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As a passionate porn fan, I must say the internet has been a blessing in many ways. The plethora of porn sites is almost overwhelming that sometimes you’re simply fucking spoilt for choice. You want to watch a few porn tubes to help you polish the pole or see a bitch you want to bust a nut to but end up spending hours with a hard-on. It becomes even more complicated if you’re trying to find something specific in the random mix of porn clips on the free porn tubes. However, narrowing your search to known, established sites can help. xHamster.com has been serving millions of free and paid erotic content for over a decade now, earning a spot among the top three porn sites we have today.How the Fuck Did it Start?I found out xHamster.com has been serving hungry cocks and pussies with erotic content since 2007. It was set up by a group of anonymous dudes who decided to come up with a new adult video service. xHamster was originally designed to be a social network and its organization scheme was meant to allow anyone who wanted to chat, share erotic photos, and exchange amateur videos. Members can also watch something that they could jerk off to and find mutual friends online or find partners interested in intimate relationships. Sounds like a very nice fucking idea right! But this shit had already been done by many other porn sites. I mean, these dudes realized that romance is using a feather, and porn is using the whole chicken. Yes, sir! No bullshit, just Porn!Design of the sitexHamster.com generally offers some porn video content and, for some reason that I am yet to figure out, amateur contributors seem to be extremely active on this porn tube. But it doesn’t stop there. The site has several categories of content and you can filter your search according to the category that your eyes, dick, or pussy likes. They also have a good customer support system that responds to user concerns promptly.It is easy to navigate through the site so you can easily find the shit that excites your dick or pussy with a few clicks. I didn’t find any of those sickening fucking pop up ads that you’ll normally find on shitty porn sites. I found it has a few irritating banner ads but you can block them if you download an app for blocking banner ads. Functionality is pretty amazing and the site allows users to create a profile and interact with other real members. All members must upload a profile photo with a sign in order to be verified. It also offers rating, commenting, favoring, liking, limited downloading, and has an amazing related videos section.Cam models can also subscribe to the premium platform and get paid by the site for uploading videos of their performances. Cam models can sell their clips on the platform and given the high traffic that the site generates, I guess one can make a pretty handsome amount. However, the software on the premium platform is rather shitty because it is extremely restrictive as models have no fucking control over things like teaser images. The models cannot pick generated photos.Best Black Porn VideosI can only describe this site in 3 fucking words: exclusive-Amateur-content. That’s right! The content of the website is as varied as you can fucking imagine. No fucking bullshit. There are over 4 million fucking porn videos to choose from. It also has numerous categories to cater to every douchebag out there. You can choose to watch videos, live sex, porn stars, and photos. There's even a dating section if you're one of those dudes who like to get romantic. That’s right you sissy.You can hook up with one of the thousands of sluts and pay her to act as if she’s your little girlfriend so you can hug over the internet and kiss her cheek pressed against the screen. Hell yeah! Go ahead and write a love poem you miserable piece of shit. And while you’re doing that shit, there’ll probably be thousands of other members watching your big black tittied horny bitch getting boned by two dudes with big black cocks.ThePornDude is a big fan of the ebony section. If you’re a fan of interracial sex, this site is the real shit. You can search for thousands of ebony content under numerous categories. If you’re looking for Black Pussy getting laid or licked, you got it. If you want to see some Big Black Cock or Big Black Dick getting a blow job or fucking some pussy, you got it. If you have a fetish for anything black with porn, you got it you sick bastard. I mean, there’s everything to cater for any filthy fucking pervert and cock sucker with a liking for interracial sex.It’s interesting to read the titles to the videos and they just makes you want to click and watch. Want to watch a white student boning his big tittied black teacher or a slut wife getting gangbanged by black guys in a hotel till she squirts, you’ll find it here. The length of the videos varies significantly, with some short clips of 2-3 minutes to longer ones and even entire movies. Most visitors or members seem to enjoy the free version of the site, but there’s also a premium alternative to get access to download any video you like. There’s over 30,000 DVDs, 182,000 HD scenes, thousands of VR porn videos, and absolutely no fucking stupid ass bullshit like annoying fucking ads or popunders.Desktop/Mobile experienceThe design of the site is pretty up to date and in line with most standard designs you’ll see on other sites. There’s only one view displaying different categories on the left panel and upper sections of the page, while the videos are presented in the middle in a grid layout. The right panel contains ads by third parties. When I click on a video it opens in a new tab and the video is displayed on the top part of the page, while numerous other clips appear in grid layout below the video. The site has categorized its shit quite conveniently too. The desktop experience is pretty simple, responsive, and user-friendly.I didn’t notice any significant difference between the desktop experience and the mobile experience. Users can enjoy the same online experience on a smartphone or tablet as much as they would on a desktop. So you can jerk off on the go you sick, filthy, fucking pervert.ProsThePornDude likes several things about this site. First, I like that the design of the site is user-friendly and responsive. It’s fucking clean and easy to browse through. There’s a shit load of black porn content to choose from too, so you don’t have to worry about finding something to cater to your sick fucking fetish. Browsing through the videos, I am pretty certain you can easily find dozens of bitches that you would want to bust a nut to. The site has been around for over 10 years and is currently among the top three porn sites. Given the time this site has been in the market, I believe the web development team really knows how to do their shit to enhance user experience. Everything just seems to work like, like a hard big black cock sliding back and forth in a wet pussy.ConsI noticed that some of the videos are not very clear. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most of the free content has been uploaded by fucking amateurs. While is free to watch and download some of the videos, you are limited to a certain number of downloads. You’ll have to pay for the premium account option in order to get access to unlimited content. The fact that it fucking costs some money to access the good stuff is some fucking bullshit and really pisses me off.There’s so much fucking free porn out there that I’m fucking spoiled already! Although they have some HD options, the quality on some of the videos also pissed me off. Finally, the few annoying banner ads are also a bit of a letdown. ThePornDude doesn’t like fucking bullshit crap like banner ads when it comes to watching porn. I like my shit clean, strictly porn!Suggestions from ThePornDudeWhat the fuck do I even tell one of the leading porn sites? I don’t think they really give a fuck about what ThePornDude says, but as the porn aficionado that I am, I have a fucking opinion. They are making a fucking kill and have thousands of members already. But what I would really want is for them is to be a little lenient with some of their fucking rules. I mean, you make a few, not on purpose mistakes and they will block your profile. They might block your profile and claim you uploaded copyrighted stuff. At least give users a warning first. And there’s a lot of fucking spam on the website too. Perhaps it’s one of the ways the site is using to make some money, but it’s very annoying.ConclusionOverall, xHamster is some pretty good shit. Being one of the leading porn sites, they have been able to build a large community of loyal hungry for cocks and pussies, and a growing number of gold-digging bitches and dudes serving as cam models.