Naija Uncut! As an American, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the link to NaijaUncut this morning. I loaded it up and found a bunch of sexy naked ebony chicks getting banged and practicing their oral skills. I still had to Google what “Naija” meant; it turns out it’s another name for Nigeria and Nigerians that translates to “prosperous” and “successful”. I’m still waiting to hear back from a Nigerian prince who owes me a few million bucks, but on this site, it looks like I’m going to be filthy rich in dirty is a free tube featuring the sexy sluts of Nigeria. The site has been up and running since 2013, so I guess I’m a little late to the party. It’s a big-ass, sexy party, too; they get a good half million visitors every month, all shaking their dicks at these pretty black girls. Whether you’re a Naija yourself, a connoisseur of black pornography, or just somebody who likes jacking off, you may want to get a bottle of lotion and some tissues ready.Amateur Porn Straight Out of AfricaNaija Uncut has a distinctly amateur vibe, and I mean that in the best way possible. There aren’t a lot of brightly lit professional shots, but there are a ton of eager young ladies and a fair share of MILFs getting down and dirty on webcams and iPhones. Nigerian chicks clearly love to fuck, and these broads look good doing it. There are a few trim hotties, but the babes tend to be considerably thicker than the average American porno waif. You know what they say: the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’!Another one of the site’s big selling points is their huge collection of black XXX leaks. Today alone, they’ve added a new WhatsApp nude leak of a chick flashing her titties, another of a babe fingering her snatch, a completely naked girl spreading her legs in bed and a close-up of a beautiful bimbo’s pink coochie.Not all of NaijaUncut’s posts and leaks are videos. Like any good amateur site, they’re also publishing a lot of nude photo galleries. Another of today’s offerings gives away some of the surprise right in the title: Sex Pictures Of A married Woman Leaked After Fucked Hard By Her Husband’s Friend. She’s a thick MILF with huge fucking jugs and a shaved pussy. Her husband’s friend wears a rubber while smashing her, which is a really respectful and classy thing to do. You wouldn’t want your buddy to accidentally taste your semen later.While they’ve got Naija in the name, NaijaUncut ain’t strictly limited to the girls of Nigeria. They’ve got a lot of African smut, from Kenyan pussy-licking to blowjobs straight out of Ghana, not to mention a good number of South African scandals. If you’re looking for legit African porn, not just your typical American ebony anal routine, look no further.Holy Shit, That’s a Lot of Amateur Nigerian PornYou’ve probably figured this out from all the updates I’ve mentioned, but is updating its collection with tons of new photos and leaked sex movies every day. They’ve added a dozen pieces of smut today and the day ain’t even over yet.I appreciate a site that updates all the time, not just because I like fresh material to jerk off to. I also know that a website that puts out this much content is bound to have an absolutely enormous back catalog of smut to while away my time while working on my forearm endurance.Naija Uncut has thousands upon thousands of videos and photos in their stash. The full archive, stretching back to 2013, has over 36,000 updates. Unfortunately, as often happens with free sites that stick around this long, a lot of the oldest material is no longer live. The posts are visible, but the actual content is missing. I was pretty excited to see one called Busted: The Street Outdoor Sex (Video), but alas, it was not to be. I guess I’ll have to touch myself while watching this other hot naked chick from the front page.Check Out These Freaky Porn CategoriesNaija Uncut has a dropdown menu with quick access to some of their more popular categories. Some of them are pretty self-explanatory and expected, like their Videos, Leak, Photos and Hotties sections. They’ve got a whole WhatsApp area, also full of leaks, and their Seductive Models aisle shows off some hand-selected beauties. Their Upskirt library is bigger than you’ll find on typical Western porno sites, so there’s something Nigerians have in common the Japanese: they just love sticking a camera up a girl’s skirt!I was a little surprised by the site’s Confessions area, because it’s a full-fledged collection of Nigerian erotic stories. There are some written tutorials, like Genius Steps To Make Her Squirt Like Crazy, but most of it is dedicated to stories about fucking. There are dudes talking about fucking their big-ass aunts or their twin sisters, stories of fucking the bosses wife, tales of masturbating on the stove, and girls cumming hard after getting raped. Better not tell the #MeToo crowd about that also has its own Adult Dating section, though I’m not sure how useful it is. I figured it would be a link to a related site with Naija singles, but no, it’s actually just a blog post with a long-ass comment section. It’s mostly just dudes posting about how they want to get laid by any interested women who might be reading, coupled with their phone numbers and email addresses. I’m sure it works just as well as commenting under a porn video about how you’d bang the girl in it. Nobody’s laughing at you, I promise, and it’s totally going to work one day.Their Washroom category only has a handful of movies, but is one of the only free tubes I can think of that even has a Washroom category at all. It’s exactly what you imagined it was: a few voyeur pictures taken with a spycam hidden in a public restroom, as well as a sexy black chick playing with herself in the shower.I expected the WTF section to be full of weird-ass shit like felching and penis-fingering, but it really wasn’t the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. There’s some stepsister cock-riding and some raw-dog ass-fucking, not to mention some interracial dick-sucking and student/teacher sex tapes. Come on; you’ll have to try a little harder to shock your old friend, The Porn Dude. This is almost masturbatory warmup material, so I guess I’ll take the opportunity to warm up. Where’d I put that rubber vagina?Download DIY Smut from NigeriaAfter beating off to a photo set called Angelina Got A Very Sexy Boobs And A Fresh Pussy, I decided I wanted to crank it to some full-motion video of some Naija Uncut hotties. I spent some time watching an amateur video of a guy eating pussy, making his ebony girlfriend squeal, and then moved on to this tight-bodied little babe who only fucks rich guys, according to the title. Again, I’m still waiting on that prince who I sent a wire transfer to, but as soon as he pays up, I’m going to put the moves on this babe. In the meantime, I saved the video since downloads are available for all the movies.Do you know what’s funny? I’m a thousand-dollar flight away from Lagos, but had localized ads for horny singles in my town. My anti-spam plugin took care of almost all the ads on the site, but a few text ads did slip through. That tiny bit of spam is my only real complaint about Naija Uncut.One of the true joys of being The Porn Dude is spending my time sampling fine pornography from around the world. is a great fucking look at the amateur porn scene of Nigeria, as well as a lot of great nude leaks from the whole African continent. If you like watching gorgeous black chicks have raw, real sex at home, in their boyfriends’ apartments and out in public, you’re going to have a really fun time with this site.