly pick out your favorite torrents. There is an excellent tagging system that includes style, type, resolution, and descriptions to help you find specific content with ease. You can also see pics or GIFs by just hovering over a release name which actually gives you a good preview with the descriptions providing an idea of the content inside. There is also an advanced search feature which will help you sift through the over 220k torrents.How torrents workIn layman’s language, torrents are basically small files containing details of a larger file that are broken down for purposes of peer 2 peer sharing. Essentially, what this means is you can have a 100 people collaborating to share and download different chunks of a huge file. At the end of this cycle, everyone involved will have the complete file. Of course, this requires you to have a torrent client, and if you’ve used one before, then you may have noticed it is both downloading and uploading the torrent file.Downloading it so that you can have free access and uploading it so that others can also access the file. Put that into a porn context, and you can imagine the amount of porn that could be in your hard drive or wherever in a matter of minutes. You best be having a stable network connection.ContentWhat are you going to find once inside? I’d say a mixture of just about everything. You will be getting your hands on the cream of the crop when it comes to adult entertainment. I’m talking about premium porn, HD adult videos, latest productions, and hot porn stars in hot scenes. You will see blondes, brunettes, big tits, small tits, lingerie, thongs, stockings, double penetration, doggy style fucking or whatever the fuck that gives you a hard-on when in the confines of your bedroom.The torrents here cover every possible genre. There are kinky niches like painful anal porn that involves sluts being fucked painfully, weird ass positions, nudes, animal-masked lesbians fingering and grinding in all possible positions, she male content, cosplay, bondage, mom POV, hentai, pregnant, homemade, gangbang, and a whole lot of much more content you can jerk off to.Quality varies, but you can expect content with all manner of resolutions, usually peaking at 1080p full HD. Whether you are interested in Asian MILFs, ebony sluts, horny teens, interracial or whatever, you are sure to find it here. The site also has a comprehensive search system that makes it easy to find what you are looking for which is even better.To maintain a good ratio, you will have to be a good seeder and mind the amount of content you download at any given time. The site actually encourages people to upload torrents by offering several incentives. For instance, credits can be earned for seeding. First-time uploaders are also appreciated, and there is even an upload of the day program. The site has also been hosting a weekly free leech "happy hour" which means you can download a torrent without worrying it will count against your download ratio.ForumsBesides the torrents, Empornium (often misspelled as "epornium") has a great adult community with thousands of members. The community has several forums which are always active and teeming with new posts. A wide range of topics are discussed including personal advice, fetishes, and politics among other topics that horny grownups are likely to engage in when left alone. These forums are also a great place to get advice if you fucking need it.In addition, there is a great Help & Support area where you will find answers to most of the questions that you might have. If your question is not answered, you can always create a thread, and countless freaks will be on hand to help you out. You can also chat and interact with members of the community with the site boasting over 130k users. As you would expect, there are rules and regulations to be followed by all members.What I love about this siteThe abundant supply of torrents is obviously a reason to be thrilled if you manage to access the site. With no centralized server for downloading, you can grab a heap of porn content both anonymously and at high speeds which is obviously perfect news.The site also has a unique program that rewards users with medals and awards for participating in the community. Some of the activities that can get you a medal include uploading, seeding, downloading, filling requests, and making presentations for your uploads among many others. There are also ribbons to be won for uploading multiple torrents in specific categories. These ribbons are displayed in your profile to show just how much contribution you have made to the community. That’s a nice fucking touch from the site.Like I mentioned earlier, there is an active community where just about any topic goes while new content is added on a daily basis. The site also has an excellent Help and Support where all your questions will be answered. There are plenty of reasons to love this site.What I hate about this siteThe fact that you need an account to join is already tough enough, but it’s even tougher when the site has a private sign up page that requires an invite to join. Needless to say, it will be a lot harder to join.Suggestions I have for the siteIs there a way of making the site available without all the hassles of invites and what have you? That’d be hella great.ConclusionWhen you get past the troublesome sign-up process, you will find a solid torrent site with all manner of content. There is a shit load of content to enjoy, with torrents covering all conceivable niches. Content is added on a daily basis while the site also has an active community where all manner of discussions take place. You will find plenty of dumps from people who have a lot of time on their hands. Is it the best porn torrent site I’ve ever seen? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s pretty damn good.