Oye Loca! Ever since I can remember, I have always had a thing for Latinas. Even when I was a little kid, all of my “girlfriends” were Hispanic. Fast forward 20 years or so, I’m still loco for Latinas. When I watch porn, it’s the first category I go to. There’s honestly nothing better. I just can’t get enough of it—the accents (‘aye, Papi!’), that sexy tan complexion (like caramel), those thick thighs, and those beautiful exotic eyes. Plus, my god, do they know how to move. I’ve fucked a few Latina girls in my day and, Dios Mio, hombre, they moved their hips in ways I didn’t even know were possible.So, pop quiz: what’s the only thing better than a sexy Latina girl? Come on, think good and hard about it. Cue the Jeopardy theme song … Give up? The obvious answer is a sexy Latina teen. Duh! How do you make the perfect girl even better? You obviously make her perpetually 18, that’s how!Teen is the only category I browse on porn sites nearly as much as Latina. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s probably something like 50 / 50. Half the time I want Latinas; the other half of the time, I want teens. So, obviously, the perfect kind of porn for me is that which features Latina teens. Surprisingly, though, Latina teen porn seems a little more difficult to find than other kinds of teen porn. I feel like most teen porn is of white girls. I wonder why that is. Well, for one, young white girls very frequently seem to have daddy issues. Maybe that’s what it is.Either way, there just aren’t enough porn sites out there that cater to guys who love Latina teens. I mean, there are a few … allow me to clarify: relatively speaking, considering how many Latina sites there are and how many teen sites there are respectively, you’d think there would be more sites dedicated to the specific niche of Latina teen porn.Well, lucky for us, the good people of Team Skeet are here to provide. Widely considered to be the industry leader in professional teen porn, Team Skeet has thousands upon thousands of the world’s sexiest teen girls in the hottest situations. What’s more, this premiere teen porn studio has a whole site solely dedicated to sexy, young Latina mamacitas: Oye Loca.Crazy Hot LatinasOyeLoca.com, translated to ‘Hey, crazy girl,’ is Team Skeet’s all Latina teen porn site, and it brings just as much heat as any other of their channels (if not more if you’re as turned on by Latina teens as I am). Although Oye Loca may not be as well known as some other Team Skeet sites, such as Teen Curves, Dad Crush, Sis Loves Me, and Exxxtra Small, they claim that it has been voted best Latina teen site on the web. They don’t mention, however, who voted or in what context, but I’m inclined to believe it. Team Skeet, after all, does always seem to bring some of the highest quality content porn on the web.Although I really tend to love Team Skeet’s videos, I am not as loco for their site design. Logging into Oye Loca, for example, only brings you to the Team Skeet web portal, from which you must go through and find Oye Loca’s content for yourself. Sure, this is not the most difficult or inconvenient thing in the world, but, still, if I am paying money for a premium porn site membership, I expect things to be easy. I want to be able to do something as simple as log in to Oye Loca and just immediately be able to access Oye Loca’s videos. I shouldn’t have to work for it.It is especially frustrating because Team Skeet, as much money as the studio has at its disposal, could just as easily make it so logging into Oye Loca brings you to a specific Oye Loca site, as opposed tossing you into the portal from there. Then again, this model of one giant portal is becoming more and more common for larger studios with multiple channels. I will definitely miss the days of each website offering its own unique experience, though!So, once you log in to Oye Loca and are redirected to Team Skeet, you’ll have to click again to enter the actual site (after being prompted to check out other studios that they’re pimping out). Then, once you finally arrive at the Team Skeet portal page, you’ll find a large banner up top that advertises new scenes in a slideshow. Below are a bunch of thumbnails from various Team Skeet sites. In order to find your Oye Loca videos, however, navigate your mouse to the menu bar at the very top of the page and click on “Sites.”Now you should see a list of every site Team Skeet operates, listed in order by popularity. Three rows down, you’ll find Oye Loca (number 14 of 40). Click it, and you will finally have something like a unique site for Oye Loca to browse. There are 241 videos here for you to enjoy, and you can organize them by Newest, Number of Likes, Number of Comments, Percentage of Rating, Number of Views, or Oldest. You can also choose to browse videos by time period. In other words, if you just want to see scenes that came out in the last week or 30 days, you can; or, of course, you can view every scene from all time … it’s up to you.Small thumbnails will appear however you choose to organize them, and they will be defaulted to auto-load, but you can change this setting if you so desire. What that means is that, with auto-load activated, as you scroll down the page, more videos will continue to load until all have loaded. Not everybody is a fan of this sort of infinite scroll setting (and Team Skeet knows it), so they give you the option to turn it off by just deactivating it (there’s a button at the bottom of the page). With auto-load deactivated, you will be able to manually select “load more videos” at your leisure.The videos themselves, as I assumed, are all extremely high quality. The Latina teens are fucking Caliente, for sure, and the porn is great—plenty of positions, great angles, just good old-fashioned fucking that doesn’t get bogged down by storyline. If story is what you’re looking for, you came to the wrong place. Try Adult Time for that. Team Skeet is nothing but awesome hardcore pornography from start to finish (which usually happens, as it should, on her face).Porn Snobs Keep Porn ImprovingAnother thing that I love about Oye Loca (and, in a more general sense, most of the Team Skeet sites) is that it is comprised of an active, engaged, and critical user base. One might even be able to call them porn snobs (I mean this in the best way possible). There are criticisms of videos in the comments sections, the disparity in video ratings reflect a discerning viewer, not just some fap-drunk idiot who “likes” everything because, tits. If a scene has an average rating of, say, 83%, there’s a good reason for it.I like that the Oye Loca community is so critical. It keeps people accountable. It keeps the producers wanting to make the content even better next time around, and it keeps the models wanting to give the fuck of a lifetime the next time they get on set. Artists require critics just as much as critics require the arts. It’s that interplay that keeps performers and creators hungry, keeps them from growing complacent, and, thus, it keeps pushing the art further, striving to get better with each project. Yeah, that’s right, I just called porn stars artists. Suck a dick, New Yorker.If you crave sexy Latina teens and want to see them in some of the hottest, raunchiest, sexiest hardcore porn on the planet, Oye Loca is definitely the right site for you. With over 240 full-length scenes to choose from (and counting … they add content regularly), I highly doubt you’ll ever grow tired of the pretty young Latina chicas they have to offer.Seeing how high-quality the porn is, I am willing to overlook some of those minor Team Skeet site design flaws. I love these sexy Latina teens, and I’ll definitely be cumming, again and again, thanks to the girls of Oye Loca.