Hood Amateurs! Ghetto bitches are in the hizzouse at this hoodtube, dawg! Yes! Those black skanks who love to slobber on a cock and display their skills as if that's the most important thing in the world are about to be reviewed. The site is called HoodAmateurs.com and as you can already guess, it's about black hood rats, amateur ones, getting plowed! The site is a free porn site and from what I gathered, the site is compiled out of amateur/homemade videos submitted by the users and the site's team alike. So those of you who are fans of this genre, here it is, all of it is free and it's all ghetto. Ya heard!I don't know why but when I wanted to check out how many pages of content Hood Amateurs has, on the homepage it read 613 but when I clicked on it there were 443. This is a decent number but still, when you have a hiccup like this, you start to wonder about things. Where did all these bitches go? No biggie, I just went one page back, to 442 and those were the first videos that were uploaded to HoodAmateurs.com. The update date read seven years ago, so basically, by the powers of deduction, HoodAmateurs.com was launched back in 2011. That was the beginning of this decade and to survive for so long is a great accomplishment. Kudos to HoodAmateurs.Yet another interesting part about HoodAmateurs.com is that all of the videos have a HoodAmateurs.com watermark on the clips. This means that each video is checked out by the site's team so you can rest assured that no gay bullshit, no tranny, no interracial videos are going to slip through. Placing a watermark on homemade videos requires time, and as a result, the reviewing of the video at hand. The bad thing is that the tagging system is not all that good. Some videos are not tagged properly, meaning that the basic tags and KWs that are supposed to be there, aren't. This means that some videos will not pop up after you place a search for their basic KW.As expected the videos are all amateur, mostly done with a mobile phone or a web camera. The video quality is not good. But that is the thing with amateur/homemade videos, you will get the raw product, the vibe, the passion, the moment in time but, you will lose out on the video quality and by my expert assumptions, the videos are around 720p. Still, this is not the issue at all because the videos are not about the picture quality it is the quality of the sex that's recorded on these videos. And let me tell you, they are super hot and super arousing. I like my asses thick and bouncy and black hood bitches invented the twerk. Think about it.There are no popups however I did have one redirect when I entered the site. It was for a HoodAmateurs.com cam site. What struck me weird was the Categories section. There were only four categories and they weren't even the classical categories that we all know. They were Black BBW Amateurs Porn, Free Black Amateur Porn, Black Amateur Head Blowjobs Neck, and Free Black Porn. Now I don't know if it's me (and I already know that it's not me) but these are not categories. When you add them all up it adds up to 17841 videos total. The point is, don't bother looking for a certain video in categories because there are none.What you need to do is enter a desired KW in the search box and if nothing comes up, there will be a related KW or multiple long-tail KWs. This is the only way you can search your videos on HoodAmateurs.com. In all honesty, this is a messed up way of organizing videos let alone searching for them. But I guess that's the life in the hood, messed up dawg, it's messed up.When all said and done, HoodAmateurs.com is a cool site. It is a free tube site, one that holds black people sex videos. Ghetto bitches are always down to bone so you will mos' def' receive a receipt for their delivery. The biggest setback was, like I mentioned before, the tagging system and the way that HoodAmateurs.com (often misspelled as "hoodamatures", "hood amatuers" and "Hood amature.com") organized their videos. This is a big problem because once you check out the videos you will see that they are all pretty much the same as far as the pic quality goes and the performers are all black. This means that there are no substantial differences in videos, something that you can hold on to and say that that's that video that I saw before and I want to see it again. Still, I liked the site and it has my vote of confidence.