When I first checked out Sanktor, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at. I saw a bunch of beautiful women flashing their tatas, posing in lingerie, and dancing like strippers on the tops of tables in swank luxury apartments. That isn’t an uncommon sight in my business, but I think what threw me is all the names of the models on the front page. I thought maybe this was an incest site because they’ve all got the same last name as the joint: Alexandra Sanktor, Kris Sanktor, Elle Sanktor, and Scarlett Sanktor occupied the top row, and the list just kept going.I think it’s actually more of a Ramones-type situation, where they take on the name of the project because they’re so into it; Joey, Johnny, and Dee-Dee didn’t actually have the same last name, though. I’ve never seen that on an adult site, so you’ll have to pardon my professional confusion. Sanktor.com is actually quite a bit softer than the current crop of taboo sites out there. This one’s a premium site devoted to the beauty of solo Euro chicks, Russian to be specific. They’ve been around a couple of years now, steadily growing their fanbase along the way, so it seemed like a good time for ThePornDude to lube up and give them a look-see.Just Who Are These Sanktor Girls?Sanktor.com has the kind of super modern layout I expect from the big-name, big-budget paysites out there. It starts with a big auto-playing video montage out on the top of the tour page, followed by a bunch of thumbnails of sexy naked ladies. The big thing that separates the place from those other sites I’m talking about is the nature of the content. Instead of reality-porn previews of teens gargling semen and MILFs getting double-fucked by two black studs, the girls of Sanktor are mostly showing off those stunning bodies all by their lonesome.And make no mistake: while these girls may not have the star power of big names like Abella Danger and Mia Khalifa, they’re all fucking gorgeous. They’re shooting some of the most beautiful European models I’ve spanked off to this week. And as you expect from the Euro sites, they’re mostly slim, and it looks like the photographer prefers dark-haired girls to their blonde counterparts. There are a handful of light-haired girls, a stray ebony babe, and a few mysteriously exotic chicks, but for the most part, you’ll be fapping to white girls with black or brown hair.The eleven-second clip out on the front page is the only moving preview you get, along with a good selection of mouthwatering thumbnails. It gave me a good sense of what I’d find inside, like pretty girls taking showers or fooling around with some light solo bondage, but you know how I am. I always want to take a test wank of the entire enchilada, which is why I had to get inside and see what the members are shaking their dicks at.High-Quality Nudie Videos at Discount RatesI obviously checked out Sanktor.com at just the right time because they were running a special on the subscription rates. A month is going for ten bucks right now, and their lifetime membership is only $200. That’s even less than I’m charging for forever access to PornDudeCasting, though it is admittedly a limited-time offer. That said, even  Sanktor’s regular prices are considerably cheaper than a typical premium porn site. The monthly rate is usually sixteen bones, which is about half of what you’d pay almost anywhere else. They even take BTC, so you can unload that crypto bullshit before it crashes completely.Of course, when you’re about to pay money for fap fodder, it’s always good to see what kind of bang you’re getting for your buck. Unfortunately, one of the biggest bummers I found on the site was the upload dates beneath each video. Lately, they’ve only been putting out two videos a month. My golden standard for any pay site is once per week. And looking at it through that lens, the cheaper price makes a lot of sense; it costs half as much as other sites because they’re putting out half as much material.The good news is that they’re putting out those new flicks on a steady schedule. Sure, it’s a bummer that you have to wait longer for new material on Sanktor than you would elsewhere, but at least you won’t give yourself blue balls waiting in vain. You’ll know when to expect those new nudie videos, and you can plan your lube purchases appropriately. (Personally, I buy it by the barrel over at Costco, along with a pallet of Funyuns and a deep freezer full of horse burgers. Hey, I’ve got to stock up on things since I’m always busy in my home masturbation chamber.)And by the way, they weren’t always releasing on a two-week schedule. In fact, if you look at their earliest releases, they were sometimes putting out new flicks within days of each other. So two years is enough time to build up a decent collection, even when you’re going slower than the other guys. To date, they’ve got around 70 movies in the library, which should keep your hands busy for a while.Before I ever tried Sanktor.com for myself, I’d heard some good things. People have said it’s a great value because it’s cheap and you can download everything. Well, I’ve got bad news for you. They don’t allow video downloads anymore. I blame OnlyFans because until they blew up, the trend of streaming-only paysites seemed to be going away. However, I’ve seen more and more premium sites cut out the downloads lately, so it’s definitely something to be aware of if you like saving some for your offline porn stash.Fapping to the Classiest Naked Ladies AroundI decided to start my official fap test of Sankor.com with the latest video, starring a chick they’re calling Julia Sanktor. All the chicks are fucking hot, but I figured this was a good place to start because it’s the newest video and because this hottie is giving me Ariana Grande vibes with her BDSM rabbit mask. Ariana is hot, but this chick’s got bigger boobs, and she’s actually showing them off. You can’t do that on MTV, you know.The movies on Sanktor don’t have any plot and feel quite a bit like sexed-up music videos. After the site logo, this one opens with a shot of Julia in that rabbit mask on top of a table, down on all fours. The montage quickly shifts to different shots of the babe in bed, strutting around in her red-bottomed Christian Louboutin heels, slowly crawling along the floor, and rolling around in bed.Honestly, the quick-cutting scene doesn’t feel all that different from the montage I saw out front. The biggest difference is that this one goes on for a little more than seven minutes instead of eleven seconds. This isn’t an unusual runtime on the site, and in fact, the short movies are one of the most significant downsides to the site.That said, I really love the high-end presentation. If you’re a fan of classic nudie photoshoots, I think you’re going to like the vibe here. It’s too bad you can’t download the scenes and watch them in slow-mo because there’s no playback speed control in their baked-in video player. The girls are gorgeous, the sets look expensive, and the photography is fantastic. It’s got a vibe somewhere between fashion shoots and the classic solo stuff you oldsters remember from paper skin rags like Playboy. You can tell they studied the craft and take it seriously as an art.I think those classy vibes are what’s going to make or break the site for most masturbators. Admittedly, it’s considerably softcore stuff compared to just about anything else out there in the world of premium Internet pornography. Still, I think it’ll appeal strongly to fans of nude photography who appreciate the naked female form being presented in such an artful way.My advice is to check out the tour page and see how that makes you feel. It’s a fair and accurate representation of what you’re going to find inside the Sanktor.com member’s area, namely high-end showcases of beautiful Euro chicks with their clothes off. If it makes your dick hard, you can get a ticket for the full show for considerably less than other paysites out there.