Exposed Latinas! If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I’m a sucker for hot Latinas. I love those big jugs and thick bubble butts, not to mention pretty faces, luscious dick-sucking lips, and that eager-to-please attitude that seems to drive every Latina fuck scene ahead at full spicy speed. You also probably know that I’m a huge fan of amateur porn for that raw, real quality you get from genuine nymphomaniacs banging for the camera. Naturally, I’m going to get a little bit excited if I hear about a new site offering up amateur Latina pornography, which is what ExposedLatinas is doing.ExposedLatinas is brand spanking new, but offers a timeless formula: According to the landing page, Exposed Latinas features Real amateur Latinas exposed on camera. That seems like a really solid fucking foundation, so let’s dig right in and see how good those fuck movies are, huh? I just washed down some Mexican bootleg Cialis with a Dos Equis, so I’m ready for a goddamn sexual fiesta!Brand New Latina Sluts on a Brand New Latina PaysiteThe site is only a few months old, so I was kind of worried they’d only have a tiny little collection of hot Mexican babes bouncing on swollen cock and maybe a few Latina lesbian lick downs. The landing page tells a different story. The whole thing is covered in porno thumbnails of dark-skinned babes fingering themselves, swallowing jizz, and double-teaming on some massive BBC. Dios mio!Thumbnails are good for telling you part of the story, but I would prefer a good wank test with a real, live moving porno flick. I was happy to discover the Play buttons on the samples here actually play trailers. The preview minute from Playing with My Little Pussy shows a hot little mama doing exactly that. The camera work is a tiny bit rough and bouncy like you expect from a DIY stag movie, but the resolution is crisp and clean as hell. This ain’t half-ass bullshit filmed in the gas station bathroom. I love how even weekend perverts have HD cameras these days. You should see the clips your mom sends me.That cunt-diddling scene got me all fucking excited, so naturally I wanted a taste of the first incest movie I saw listed, Giselle Montes Fucks Her Stepbrother. The preview image shows a ripe young beauty with firm little tits bobbing her face on her bro’s Jimmy. Dude has it all wrapped up, which fucking sucks, but I guess you don’t want the bitch getting knocked up with a two-headed, deformed monster baby or anything. That’s the whole reason incest is a taboo, if I remember health class right.Unfortunately, this one didn’t have a preview, and neither did the descriptively titled Face Sitting and Fucking starring Luscious Lopez. Yeah, I get it. If we could all jerk off to the free samples they’d never get any paying customers, but goddamn what a cock tease! I guess there’s only one real way to get the full show. I hope you’ve been saving your taco money!Cheaper Than a Taco-Cart Lunch and Sexier, TooWell, hot damn! I hit the sign-up page for ExposedLatinas expecting them to ask the industry-standard 30 bucks a month. Maybe it’s just because they are so new and they don’t know any better, or maybe they’re trying to hook new customers, but these guys are only asking $15 for a month of regular access. There’s also a sample day for a buck and deeply discounted rates if you sign up for six months or a year. You may as well, right? It’s not like you’re going to get tired of homemade movies of Mexican MILFs getting their tacos eaten.I really like to see a premium porn site updated at least once or twice a week. As soon as I logged in, I checked out the Latest Updates and tried to figure out how often ExposedLatinas is updated with exclusive new amateur Latin content. I wasn’t able to find any upload date anywhere, so I was left to guess. Nearly 100 scenes in their library at a few months old suggests a pretty robust update schedule, so I hope you have good forearm stamina.Jerking Off to Amateur Latinas Getting ExposedThe newest scene on ExposedLatinas is called Angie Avalos Casting and stars a hot little Colombian whore named, you guessed it, Angie Avalos. As you may have also guessed, it’s a casting-style scene where a beautiful young babe shows up for an interview where she tries to convince the boss she’d make a good porn starlet. Discussion about rollerblading quickly segues into Angie’s masturbatory habits.The girl does it a little demonstration on a stripper pole, and goddamn what a gorgeous ass on this woman! That killer body and her enthusiasm for showing it off is exactly why I fucking love amateur Latina movies. She’s got such a sweet smile as she works her curves that I can’t wait to see what that mouth looks like with a cock shoved inside it.The baked-in video player is a bare-bones affair, but it gets the job done. I’m not sure what resolution I’m streaming in, but it looks crisp as Angie slurps away and makes good eye contact during the POV blowjob. Turns out she can work those lips as well as I was hoping she could. This babe has had practice!The streaming resolution doesn’t seem to be adjustable, but downloads are available beneath the player. They start out at toaster quality 240P, but if you aren’t trying to save your spicy deep throat films to floppy disks, you may as well go all out with the 1080 HD versions. What fucking year is this, anyway? It seems weird to even have the tiny versions, but maybe that’s how they do in Venezuela or something.Big Tits, Big Asses, Big Anal CreampiesAfter I cleaned up all that hot, white cheese that spilled out of my taquito as a result of all the wild doggy style thrusting I witnessed, I checked out the Tags page to see what other kind of smut is on the menu at ExposedLatinas. The page layout itself needs a little work since all of the thumbnails are missing, but there is a surprisingly deep well of depravity for such a young website.Since this is a Latina site, there are certain subgenres that you expect. Rest assured, you will find plenty of Brazilian sluts, Argentinian whores and Cuban cum dumpsters. There are a shit-ton of Curvy babes with Big Ass and Big Tits. Watch them having Public Sex and engaging in Titty Fucking while wearing Sexy Outfits that expose their Cleavage.I’m impressed by the more hardcore Tags, but that’s because I’m a seriously depraved sexual deviate. You can’t really blame me, though, because I get the feeling you’re also going to love the Cum In Mouth movies, the Pregnant fuck scenes, and the Anal Creampies that look like they taste a bit different from those treats you get at the local doughnut shop. Come for the Teens getting Facials, stay for that Petite Brunette getting Gangbanged.I did notice that the sorting options on the Tags page don’t really work. Trying to rearrange them by Most Recent or Most Popular doesn’t do anything; they stay in alphabetical order no matter where you click. The Models page does the same thing. Given how new the site is, I think this is just a little bit of growing pains and they’ll sort it out soon. For 15 bucks a month, I ain’t complaining.That low price point is going to be a key feature for a lot of ExposedLatinas members. The porno has that polished but raw look and feel that you expect from the better amateur paysites, but it costs half as much as most of the other ones. If you like homebrew smut and gorgeous Latina nymphomaniacs, it seems like a pretty fucking easy sell.ExposedLatinas.com has a couple of minor issues that seem related to their status as a brand-new porn site, but it’s nothing you’ll give a fuck about if you appreciate this kind of smut. The Latin sluts are hot and horny as all hell, and you’ll have a really hard time trying to beat the price. What you will have a very easy time beating is your meat.