Teste De Fudelidade

Teste de Fudelidade popped up in my DMs this morning, and I spent a few minutes running the title through Google, just trying to figure out what it means. The direct translation from Portuguese is “Futility Test”, according to the big G, but the nutsack in the logo tells me I’m losing something in translation. Whatever, though, because the general premise is made pretty fucking clear through the pictures: this is a premium Brazilian porn site.TesteDeFudelidade.net was registered back in 2016, meaning they’ve had some time to build a following and a porn library. -I’ve been cranking it to free tubes for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been looking for a new premium joint to sign up for. It seems like the stars are aligned just right for me to finally dip my dick into this one and see what the South American sex fans have been fapping to for the last few years.WTF is Teste de Fudelidade?I’ve seen a fair amount of really low-budget Brazilian porn, so one of the first things I noticed about TesteDeFudelidade was how polished it looks. It doesn’t have quite the sparkle of a brand-new site from one of the big boys like Reality Kings or Brazzers, but it does feel like a slightly outdated version of the same, only with a certain uniformity to the babes. Specifically, I’m talking about all the hot Brazilian pornstars and amateurs banging their way through the sets. I swear, I thought one of these broads was a motherfucking Spice Girl when I first saw the thumbnail.It’s a nice, well-round site, too, and I’m not just talking about those juicy-ass bubble butts all these pretty ladies are packing. There’s a great mix of porn scenarios and categories. It looks like most of their bases are covered, offering Brazilian versions of the usual setups you see on all the American porn sites. There are incestuous families, interracial hookups, teen deflowerings, group sex and cuckold scenarios. Flipping through the thumbnails, it looks like the only thing really missing is the lesbian scenes; where’s the girl-on-girl content? (Spoiler alert: I found a nice selection of lesbian flicks once I got into the member’s area.)A lot of sites wait until you get into the member’s area to tell you how much porn you’re really getting. Teste de Fudelidade isn’t fucking around, though, and they want you to know exactly how much smut they’re fucking with. They tell you right out front that the collection has over 1,000 videos, totaling over 30,000 hours of premium Brazilian porno. That’s a respectable library no matter how you want to slice it up, so I hope you’ve stocked up on lube or have really powerful salivary glands.Cheap Brazilian Porn Done RightI’m always happily surprised when I get to the signup pages for Brazilian paysites. The girls are hot as fuck, definitely among the sexiest in the entire world, but for some reason, the premium content is always pretty cheap. While most American sites will run you thirty bucks a month, this one’s only twenty. Longer memberships are an even better deal, with a 12-month plan that breaks down to under six bones a month.And just what does that low price get you? Well, my usual golden standard for paysites is one update a week. Not only is TesteDeFudelidade.net a cheap membership, but they smash the hell out of my golden standard, instead offering up multiple new movies every week. There’s even a “Coming Soon” section that lists a dozen movies they’ll be releasing over the next few weeks. I guess I’ll need to tune in on the first to watch this thick babe Patricia Castro going interracial with some BBC.They’ve also got a selection of full porno DVDs from around the world. You’ll find them in the International and National sections of the site, available via the dropdown menu in the header. I think the Brazilian chicks are going to be one of the main sellers for TesteDeFudelidade.net, but I’m certainly not complaining about all that variety in these bonuses. Anyway, it’s all pink on the inside, right?Yesterday I reviewed one of their sister sites, Avantajadas Brazil, which focuses on Brazilian trannies. It’s a good site if you like shemales, but it did have one huge drawback that stuck out while I was giving it the once-over. I’m disappointed but not surprised to find the same glaring issue with TesteDeFudelidade: this is a streaming-only site, with no downloads offered.A couple of years ago, it looked like the whole industry was moving toward a streaming-only format. That trend seemed to reverse itself for a while, but I’ve been seeing more premium sites lately that cut out the downloads. I feel like a lot of the blame falls on OnlyFans, because their no-downloads subscription model has really exploded over the last year and changed the whole landscape of Internet porn. I know it’s a dealbreaker to some older folks while the younger masturbators care less, but I’m sad to see the feature disappearing.Look at All These Beautiful AssesDo you want to know what my favorite thing about Brazilian porn is? The Brazilian women. They’re so fucking hot, from those gorgeous faces to their enthusiasm for hardcore sex to those absolutely incredible asses. I knew I wanted to beat off to some chicks with nice booties as soon as I saw the front page at Teste de Fudelidade, so the Big Ass section was my first stop once I finally got signed up and logged in.I wasn’t disappointed. It turns out the site has over a thousand movies filed under the Big Ass tag, so I had plenty to choose from. I figured I’d start with the very newest, a taboo scenario starring a stunningly beautiful, big-assed stepmom and her lucky motherfucking stepson. It stars the luscious, tatted-up Elisa Sanchez, who looks so hot in just the thumbnail that my boner throbbed before I could even take it out of my pants.The 27-minute film opens with a tight shot of this chick’s big ass in yoga pants as she walks toward a door. A couple of minutes later, she’s getting undressed in the bathroom while the camera looks her up and down. Believe me, that big booty is even more beautiful when she comes out of the yoga pants. She takes some pics of her beaver before hopping in the shower.Meanwhile, stepson outside has been getting horny enough to play with himself. He lurks in the doorway, getting some voyeur shots of mom before she invites him in. I love the smile on her face when she’s enticing him into the water with her, and she’s just as enthusiastic when she starts sucking him off. It’s a fairly long blowjob, and then he starts fucking her from behind about halfway through the movie.After fucking in the shower for a while, they take it to the toilet for a good old-fashioned dick ride. Elisa rubs her own clit while grinding all over homie’s ding dong, getting louder as she gets closer to cumming. This chick’s got a spectacular body that jiggles just beautifully as she bounces, really highlighting what it is I love about Brazilian broads. Teste de Fudelidade has these chicks in abundance!I’m serious about that abundance, too. Elisa herself is in no fewer than 42 films on TesteDeFudelidade, and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. The full Models area lists dozens of gorgeous babes, most of whom star in multiple movies on the site. There’s absolutely no shortage of high-quality fap fodder around here.Ultimately, it’s that wealth of material that makes TesteDeFudelidade.net such a killer value. For less than what you’d pay for an American porn site, you get access to a massive, throbbing gallery of South American porn with multiple updates added every week. If you like Brazilian chicks, this one seems like a real no-brainer, especially given the relatively high production values. Hell, even if Latinas don’t really do anything extra for you, that’s a hell of a bargain for a shit load of good hardcore. Check out those thumbnails out front and see how they make the ol’ Johnson feel. If he gets all hard and happy, you’re going to love what you find inside.