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This is the feeling you cling to, to bring your life meaning. Hey, I’m not here to judge. I take a page from the Satanic playbook when it comes to my views on what makes another man happy; so long as nobody is being harmed in the process, “do as thou wilt.” We all worship something, at least your altar is devoted to something real.Anyway, as you might have been able to guess by now, I fucking love Latinas. Which is why I tend to watch Latina porn as often as I can. It can be difficult, though, to find quality Latina porn on the normal free porn tubes that we all fap into the ground on a daily basis. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they have Latina porn, but the selection always seems to be somewhat limited, at least compared to other niches like teens or anal.I was very happy, however, to stumble upon a paysite recently called Latina Fuck Tour. Just the title of the site has me half chub in anticipation. 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It really gives it a full range, something close to a 360-degree perspective of the fucking.Not only will you have multiple stable cameras set up around the room (which get cut to and from frequently … some of them seem to detect motion), but they also utilize POV shots. The result is awesome, once everything’s been seamlessly edited together. So many different angles to enjoy, plus they aren’t afraid of utilizing the split-screen, giving us multiple views at once. I love this aspect of Latina Fuck Tours. So often I feel like studios go one way or the other and they make you choose: do you want POV porn, or do you want a traditional 3rd person shoot? Well, sometimes I want a little bit of both, damnit!Some of the videos, though, go a little too far with the homemade aesthetic in my opinion. Yes, I do really like homemade porn, but I don’t necessarily like paying for homemade porn. I appreciate and admire the homemade vibe that Latina Fuck Tours is going for, you know, as a cinematic decision, I think it’s cool. But, at the same time, it doesn’t always get pulled off. Sometimes it just looks like cheap, poor quality, poorly shot amateur porn. So, you might want to keep that in mind before you decide to sign up.However, the videos that are borderline unwatchable are, to be fair, few and far between. The vast majority of them do successfully walk that fine line between professional and amateur pornography. But, in my opinion, if you are going to have a site that requires users to pay monthly, that line should be walked successfully 100% of the time. Quality should never, not even for a second, be in question; it’s a given for paysites … or at least it should be.I’m also not overly impressed with the site design. To be honest, it looks just like a free porn tube, not like a premium paysite. 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