Djatoya isn’t one of those sites where you look at the name and you know immediately what you’re getting, at least not yet. Hell, the word “Brazzers” was nonsense talk to most of the world until it became one of the world’s most popular porn sites, so maybe a similar thing is in the cards for Djatoya. The domain wasn’t even registered until a few months ago, so the site is still very much just getting off the ground.If you visit ThePornDude regularly, you know I’m a sucker for new things, especially when they’re dirty, so I was eager to take a peek at this one. Djatoya.com is a free tube specializing in Malian and African sex videos. I’ve been pretty fucking horny for black chicks lately, and the bowl of Viagra I had for breakfast is starting to kick in, which means it’s about time to bust out the lotion and review this site. The place has been getting more and more traffic lately, to the tune of nearly half a million visitors last month, so I know I’ll be in good company.Fapping to Hot Amateur African ChicksIf you’re a connoisseur of black porno, you’re probably already well aware of the differences between American ebony flicks and the kind of smut coming straight out of Africa. If not, well, you’ll find out as soon as you hit the front page of Djatoya. The whole joint’s got a lo-fi vibe that’s in line with the material, since it mainly focuses on amateur flicks shot on phones and cheap cameras. I saw one professionally shot African scene sliding by the top of the screen as one of their featured videos, but it stands alone as the only polished piece out front.Some of the global perverts may be ready to click their way out of here already, but let me stop you for a second. African porn may not have the big budgets, the rented mansions, the famous pornstars and the 4K cameras of the Western stuff, but goddamn, these girls can fuck! Much of the appeal of amateur porn boils down to the raw, real nature of the stuff, and you’ll find it here in droves. The DIY format here really benefits from the horny, sex-positive cultures of Africa. (Contrast that to the prudish Indian video tubes, where they label even the tamest handjob as a “scandal” and everyone looks ashamed of themselves.)For a site focusing on homemade videos, Djatoya sure has a nice variety of material. On the front page alone, I see creampies, big booties, rough sex, BBWs, public indecent exposure, teen fucking, doggystyle, threesomes, squirting, as well as a chick getting a bottle shoved up her cooter. Just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it isn’t hardcore!Given the range of sexual subgenres, I was a little disappointed to see they don’t really use the same big set of tags as other free porn tubes. Instead, Djatoya.com drops each of their movies into just a handful of categories, mainly related to where in Africa they were shot. They’ve got sex videos shot all over the continent, with sections devoted to Malian Djatoya, Ivorian, Nigerian, South African Mzansi, Senegal and Cameroonian porn. Not to forget, a few loose categories like 18 Years Old, African Dance and the catch-all for everything else, African Amateur Porn.The thing is, I see some other tags on the site that aren’t on the list. For example, by just browsing the newer stuff, I found a whole section of Masturbation videos. On the front page, I also see other “unlisted” categories like Ethiopian Porn and Guinea Conakry Porn. The site is still new, so hopefully, this just a matter of just working out the kinks. I’d definitely like to see a full, working genre/tag list like you find on other sites, since it makes the whole thing easier to browse and easier to search.Collecting Porn Straight from AfricaThis is the part of the review where I usually tell you how often the site adds new content, since it’s a major factor in whether or not a site has any staying power. Unfortunately, in the case of Djatoya.com, it’s hard to guess accurately. I’m not sure what the default order of the videos is, but they ain’t sorted my newness, and there’s no way to reshuffle the full video list. (Search results, on the other hand, can be reorganized with a few filters.) On the first page, I see videos that were added months ago, days ago, or even a whole-ass year ago. I also noticed movies elsewhere on the site that said they were uploaded just a few hours ago, so it’s not nearly as stale as it might appear at first.I may not be able to tell you how often they’re adding new shit, but at least I can tell you how much is in the current pile of African perversion. As of this writing, the stash contains just over 800 movies. This is an absolutely paltry number compared to sites like Pornhub, where you’ll find millions, but you have to keep in mind that Djatoya keeps a much narrower focus on African porno movies. If it was an everything-goes tube, it’d be another matter, but this is specialty content! Obviously, there ain’t as much as what the other guys are hawking.It’s that specialty that really makes the site what it is. I tried out one of the newer videos, added just a couple of days ago, called A Big Buttocks In Motion. It’s got some of the issues you expect from amateur porn, like low resolution, tight vertical camera angles and a minuscule runtime, but it captures raw African sensuality in a beautiful way. The dude fucks her from behind, grabbing that big ass and giving us a good look, at least when the camera ain’t too close.Blow Your Day on High-Quality Ebony PornoYou know, I spent all this time just browsing Djatoya with a hard dick, dripping in my boxers while I write up this review. Before I give myself blue balls, I better start my actual fap test. I was really hoping to use a duration filter to find a longer amateur scene to settle in for a longer fap, but that wasn’t one of the options. Instead, I just browsed the thumbnails out front and looked for one with a longer runtime stamped on it.Running a hair under five minutes, He Is The Best Pussy Licker seemed like a good place to start. I clicked Play and the movie started immediately, the vertical shot panning over a naked African babe before reaching her twat. A dude stretched it open wide with his hands, exposing the pink goodness inside before burying his face in it.The cinematography isn’t the best, of course, but what I really love about the video is how it captures real, raw, excited sex. You can tell the chick is really trying to stifle her moans, but can’t help letting out a big one every so often as he works her over. He pinches her nipples and her breathing gets harder and harder, and we finally see him stick her with his dick toward the end of the scene.Unfortunately, since it’s an amateur clip, it just kind of ends abruptly, but that isn’t Djatoya’s fault. That’s just a natural consequence of the DIY porn format; most of these videos end without any kind of fanfare or finale after just a couple of minutes, if that. If you’re going to jack off to this site, you’re probably going to end up watching a bunch of videos or just playing your favorite over and over.Oh, speaking of playing your favorites over and over, Djatoya allows downloads. They aren’t even on file locker sites or some other bullshit. Just click the link and you get a direct download; no logging in or wait times required. Go ahead and build up the perfect offline stash of Malian pornography--Or Ethiopian, Nigerian, South African, or whichever region you think has the hottest black chicks.Really, if you love seeing sexy, horny African chicks getting all filled up with cock in wild, raw, unrehearsed and unrestrained amateur scenes, Djatoya.com is definitely worth a look. They’ve got homemade fuck flicks from all across Africa, showcasing the bodies and sexual proclivities of some of the world’s hottest ebony chicks. Try not to waste the whole day beating off to this one.