I knew Baddie Hub was going to be full of baddies the moment I pulled up the front page. Sure, the name should have told me what to expect, but as the world’s preeminent porno reviewer, I’ve learned sites can pack a lot of bullshit into the title. What really got me was the bad bitch out front. Sitting front and center and taking up the whole landing page, this sexy ebony broad oozed badness, from her neatly manicured muff to her giant jugs to that pretty face with the shut-up-and-fuck-me expression.Right from the jump, I loved the presentation, and I hoped the whole thing could live up to the tone this lone babe set. BaddieHub.com may be a newer site, but they’d already managed to impress me with a timeless vibe. For real, I felt like I was digging under my uncle’s mattress for vintage black-girl porn rags, but BaddieHub takes the genre well into the 21st century. This is a free video tube focused on sexy ebony sluts, so grab the lube and an old gym sock, and try to pick a computer the librarian can’t see from her desk.What’s the Hubbub About Baddie Hub?The big front-page image of the badass black chick is an interesting design choice. It makes the site feel immediately like an old-school porn magazine, but it doesn’t quite tell you what the site is about yet. It’s definitely an intriguing and sexy enough image to get most perverts in the door, but most joints usually opt for a less subtle wall of thumbnails advertising their newest or most popular material.That wall of thumbnails ain’t far, though. In fact, that traditional porn tube view is just a click away via the Latest or Most Viewed buttons right there at the top. There’s also a Random option that’ll serve up a random selection of baddies sucking dick, riding on dudes and fucking themselves for the camera.Whatever you click, you’ll quickly understand what BaddieHub.com is all about. It’s mainly beautiful black chicks, with a smattering of exotic mixed babes and Latinas, plus a handful of stray white girls. The selection leans toward amateur content, but connoisseurs of the material will recognize a few ebony pornstars here and there.One of the things I love about BaddieHub right away is how it feels like it’s all hand-selected and with great taste. Most free tubes are pretty much assembled by machines, grabbing porn videos indiscriminately just based on which tags they find listed on the other tubes they’re “borrowing” from. BaddieHub feels more like one very busy pervert’s labor of love. Besides the obvious aesthetic bonuses of a webmaster who gives a fuck about the content, you also get a certain uniformity when it comes to the porno: it’s consistently high quality, and the girls are consistently hot.Whoever’s putting together the collection at Baddie Hub, their taste in women is readily apparent. This dude’s into big asses, thick bodies, pretty faces and dark skin. Sticking to those checkpoints, he still manages to get a nice variety of sexy broads on every page of the site, and just wait until you see what these kinky babes are up to.So Many Baddies at Baddie HubI have to swing back around to that ebony baddie I saw out on the front page. Having spent a little while perusing the rest of the site, I’ve got a couple of observations. First of all, I think the hand-curated library at BaddieHub lives up to that old-school magazine vibe out front. The consistency to the material makes it feel a lot more like a magazine, which would have all been hand-selected, versus the more automated porn sites out there.Secondly, while I think she does set the tone nicely, I think that beautiful cover girl undersells the material a bit. She’s got a classic Playboy look, but the content is a lot more Hustler. If you’re too young to get my references, let me put it in different terms. The nude photo on the cover is softcore, but the stuff inside is hard and amazing.I hit the Random button for a quick cross-section of all the hardcore sex going on at BaddieHub. One of the “softest” random videos was a sexy Persian camgirl fucking herself in her car, the camera aimed right at her cooter as she bangs it with one of those Internet-connected pink toys, working up a thick sauce that she tastes by the fingerful.Other random offerings included an interracial scene of a thick-bootied white girl getting pounded by BBC, a home video of a black housewife giving a blowjob in a shower, and an ebony babe riding a Latin dude’s ding-a-ling. There’s a girl who looks like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes twerking her naked ass for the camera, a black chick squirting in public, and three exotic babes fucking one lucky motherfucker in a pool on a balcony.I didn’t see much lesbian content immediately, but a quick search brought up a nice collection. There’s also a Categories page with thumbnail images for each genre, a nice touch that not every free tube bothers with. There aren’t any really big surprises on the Categories menu, as it’s pretty much what you’d expect. There’s not much fetish content, but Baddie Hub does have small sections for JOI and Muscle videos.Hand-Picked Smut on the DailyBaddieHub really feels a lot like some dude’s personal collection, so I was a little worried they’d have minimal updates or a stagnant collection. While they don’t get the hundreds of new movies you find on the bigger, anything-goes porn tubes; the site is growing at a really respectable rate for something with such a tight focus. There are fresh movies added to the collection every day.I’m reviewing the site before my mid-day lunch and masturbation break, and they’ve already added half a dozen new movies. There’s a POV threesome with a couple of lovely ladies, a POV doggystyle and blowjob video, and a black nurse cosplay chick getting her face fucked by a machine, just to name a few.BaddieHub.com hasn’t been around all that long, but it really starts to add up when you’re adding fresh smut every day. As of this writing, there are over 2,300 movies in the collection, a number that’s almost sure to be much higher by the time you read this. That’s just how growth works, friends.You know, I’ve been talking about all the baddies on Baddie Hub so much that I haven’t really been able to slow down for a real test fap. The true measure of any porn said, free or paid, is how well a motherfucker can get off to it. With that in mind, I pulled up a fresh video from the front page. One sexy ebony babe is groping another’s titty in the thumbnail, so I was hard by the time I clicked through and got the video playing.This one’s a 5-minute recording of a cam show. The quality ain’t great, as it looks like somebody may have aimed a camera at their laptop screen, but the broads are sexy as fuck. I think they’re strippers backstage at the club, grinding in each other’s faces and sucking each other’s tatas for some online tip money. According to the counter at the bottom of the screen, they earned at least $200 for their efforts, though I can’t drop another tip on a prerecorded video.I watched a few other movies, and besides the hot girls and dirty sex, one of the consistent things I noticed was the overall lack of spam on the site. I used an adblocker, of course, and nothing managed to slip through. Contrast that to some of the spammier tubes, where I always get a few pop-ups and video ads slipping through, no matter what precautions I take.BaddieHub.com offers a great user experience for fans of bad bitches, and I’d bet my left nut it’s because the site’s creator shares your appreciation for the babes. It’s a big, growing, and consistently sexy selection of mostly amateur, mostly black babes getting nasty on video. If you like these girls, you’re going to fucking love the site.