Looking for free JAV torrents at One JAV? What’s one thing that could make premium JAV movies even better? More tentacles? Sure. Actresses with even bigger tits? Hell yeah. Even more crazy fetish content? Fuck yes. Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. Those are all great, but not exactly what I had in mind. Not paying for it! That’s what brings JAV to the next level. I’m not about to dish out my hard-earned cash for porn like some beta cuck. If you’re internet savvy and have a decent VPN, then there’s no reason for you to be paying for your JAV porn. Just hop onto the site I have for you today and torrent some quality JAV smut for your next nut.Onejav.com is a JAV torrent site that lets you download premium JAV porn for free. I dig the LOTR reference at the bottom of the site, especially the part about “in the darkness bind them.” Sounds like my kind of porn right there. A lot of you fucks love JAV, so it only makes sense that 8 million of you come rushing to this site every month for your daily fill of kinky JAV. For a site that’s only been around since early 2016, those are some pretty impressive figures. Almost as impressive as the figures some of these JAV sluts are rocking. Damn, man, I’ll always be blown away by the tight asses and petite bods that these models have.Modern Site Design With Featured Torrents Prominently DisplayedIf you frequent JAV torrent sites as often as I do, then you won’t be too surprised by the site design. It’s pretty standard at this point. It’s got a bright ass white background that’s paler than some babe’s bleached balloon knot. But it doesn’t look bad. The white theme and large previews work well together and make the site feel modern. I’ve been to some of these torrent sites that look like unearthed relics of the past with their dated site design and ugly ass layout. Nice to have a change of pace here.The homepage has a variety of different sections displaying featured torrents, actress of the day, and torrents going back by most recent date. This way you can view everything that was uploaded on a certain day. And it seems like they have a fairly frequent upload schedule. Hell, nearly 40 new movies were added the day before I wrote this review alone. It’s like that every day I went back to check out, so you can expect very frequent and consistent uploads from the site.Streamlined Header Options Without Any ClutterUp top, there’s a header with options for “New, Popular, Random, Actresses, and Tags.” Nice and simple without any unnecessary bullshit. Other than those options and the search bar, there’s a little red button in the top right that lets you create your own private page full of your favorite actresses or tags. You even get your own private URL that you can bookmark. It’s an easy way to keep up with new fetish content from tags you like or new movies uploaded by your favorite JAV sluts.The Actresses section neatly organizes all of the Asian dime pieces on the site by popularity, but you can change it up if you want to sort alphabetically or by new releases. Each preview shows you the cover from one of their newest movies. The names are a mix of Japanese and English. Most have both, but some only give you the Japanese, so that can make it hard to browse if you’re not familiar with the language. The model page is simple. No stats or anything. Just a list of all of their movies on the site with tags.The Tags page has a decent selection of a few hundred different tags to choose from. And all of the other pages are fairly standard. Popular gives you the most popular videos. New gives you the newest. Random gives you a random one. It’s not fucking rocket science here. But all that leaves is the content. So, let’s dive into that good shit.Big Preview Images With All of the Information You NeedThe previews are more put together than other JAV torrent sites that I’ve come across. You get big ass image previews that showcase the cover of the movie, the JAV code for the movie, which sexy JAV babe is performing in it, tags, when it was uploaded, and how big the torrent file is. Why do sites never include that? That’s the most important thing when it comes to torrents.It’s like going to a BDSM fetish orgy and forgetting the goddamn handcuffs and ball gag. Oh, and they also throw up a little warning sign on there if the torrent is over a month or two old. Might not seem important, but if you’ve ever tried to download a torrent with only a couple seeders then you’ll know why that’s a good notice to have. Generally, the torrents have a fair amount of seeders, so you can expect each one to download at a decent speed if you have a steady internet connection.Highly Seeded Downloads with HD Video QualityThe video quality is fucking awesome. You’re usually getting at least 1080p videos from here. They play without issue and some of these fucking movies are over 16 hours long. Talk about full-length videos! 16 hours of JAV is what I could watch in a standard week, but some of you fucks probably haven’t watched that much JAV in your entire life. You can expect any of these videos to be just as good as if you had bought them straight from the source. I downloaded quite a few for, uh, research purposes of course and didn’t experience any audio or video issues.Mobile Site Isn’t Worth UsingBeing a torrent site, the mobile version of Onejav.com isn’t very impressive. It’s not formatted right for mobile, so you’re stuck having to zoom in and out to get a look at any of the previews. It’s basically a port of the desktop site without much changed about it at all. The redirect ads that occasionally pop up on my desktop are more annoying on the mobile site as well. I’d avoid using the site on mobile. It’s harder to set up VPNs and manage torrent downloads anyway. Just download them on desktop and then send them to your mobile device. It’s much easier that way.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Onejav.com is the huge selection of premium JAV movies that they have. Seriously, you’ll never run out of sexy content to fap to. There are dozens of hour-long movies uploaded daily, and they have a massive archive with thousands of incredibly hot movies. It’s enough to satisfy even the most fervent JAV lover like me. You’ll be watching petite Asian babes get covered in fake cum, get gangbanged in a classroom, and fucked time stop style in no time at all.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only big suggestion for Onejav.com would be to update the mobile site. Yeah, the majority of people probably aren’t rooting their phones and torrenting JAV porn on the go, but some do. Never underestimate the lengths a horny weeb will go through to get his fix of JAV porn. Having a better designed mobile site would likely bring more traffic to the site as well. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about this one. Yeah, the ads are annoying, but who the fuck cares when you’re getting HD JAV movies without having to cough up a single penny.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Onejav.com is a fucking gold mine of kinky, fetish-filled JAV porn movies. The site design is modern and laid out well. You can torrent an unlimited number of full-length JAV movies for free. The downloads have tons of seeders, 1080p quality, and no weird audio issues like some sites have. If you’ve made it this far, then I know you love some sexy JAV porn. Get your ass a decent VPN and torrent client and head over to Onejav.com for one of the best catalogs of complete JAV movies that I have ever seen. This is one of those sites that I’ll personally be coming back to again, and again, and again.