While the name of this website "Ghetto Tube" sounds basic as hell, I'd say that it comes off as racist, don't you think? I mean, not all black people are "ghetto," or something. Some are, sure. Then again, some white people are like that as well. Some Asians, too, I guess. I don't know. It doesn't matter much, really. The things that people fetishize today are kind of funny, but who cares. As long as it gives them the orgasm they crave so badly, it's fine, right?The optics that grab your attentionThe design of Ghetto Tube is pretty simple, and I'll be honest. There's a really basic homepage crowded with a whole lot of thumbnails, and these thumbnails will give you a little preview of the video once you hover above them with your mouse cursor, which is truly a nice little touch, I guess. Furthermore, the page gives you a whole lot of information about the videos that you can watch there. For starters, underneath the video, you get to see the rating of the videos, the date when the video was uploaded, and all the views these videos have. You also get to see the length of the video, and in the top left corner, a little grey "HD" mark shows you whether the video is posted in high or low definition. So, it's all out there for you to make sure that you watch the best kind of video.You'll notice that this page gets frequent updates, so yeah, you get new movies on a daily basis, which is obviously a great thing. You don't want to get bored watching the same shit over and over, do you? I mean, to be honest, even if you wanted to see all the videos that have been uploaded to the page by now, you wouldn't be able to since there are literally thousands of them in here. The color scheme is nice, I guess. A black background and a little bit of brown on top of it. It's like Wakanda up in here, sheesh. You get a search bar on top of the page, but I guess if you are new to this kind of pornography you won't be using it much, so you better stick to the homepage until you learn what kind of stuff you can find in here.The perksEven though GhettoTube.com is as simple as it gets, it still has just the right amount of little perks to make sure that you have a great time on the page. First off, let's dissect the home page and see all the things it offers to you. First off, let's take a look at the top left corner and see what GhettoTube has in store for us. First off, there is the "videos" tab, and what you find in here are uh, well, videos, of course. What did you expect? Random videos. However, you can sort these out by using the little buttons in the top right corner. First off, if you only want to see HD videos, click the black "HD" button and voila.Next, if you want to see nothing but popular videos, then you should click on the "most popular" button in the drop-down menu in the top right corner. If you want to see the most viewed ones, then click the "most viewed button on the same menu, and if you are really out there to get the best of the best, then you should click the "top-rated" button. Next, you can filter these videos out according to their length. You can get the page to only show you the short videos that last somewhere between zero and five minutes, medium ones that last anywhere in between five and ten minutes and long ones that last longer than ten minutes. Personally, I prefer the long ones because I really do take a whole lot of time to cum.Let's get back to the upper left corner and all the things that are hidden in here. We've only talked about the videos, but there are pictures up in here as well! Sometimes you simply aren't in the mood to watch videos, so a still imagine a fine big booty black girl will do just fine, and when you are in such a mood, you head to this section, and you enjoy yourself. Then there is the "categories" tab. This one has all the categories that you need. It has tame stuff such as "booty shaking," "camel toe" and even comedy porn, but then there is the hardcore stuff as well such as threesomes, anal porn, big dick, big tits, and so on and so on.There is also a media filter that obviously comes in quite handy. If you want to watch straight porn, you're going to click on the "straight" button, and if you only want to watch gay porn, then click on the gay button. It's pretty simple. If you are a lesbian, don't get confused, since the Lesbian porn cannot be found under the "gay" section, but as always, it is found within the "straight" section, because lesbian porn is still a very popular genre of pornography among straight people. Especially girls! Wow, men really need to step their game up if straight girls think other straight girls can pleasure them better than straight men.Getting that street credCreating an account on GhettoTube.com is pretty simple, and it's a quick process, but as you can see, it comes with some perks, which is great. Some websites will bait you into creating an account just so they can say they have a thriving, vibrant community, when in reality they ain't got shit, to put it that way, and they don't give you any perks, however, creating an account on GhettoTube (often misspelled as "gettotube" or "getto tube") won't be a waste of time, that's for sure. First off, you get the ability to download any of the videos to your computer and the ability to surf ghetto tube without and pop-up ads. You may also upload your own videos and pics, but please don't upload videos that are "off-topic," if you know what I mean.Obviously, this website is all about black porn, so make sure you've got black people in your porn! You can also create your personal favorite videos list if you want to. Such lists are neat sometimes, I guess, but you can just bookmark your favorites if you want to reach them faster.Now, the account creation process itself is simple, and it's pretty quick. You just insert your username, your email address, and you choose a password. Next up, you'd have to select a gender (yeah, only two, what a surprise), and you'll have to choose your sexual orientation. I mean, you probably have decided on that by now, but you know, you gotta tell the website whether you like dick or pussy. Maybe you like both, even? Confirm that you are not a robot by ticking the captcha button and that would be it as long as you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age.The playerSo, the player isn't a disappointment, that's for sure. It makes sure that the videos load quickly and it also provides you with the option to share these videos to a social network. I have no idea why would you want to do that, but okay. Did you ever go "damn, my grandma needs to see this white dude beat up this black girls asshole, I better send her this video on facebook!"?Obviously, a thought like that never popped up into your head, and that's great because The Porn Dude doesn't want to dumb people like that browsing his page. I also have to mention that there are literally no ads here. So feel free to actually click on things, you won't get your screen filled up with like a trillion of Chaturbate ads!The final judgmentA pretty decent website, given that you get off to black girls and black dudes. No ads, the porn loads quickly and it's pretty easy to navigate the page. All of the porn is free, too. Lots of it is HD, and plenty of these movies last more than ten minutes, so you will definitively have enough time to cum. The Porn Dude definitively recommends this page!