Are you ready for the Next JAV? That’s more of a rhetorical question, because I can tell from the Vaseline and box of tissues that you’re all warmed up and ready to go. I guess the real question is how soon you’d like to jerk off to those Asian schoolgirls, office ladies and cosplay princesses. NextJAV is a torrent site specializing in full-length Japanese Adult Video, so fire up the torrent client and fire up a doobie, because there’s some waiting involved.NextJAV.com has been around since 2017, which doesn’t sound like long until you consider that this is the Internet. JAV sites, in general, tend to blow up quickly but often fizzle out, but this one’s already standing the test of time. Looking at their traffic stats, it seems they’ve enjoyed steady growth throughout the pandemic. All the weeaboos social distancing at home alone with waifu pillows clearly appreciate the free movies, because this joint gets over 10,000 visits a day. I just rinsed out my silicone French maid vagina, so it seems like a good time to check the place out.Are You Ready for the Next JAV?What is it you love about JAV? Is it the beautiful Asian women, the freaky scenarios or do you just like the costumes? As soon as you hit the front page of Next JAV, you’ll probably start seeing the shit that gets you going immediately. It’s nothing but a solid wall of DVD covers showing office ladies being violated, schoolgirls getting the business, sleeping women getting fingered and a lot of ripped stockings. Text is kept to an absolute bare minimum, just a simple header and a search bar, with no labels junking up the JAV covers.I assume the torrents are presented with the very latest stuff at the top of the front page, though it’s a torrent site, so it may be tied into the number of seeders and leechers. There doesn’t seem to be any real theme here besides Japanese girls doing all kinds of perverted shit, so you’ll find JAV in a wide range of kinks, fetishes and subgenres.If you’ve spent much time beating off to Asian porn, you probably already know how freaky they get in Japanese movies. I mean, shit, they invented bukkake and tentacle rape, and it seems like they’re always coming up with weird new shit to crank off to. You’ll find all the porn-site standards like blowjobs, MILFs, gangbangs and interracial, and right beside it, you’ll find the kind of shit that doesn’t hit the front page of Pornhub. (Personal recommendations notwithstanding, of course.)What do I mean by that? Well, right beside a fresh mother-in-law incest film is a naïve girl piss flick. Below that is a cuckold movie starring a serious and sexy wife, which is right above a femdom flick where a really hot chick aggressively forces a man to sniff her armpits. You’ll find the kind of schoolgirl sex movies you find on Western porn sites, as well as BDSM-laced takes on the same, with helpless students bound up in elaborately tied ropes.Collecting Porn on NextJAVHow much space do you have on your hard drive? The reason I ask is because NextJAV.com lists over 33,000 JAV torrents and counting. The smaller DVD rips start at around 3 GB, with plenty running 10 GB or more. These are full movies, my friends, and they’re going to take up a lot of space.We take the peer-to-peer shit for granted these days, but think about where we’d be if they never invented torrents. Next JAV couldn’t even exist, because it would be impossible for them to cover the costs of hosting all that material, not to mention all the bandwidth from people leeching it. Some full-length porno sites have the movies on file lockers, which come with their own share of problems. Torrents are quicker, more convenient, and don’t have spam.The one big downside you get with torrents is that you need a separate app to get them, and you have to wait for them to download. Some BitTorrent clients will let you stream if the torrent is healthy enough, but it definitely lacks the immediacy of just cranking off to one of the free Asian tubes right now.Speaking of healthy torrents, it’s hard to determine which ones are well-seeded and which ones are essentially dead on NextJAV. Every other torrent site that I’ve ever visited, porn or otherwise, lists the number of seeders and leechers for every torrent file available, because that’s vital information when you’re trying to decide which ones are worth the wait and bandwidth. Here, you just get a Download Torrent button, not even a magnet link, so you’ll have to open it yourself to see if it’s any good.It seems like an absolutely fucking crazy omission to me and a potential dealbreaker to a lot of Asian porn downloaders. On the plus side, they do have some nice screenshot galleries for many of the videos. I reviewed a similar site earlier that offered up the timestamped grid of autogenerated screencaps, but the galleries here are legitimately fappable. The images are big with decent resolution, and appear to have been hand-selected instead of pulled randomly.Come On, Guys, I’m Getting LostNextJAV.com has a very barebones presentation that looks nice, but sometimes comes at the cost of functionality. Text can be cluttering, but it’s often really useful, like those seed/leech numbers I was looking for. The thumbnails out front look nice without titles listed below them, but it does make it a little harder to choose since all you’ve got to go on are those small-ass thumbnails.Another missing link is a tags or categories page. JAV encompasses so many crazy deep niches that I’m still finding new fetishes on some of these sites. NextJAV’s torrent listings do have tags, but it would be nice to see a master list of them.Do you know what’s worse than the missing tags page, though? The search bar doesn’t even work! I’m not sure what the problem is, but almost every search string I typed in turned up zero results, from schoolgirl to MILF to anal to BBW. I tried tags I found in the torrent listings, but nothing worked. Weirdly, a search for BDSM turned up 4 videos, but that was the only tag search that actually came back with anything. You can search JAV codes if you know them, but that ain’t much help to the casual porn fan.You can, however, follow the tags from torrent to torrent. For example, the film Sleeping Mother-In-Law Son At Night is tagged with Stepmother, Incest and Creampie. Click any of those tags and you’ll get a big pile of JAV DVD rips with similar content. You just can’t expect any results typing those same tags into the search bar.The busted search bar has some serious implications on a site that doesn’t offer any ways to shuffle, filter or sort through the collection. Basically, they’ve made it damn near impossible to find what you’re looking for unless you know the JAV code. If you were hoping to skip straight to the uncensored stuff by using the search bar, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. The censorship is really fucking strong with this one.If you read my reviews here at ThePornDude, you know convenience is always one of my big factors. I like a site that makes it easy as hell to find exactly what I’m into, without any spam or crusty interface slowing me down. Next JAV looks nice, and I didn’t have many ads slipping through my adblocker, but the lack of searchability was a serious fucking buzzkill. It’s like I’m feeling around in the dark with my dick out, an experience that’s gotten me arrested more than once.NextJAV.com has a great selection of Asian porn torrents, but they’ve streamlined the presentation so much that it cuts into the site’s usability.