What the fuck is Mzansi XXX? I’ll be honest; as an American, I had no idea what to expect when I got the link in my inbox this morning. Pardon my ignorance, but even after seeing all the amateur ebony porn on the front page, I still had to google Mzansi. Language is a funny thing, so the first definition I got was “a low-cost national banking account.” The deposits and withdrawals I’m seeing are all semen and cock, with no money exchanging hands, so I don’t think that’s what they’re referencing here.If you’re from South Africa, you’re probably shaking your head when you came here in the first place to shake your dick. Mzansi is also an informal name for South Africa, so now all the white folks can guess what the Africans already knew: is a free tube full of homemade South African sex movies and leaks. It looks like I’m a little late to the party, because these freaks have been around since 2015 and already have a pretty solid userbase, with around 5,000 fappers fapping to the black fap offerings every day.South African Sluts in DIY SmutMzansi XXX is nothing remarkable as far as layout is concerned. It’s got your typical free tube format, with a color scheme and logo that lines right up with their 2015 birthday as far as aesthetics are concerned. It ain’t terribly ugly, but they ain’t winning any design awards, either.I see a lot of free tubes that are virtually identical. They’ve all got this same wall-of-porn look with the moving thumbnails, but most of the random smaller tubes that come by my wank station are stocked full of the same pornos. Most new tubes don’t make the cut here at ThePornDude, because there’s no reason to sit through extra spam for an Abella Danger video you can watch on Pornhub or xHamster.Mzansi XXX quickly differentiates itself from all those throwaway tubes with their focus on South African amateur porn. There are ebony and interracial tubes out there, and while I initially thought this was another one, their focus is deeper than I expected. If you’re a connoisseur of black porno or just want a taste of Mzansi flavor in your free fingerbanging, threesome and anal porn movies, this is probably the place to be.As I mentioned, these freaks have been at it since 2015. Free tubes thrive on user uploads, and with the popularity Mzansi XXX has enjoyed over the years, that pile of cum-swallowing flicks, BBW bangs and creamy black tranny backshots has really added up. To date, they have amassed around 6,000 amateur black pornos in the collection. Hey, if you’re sitting on some buttfucking flicks you shot in Cape Town, why not share with the rest of the class?All Kinds of Black Porn, Fresh DailyIf you ain’t a retard, you’ve already put two and two together. That big library means users are uploading new material every day. On any given day, you’ll be treated to a random selection of the kind of filthy home movies they don’t allow on YouTube.It’s been a good 24 hours. The most recent flick is an iPhone video of a Mzansi teen fucked raw, and the sweet young thing has some of the juiciest, most perfectly round titties I’ve ever seen that weren’t surgically enhanced. Another of today’s scenes shows close-up crotch shots of a Pretorian dude pounding away at an ebony chick with a lovely tight ass. There’s an ethnic mystery at play here: the dude’s got light skin, but that seems to be some monstrous BBC he’s packing.Other recent scenes at include a young South African couple caught cheating on camera, a chick named Mbalientle bouncing on a big black cock, and a taxi driver fucking a student in a car. There are a couple of MFF threesomes, a black chick playing with a dildo until she squirts a goddamn shower all over the bed, and a shemale going wet and wild on webcam.I’ve got to say; I appreciate the variety of pornographic niches on the menu at MzansiXXX. Sex cultures are different around the world, so you don’t always know what to expect. While you don’t get the balls-out freaky weirdness of Japanese porno sites, it seems like South Africans really love getting down in all kinds of freaky ways.The Dirty Things Ebony Girls DoThe porno at Mzansi XXX seems pretty diverse as far as freakiness, with everything from hardcore 69 action to double blowjobs and lockdown house party orgies. I figured the Categories page had to be worth a look, and I was hoping for a deep dive into the most depraved depths of South African perversion. Maybe I’d even find a new fetish or two.Oops. Maybe I spoke too soon. The Categories page looks they started with big plans that fizzled out quickly. The different subgenres of South African smut are illustrated with explicit thumbnails, which is always a nice feature on any sex site, but the full list doesn’t even run twenty deep. They’ve got such a nice start that I have to wonder what happened. Maybe the guy choosing the images got cucked by one of these BBCs and quit the gig.I do like what I see in the Categories, though, as undeveloped as the page is. Mzansi XXX has 178 Anal movies, represented by a black chick gaping and showing the pink insides of her butthole. There are 501 Big Butt movies, and frankly, the girl in the thumbnail ain’t nearly the biggest in the collection. There are 276 Big Tits flicks and 401 Masturbation films, 179 Orgy movies and 603 scenes of teens living your wet dreams. It’s almost all South African sex movies, but they do have 34 filed under Haitian porn. I’m currently browsing their hundreds of Public pornos while squatting at Starbucks.There’s a fair amount of category overlap, which is to be expected on any tube, especially when they’re taking user uploads. The site specializes in amateur black movies, but they’ve got 1208 of them filed under Homemade. There are also 553 filed under Armature. I took a look and didn’t find any women biting men in self-defense, nor any heavy electric machinery, so I have to assume they mean Amateur.What Are They Fapping to at MzansiXXX?What’s that expression about When In Rome? I’ll be honest, even as a full-time masturbator, I’ve rarely had an opportunity to shake my dick at a full porn collection devoted to South African amateur smut. I figured while I was visiting, I’d try cranking it to the Videos Being Watched section of the front page.The 5-minute homemade porn at the top of the screen was called "Wakhala uZoleka wathi Yhuu Yhuu Yhuu bubumnandi bepipi". For the English speakers wondering, that means, “Zoleka cried and said Yhuu Yhuu Yhuu it's the sweetness of a penis.” I’m sure that’s totally accurate, Google Translate, because bitches often say, “Yhuu yhuu yhuu” while crying and tasting the sweetness of my own penis.With my spam blocker running, MzansiXXX didn’t serve up any spam as I clicked through to the video and hit the Play button. A camera on a bedside table or dresser takes in the action. The angle ain’t great, giving us an unobstructed view of the dude’s ass, back and legs, but not much of the broad. All you see are her chunky legs wide and up in the air. You know, I was making fun of the title, but she really does yell, “Yhuu yhuu yhuu!”After watching the BBW Zulu chick get nailed by BBC for a while, I checked out another Video Being Watched of a really fucking sexy amateur threesome. This lucky motherfucker got a couple ripe, hot babes to ride his cock and his face at the same time. 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