Ebony Galore, aka ebony clipss! If you love watching black women get nasty for the camera as much as I do, then you are probably always looking for the next great resource for black porn. Yes, I suppose you could continue looking at top tube sites forever and hoping that you see something new. By all accounts, you’re never going to run out of black porn if you stick with PornHub and the other top tube sites that everyone and their mother knows about.But if you are looking to branch out and want to see more black videos than ever before, head on over to Ebony Galore. It’s a porn aggregator, meaning that you will see black videos across multiple tube sites. Think of it like a porn search engine just for watching hot black bitches get as nasty as they want to be. You don’t have to stick to just one tube site anymore. Keep it at Ebony Galore, and find some of the best that the Web has to offer!Hundreds of categoriesThat’s not me blowing smoke up your fucking ass and trying to trick you. Yes, Ebony Galore does indeed have hundreds of categories waiting for you to explore. That’s because Ebony Galore is actually a porn aggregator rather than a tube site. It indexes content across all kinds of websites, so you don’t have to visit them one-by-one. Think of it like a porn search engine.This results in all kinds of categories for you to browse. The most popular categories have their own thumbnail at the top of the category section. As you scroll further down, you will find that there is a laundry list of categories that are waiting to be discovered. As I was looking at the categories, I found that they were unique and varied wildly.For example, I found a category called hot mom, which is to be expected when you have hundreds of categories like this. I came across categories like real, black teen, ebony anal sex, and more. However, when I began looking at all of the categories available on Ebony Galore, I found a fuck ton of categories that did not belong here.Why the fuck are there categories like young Indian (18-25) on here? Or what about categories like Cuban, Chinese mom, or BWC (big white cock)? And I already know what you are going to say. “Gee ThePornDude, there may still be some black dick or pussy in those videos.”I understand where you are coming from. But come the fuck on, are you seriously telling me that of the 11,000 videos in the Chinese category that every one of those videos have a black person in it? The midget and Mexican categories both have 12,000 and 68,000, respectively, that also feature black people? Do you really think that?If you think that, I have a bag of cum I want to sell you that will give you eternal life. I clicked on a few of the categories that seemed to stand out like a dick that got slammed in the door. What I found were videos that had nothing to do with ebony porn. Specifically, the Chinese mom category. It had many incest and solo videos featuring Chinese women, but there were no black people in these videos.When you have a porn aggregator called Ebony Galore, I have to wonder why in the fuck there are so many categories that have nothing to do with…you know, black pornography. Even a category like uniform had a ton of porn that did not belong here. Sure, I found some videos that featured black people. But on the front page alone, I noticed porn starring a white maid and her white client, two white lesbian schoolgirls eating out each other’s pussies, and other similar content.What the fuck is up with that? If there are videos that do not feature any black people, naturally, they don’t need to be on Ebony Galore. The fact that these videos are, makes the over twenty-nine million videos seem not to be as impressive as the number first appears to be. If that number consists of a lot of content that is not ebony by nature, what the hell is the point of visiting a site called Ebony Galore in the first place?Over 29 million videosIf your jaw dropped when you first saw that number, I do not blame you. A porn site that has over 29 million videos across hundreds of categories is something worth bragging about from the numbers alone. I don’t care what website we are talking about: that’s a huge fucking number!Not only that, but there is new content added all the time. And I don’t mean just a few videos per day. I mean literally – it’s all the fucking time! Click new videos at the top of the page and look at the latest videos to go live. I found that within just four hours alone, over 100 videos were added to Ebony Galore across all of the categories.By that logic, it is safe to say that Ebony Galore adds over 600 videos every day. That is a low number too, and I would not be surprised if that number is over 1000 on most days. Either way you slice it, Ebony Galore has a ton of videos to watch every single day. You won’t be able to watch everything that gets posted to Ebony Galore, so there is always something new to watch.Still, the fact that a lot of the content that is posted on Ebony Galore has nothing to do with black people makes these numbers a little less impressive. I would love to see what the actual numbers for black porn are on the porn aggregator. Because I can guarantee you that it doesn’t come close to the number of new videos that are posted every day.Informative thumbnails and listingsEven though it’s bizarre that there is a lot of non-ebony porn on Ebony Galore, it’s still easy to find the kind of content that you are craving. This is thanks to the informative thumbnails and porn listings on the porn aggregator. When you look at a listing, you will see information such as the title of the video, duration, source of the video, the date it was posted, rating, and if the video is in HD.I have to give a special shout out to Ebony Galore for adding the source of each video. If you have ever used a porn aggregator before, you may know that clicking on the video loads the site where the video is hosted. That means if you click a video that states the source of the file is on PornLib, you will be redirected to that site.As you explore the videos and jerk off from one to another, you will probably come across sites that you have never heard of before. That’s okay! Because the source site is listed in each video listing, you can do your own homework and see if the site is trustworthy. Chances are it is, but if you are concerned about visiting porn sites that could expose your device to malware, adware, or the like, knowing where your browser will be redirected once you click the video is vital. It allows visitors to have the solace to know where they will be going.Excellent options for sortingOne of the other things that Ebony Galore fucking nails is how it treats sorting content. Unlike a tube site, on a porn aggregator like Ebony Galore, you have to first click a category to start browsing videos. Once you click a category and begin looking for a video to watch, you have options for sorting content.You can sort content by popularity, date, duration, and rating. Once you sort by one of these options, you can then apply filters. You can add filters such as date added (past 24 hours/two days/past week/past month/past three months/past year/all time), duration (0-30+ minutes), resolution, if the content is in VR, and the source of the content for those that want to only look at videos from a certain site.Not only that, but you can even browse videos by certain porn stars. Seemingly, every porn star that is listed somewhere on Ebony Galore is listed on the porn star section of the site. Click their name, and you will see only the videos that star that porn star. When you want to watch content that only stars a certain black beauty, Ebony Galore makes it happen.Suggestions:Ebony Galore.com features over 29 million videos with new content added daily. It’s the place to go for ebony content. Unfortunately, too many categories and videos do not feature black people. The site either needs to amend its name or remove the non-black category and videos so the site can be accurately represented.