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Many great Mzansi Porn Videos are coming out of South Africa these days, but it’s not always easy to find them. It’s mostly an amateur porn scene, and we all know how hard Pornhub’s recent crackdown fucked over the randos who used to upload videos of themselves fucking other randos. Thankfully there are still joints out there like MzansiPornVideos.com, which is exactly what it sounds like.MzansiPornVideos is a free video tube full of nothing but African amateur porn. Whether you’re looking for a yellow-bone bitch blowing dingdong, a big-booty ebony MILF going doggystyle or a fatass black BBW getting drilled hard and squirting, this place has probably got a few videos of it recorded on somebody’s phone. I like my women like I like my coffee: hot, black and then pumped full of rich cream. With that in mind, I got all lubed up to take Mzansi Porn Videos for a little test fap.South Africans Sure Know How to FuckSome people have this image of me as some lonely pervert, strapped into a masturbation box all day, beating off to a steady diet of hardcore porn beamed into my eyeballs with an IV drip of Viagra providing me sustenance. While that’s partially true, I’m also a cultured, intellectual motherfucker. My job does involve touching myself pretty much the whole time I’m awake, but I also get to learn a lot about the sex cultures of the world; some might call me a pornographic sociologist. I can certainly report that attitudes toward fucking and getting it on video ain’t all the same from country to country.American porn sites like to sell an image of the innocent, naïve, almost sexless babe who gets corrupted by pussy eating and anal fingering. Asian smut is known for submissive women, and Japan in particular, has a well-earned reputation for coming up with the most outlandish, consistently bizarre fetishes known to man. South American camgirls give some of the most joyful, enthusiastic peep shows you’ll find online. Indian prudishness towards sex in general is written all over their video tubes, where practically every common BJ or titty-flash is labeled as a “scandal”.And then you’ve got African porn. The thumbnails spread out all over the front page of MzansiPornVideos.com remind me why I love African amateur porn so much: these chicks are wild, freaky, gorgeous and love dirty sex. One of the features of good amateur porn is a raw passion that’s hard to recreate in studio gangbangs, scripted threesomes and planned-out casting shoots. I feel like you get a higher ratio of the good stuff with black amateur porno, thanks in large part to a very pro-sex culture. Everyone’s going at it hard, not holding back at all.And Just Look What They’re Getting IntoThese broads are doing all kinds of nasty shit, too. On the front page alone, I’m seeing ebony babes getting their twats licked from the back, getting their pussies creampied, or fucked raw-dog in the break room while all the coworkers are out to lunch. There are South African bitches fingering their wet pussies, getting their asses slapped in POV doggystyle flicks, and a big thick chick on her hands and knees, face pressed into the pillow as she tries not to scream from the pounding she’s taking. There are amateur teens, a drunk magosha having public sex at a tavern, as well as anal creampies, and I haven’t even made it off of page one.There’s a nice selection of thumbnailed subgenres to choose from if you hit that Categories dropdown. It’s a bit of a contrast from the usual set of popular categories on most tubes, and it shows you what kind of Mzansi Porn Videos they’re actually watching in Africa. Instead of Lesbians, Trannies and Asians, the typical viewer here is getting off to African Porn, BBW, Black Porn, Coloured movies and films about Fat Black Pussy. I guess some things are the same worldwide, though, because they also love Anal, Big Booty, Big Tits and Blowjob porn.For a smaller tube, MzansiPornVideos.com is organized pretty damn well. They make full use of video tags, and have a full index of them under the Tags header. (I fucking hate when sites leave out the Tags page, but these guys do it right!) There’s some overlap in categories like Big Ass MILF, Big Booty, and Big Booty South African, but the catalog gives quick access to fun little niches like Drunk Sex, Car Sex, Ekasi Squirt and Kitchen Fuck.Thousands of Amateur Ebony PornosThere are a ton of MzansiPornVideos out there. In fact, this website has thousands of ebony DIY pornos in its growing archives. Of course, when you compare that to categories like lesbians, South African smut is still a niche. As thick as the collection gets here, it may well always be a drop in the bucket compared to massive, everything-goes tubes like XVideos or xHamster.They’re definitely working on improving those numbers, though. A handful of new SA sex movies are added to MzansiPornVideos every day. In the past week, they’ve added nearly 40 new videos, including a naked ekasi teen twerking, a Mzansi pussy getting creampied while taking side strokes, and a close-up masturbation video with hairy, fat black pussy. The very freshest scene is a vertical POV video of a chunky shaved pussy getting drilled hard and squirting.The tatted, thick-bodied babe in that newest one caught my eye. She’s got a bow inked right above her shaved twat, giving it to the cameraman like the world’s greatest present. That African sexual enthusiasm is on full display in the short clip, with the chick grabbing at the cock and rubbing her clit as she gets fucked. Her fuck-me face alone gets me hard, and those big jugs add icing all over the cake. Oh wait, that’s not icing, and this isn’t a cake, either. It looks like I just ruined another keyboard.I was really expecting some spam to slip through my adblocker as I started up the video, but nah, the whole experience was clean as hell except for the cum and pussy juice. In fact, the only downside was the painful shortness of the clip. At just under two minutes, it’s a bit of a tease. Of course, this isn’t the fault of Mzansi Porn Videos, but just a natural consequence of the DIY format. We’re lucky this dude decided to pull out his phone at all for a couple of minutes of hookup. Some folks just like to share, and I speak for most of you when I say we love to watch.MzansiPornVideos.com does have a little slider in the sidebar for dialing in your preferred Duration. I moved the first bar from 0 to the 5-minute mark, and I had to laugh a little at the results. Sorry to tell you guys, but there are only 16 Mzansi Porn Videos that run longer than five minutes, at least right now. The longest one is a black teen sex tape that runs just under nineteen minutes. Apologies to those settling in for a nice, long crank session, but you’re going to have to click through to a new clip every couple of minutes.Black Public Sex? Count Me In!Before I finished my little tour of Mzansi Porn Videos, I really had to check out that video I’d noticed out front with the drunk chick fucking a guy in a local tavern. South Africa may have a wild sex culture, but sometimes you’ve still got to get a little liquored up to bang somebody at the neighborhood watering hole.It’s another short movie, running under two minutes long. A bystander is taking the video from maybe ten feet away, so it’s not a super intimate or even very explicit shot. There’s a lot of intoxicated laughter as she bounces on his lap, skirt up around her waist. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but I definitely appreciate their unbridled enthusiasm.That enthusiasm for fucking is easily one of my favorite features of Mzansi Porn Videos. The videos on the site combine the raw, real, enthusiastic sex of amateur pornography with the raw, real, enthusiastic sex of South Africa, giving you a double dose of what makes homemade sex movies so appealing in the first place. If you’re into black porn, ebony chicks and amateur smut, I think you’re going to love this one.