Mamacitaz has one of those adults-only warning screens you see on a lot of premium sites. “Welcome,” it reads, “to the World’s Most Exclusive HD Porn Site!” It’s honestly not the brag I expected first thing from a Latina site. Frankly, I’d be hyping up the hotties right from the beginning. Exclusivity is a kind of vague claim. I’ve reviewed porn forums that were way harder to get signed up for; this one’s got your typical, easy paysite registration. Maybe they mean exclusivity in that you can’t find these flicks anywhere else, which is standard on any good premium spot.Whatever, though. You ain’t going to get half as hung up on the warning-screen language as a guy who reviews these things for a living. No, you’re going to care a lot more about what you find on the tour page. Mamacitaz.com is a paysite full of gorgeous Latinas getting banged every which way. The Mamacitaz brand is actually just a couple of years old, but the site’s archive stretches deeper and further than you might expect. Let me get all lubed up, slide on in and take a peek around.Gorgeous Latina Babes Doing Filthy ThingsI may get distracted by trivial and technical details, but what always catches my eye is the same thing that catches yours: good porn. Goddamn, dudes, wait until you see the real Mamacitaz landing page. There’s no mistaking high-end pornography when you see it. The shots are crisp, clear and well-lit, the camerawork practiced when it comes to framing blowjobs, doggystyle bangs and finger-cuffing threesomes.It also goes without saying that good porn stars really hot girls. These Mamacitaz are all muy sexy, hailing from Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. Unless you’re a hardcore connoisseur of Central and South American smut, you’re probably not going to recognize a lot of these girls. You will probably find a bunch of new favorites immediately as these chicks work their way into your daydreams, fap fantasies and things you think about when you’re trying to pop one off faster in your wife’s saggy roast-beef pussy.I know how much you perverts respect my opinion on these things, but I ain’t the only one singing the praises of this joint. They’ve been winning awards every year they’ve been around. They’ve pulled Venus Awards for Best Network of Paysites three years running, plus took home the prize for Best BDSM Production. Their XBIZ Awards winning streak has included Paysite of the Year (2018), Lesbian Movie of the Year (2019), and Hardcore Site of the Year (2020). Who knows what 2021 holds?What’s This About a Porn Network?I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that when I went digging for a little info about those awards, it turned out they weren’t necessarily for Mamacitaz.com specifically, but for the PornDoe Network. It’s a bit misleading, though it comes back to my point about this being high-end pornography. These are established and respected smut-peddlers putting out the material.The reason I went digging was that I wanted to know more about the network. A Mamacitaz subscription, unfortunately, doesn’t get you into all the sites under the PornDoe banner, but it does get you access to half a dozen different Latina porn brands. They don’t try to hype them as individual sites, which is fair due to the overall release rate on the site, but they do represent slightly different visions of Central and South American depravity.Mamacitaz is actually the newest brand on the menu, with only 8 movies of Colombian sluts getting their holes stuffed. If you’re into those Colombian chicks, the Carne Del Mercado library here stretches back to 2015 with 120 movies. The other brands have themes that I think you’re going to like. Tu Venganza is all about Latina revenge sex, while Operacion Limpieza offers dozens of scenarios where the maid gets fucked. Her Big Ass is self-explanatory. I’m excited about Chicas Loca, which features wild, sexy babes doing it in public.Altogether, you’re looking at over 430 scenes of gorgeous, caramel-skinned beauties getting plowed from every angle in bedrooms, living rooms, forests, gyms, libraries, basements, and right out in the fucking street like a bunch of wild animals. I’m raging hard and think I might be falling in love already.Pricewise, you’re looking at the same $30 monthly rate you’d get on most Latina paysites. Now, if you’re a bulk porn buyer or just looking to burn through that next stimulus check a little faster, the Mega Pass might be worth looking at. For fifty bones, you get access to Mamacitaz and seven other networks. LetsDoeIt is the big one on the list, but you also get niche stuff like AmateurEuro, DirtyCosplay and Transbella.Slow Months and Fast GirlsThe sign-up page says they do several updates a week, but I think they might be referring to that big Mega Pass I mentioned. Mamacitaz.com sometimes has multiple updates per week, but their release schedule is a little bit irregular. Sometimes it takes more than a week for a new movie to hit the site under any of those half-dozen brands. January was a particularly slow month, with only 2 movies released.It looks like the releases started slowing down a bit back in December. Before that, it was a lot more common to see multiple releases per week, sometimes multiple per day. Lately, I’d say they’re adding a new movie roughly every week. I don’t care for the irregularity, but one-per-week is my golden standard by which I measure paysites. The release dates are printed out on the front page, so take a look before signing up if you’re worried about stale content.I decided to start my official Mamacitaz.com fap test with their newest movie. Uploaded just four days ago, the 31-minute Tu Venganza feature stars the beautiful Lara Toro as a babe who forgets the pain of heartbreak in the arms of a big-dicked stud. The flick opens with a Laura delivering a monolog in Spanish with no subtitles. My Español is too rusty to understand more than a few words here or there, but damn, she’s hot and definitely has that fiery Latina attitude.After taking a bunch of shots of clear liquor, she turns on the radio and dances with herself, taking her perky little tits out along the way. There’s soon a knock on the door, and a gentleman joins in the dance. As happens in these situations, she ends up whipping his big boner out of his pants and sticking it in her mouth.The oral doesn’t happen until eleven minutes in, so it’s kind of a slow-building scene. The payoff is worth it, though. Laura makes beautiful eye contact during the POV scene before they take it to the couch. The dude has a condom as he bangs her from behind, which is something I noticed in a number of Mamacitaz movies. I’m guessing they don’t have the same testing standards for pornstars they have in the US. (Thanks to those standards, you never have to watch me shower with a raincoat when I’m humping whores at PornDudeCasting.com!)How Many Downloads Are You Looking For?I don’t want to spoil the ending, but the title kind of does it for me: Skinny Spanish Babe Eats Cum In Steamy Hardcore Revenge Session. It’s a great finish to a fantastic bit of Latina porno, so I bet some of you take advantage of the site’s download policy. Members get 100 downloads per month in resolutions up to 1080p. I don’t like that it’s limited, but it’s definitely a better compromise than all the paysites phasing out downloads or charging extra for them.This one’s a winner if you’re into Latinas. The trophies out front are a little bit misleading since they apply to the PornDoe network, but this is definitely great porno. I finished my fap test, but I’m already eyeballing a couple of recent releases with truly stunning Mamacitaz starring. My only other complaint is that irregular release schedule. Hopefully, they rectify that, but given that big back catalog, most of you will be happy with the roughly weekly updates. Check out the hotties on the tour page—if they make you hard, you’re going to have a lot of fun inside.