FA Kings! Spanish chicks are cut from a different cloth compared to all the other sluts out there. Like, damn, they always have rocking bodies with big assess, nice tits, and are always fucking amazing in bed. If you haven’t had a hot Spanish babe suck your dick, then you might as well have never had a blowjob, because that shit will blow your goddamn mind. But I digress. I’m talking about Spanish porn this time around. Yeah, that’s a bit of a broad stroke, but you know what I’m getting at here. If you speak Spanish and like to watch porn, then I have a new premium porn site for you to check out.FaKings.com is a premium porn site under the bigger umbrella of the FaKings Network that brings in around 3 million views every month on the “free” page, with the member section bringing in about 70k views every month. Not too bad, though I had hoped to see some more traffic going to the members' area. Especially since this site has been around since 2009, but numbers aren’t always everything.Previews Are Free but Full Videos Require a MembershipYou can browse the content here for free, but you’ll be stuck with very short videos. We’re talking a few minutes max, with most of them being under a minute. Just a little taste is all you get. But, hey, at least you can see if you think the content is for you. So many shitty sites out there bait you into buying a membership before you can find out that their catalog fucking blows. That’s why I’m here. To filter out the shitty pages.You’ll need to sign up for a premium membership in order to watch full videos and buy credits for the cam site. The price of the memberships isn’t too high, but I really didn’t like the credit system. It’s only 5 bucks for 50 credits, but you don’t tip with credits or anything. They deplete as you watch the cam girl, no matter if she’s showing tits or doing fuck all. My little sum of credits was gone in under 5 minutes before I even saw a titty! That’s some bullshit. It’s cool that they have their own cams and all, but I would go somewhere where your money won’t just disappear in an instant and where you can tip for the cam girls to do slutty things you want to see.Site Design is Pretty Good. Easy to Use and Navigate.The landing page has a decent setup. White and pink design isn’t great, but it’s not bad. Just a little hard on the eyes. All of the video previews run down the center-right side of the site with a sidebar on the left for navigation and a header up top that lets you access your profile, activate additional memberships for other websites in the network, or buy cam site credits. There’s also a flag up in the right that should let you switch languages from Spanish to English, but that button didn’t work at all for me. So, if you want to read the site in English, then you will probably have to download a plugin.The previews are pretty good for being still images. You can see how long the video is, when it was uploaded, which studio produced it, how many views it has, and what its rating is. Lots of information right off makes it easy to browse and find something to jerk off too. Usually, the title has the name of the pornstar in it too. And it looks like the site is updated pretty frequently. A good handful of videos were added in the past few days alone.The video page will give you a short description of the video, who stars in it, and what tags it's under. But the real bonus is that you can download as many of these sexy Spanish porn videos as you want. Or, if you want to watch them on the site, you can do that without much issue. The site can be slow at times, going from page to page, but the videos load quickly and don’t buffer much. However, I don’t get why they even bother with an HD tag when you can’t see what quality it is or toggle it at all. Their “HD” videos look to me like 720p. I mean, that’s okay, I guess. But if I’m paying for a site, I’d at least like to see some 1080p or even 4k productions.     Site Exclusive Video Series Have Kinky Content Like Amateur Babes Doing Professional PornWhat makes this site interesting is that they have a page of “series.” Here they have collections of videos that are apparently of amateur girls doing crazy shit just because they want to. You can even request for them to hook you up with some hot porn scenario where a guy will come to your house as a handyman but fuck you and film it all instead.Other series like “hunted” show apparent tips and tricks for getting hot babes to fuck you. It all seems pretty legit, but who can tell with porn anymore? It’s fucking hot Spanish babes getting pounded. What else matters? But those are just a couple of the series. Definitely check that page out for a whole slew of unique content. And if you want a standard set of categories and genres, they have a solid category page with a ton of different genres. They even tell you how many videos are in each genre. There really is a shit ton of content on this site.I like that their models' page has every model in it, not just the professional pornstars. You can find amateur sluts here and see every video they have been in. Each model page has a really small preview image of them, as well as a bio, age, short description, sexual preference, and overall rating. You can favorite a model here if you want to get notified every time they upload a new, sexy video. If they included photo galleries, or at least some bigger previews, it would be perfect.Simple and Easy to Use Mobile SiteThe layout of the mobile site is different, but it works just as well as the Desktop version. The previews take up most of the screen with all of the other menus and options tucked away beneath drop-down menus. The video player works just fine on mobile and downloads are still available. The cam site is a little clunky to use on mobile, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially since you’ll probably lose some of your credits as the damn site tries to load. Everything else works as it should, though. If you’re looking to take your premium Spanish sluts on the go, then you should have no problem.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThe series page was fucking awesome. I’ve never seen a page with such unique content. Like, really, you’ll come to someone’s house and film them just like that? We need more porn sites with that kind of initiative. And the videos in these series are super fucking hot. It’s this perfect blend between amateur babes and professionally shot videos. And you won’t get this content anywhere else, so that makes the membership worth it, in my opinion.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d suggest doing some minor fixes and changes. Bigger previews that are animated would be a good start. Bigger model images would be nice, too. And ditching that dumb ass credit system would be nice, but I doubt that’s going to happen. Also, make it, so the English button works. That’s a big fucking audience of people that could be getting frustrated because they can’t read the content. Everybody deserves to get in on some sexy Spanish porn!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, FaKings.com is an awesome Spanish porn site. Yeah, you have to pay for it, but what good things in life are free? If you want exclusive Spanish porn, then you’re simply going to have to cough up some cash. But this place is worth it. The videos may not be the best quality, but they make up for that with tons of outrageous, unique series and videos. There are thousands of full-length videos for you to jerk off to here. Check it out!