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Not Their ProblemWith my ad-blocker enabled, I actually did not run into a single piece of spam on TastyBlacks. There were no ads sprinkled among my search results, and the site never gave me a pop-up as I clicked my way around.Unfortunately, since the videos they list are all stored on other sites, that’s where you’re going to run into spam. Depending on where you end up, you could get hit with a couple of pop-ups by the time you start watching a Black chick gagging on cum.A related issue is quality control. Since TastyBlacks is just sending you somewhere else, it's not their problem if they send you to a video that was filmed on a potato or doesn’t play right. That said, I didn’t run into any dead links during my masturbatory exploration of the site.If you’re looking to toss the snag to some clips of Ebony chicks taking on dicks, and you don’t want to spend any money, you may as well do it at TastyBlacks. 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