Playboy Plus

PlayboyPlus takes a comically stereotypical approach to bring a classic brand into the new millennium, slapping a Plus on the end when they could have just as easily tacked on a 2.0, a 4K, an Ultra, or maybe even a Hub. Whatever, though, because I’m less concerned about the name than what they’ve actually got to show me. This is the porn brand your grandpa grew up with, but the younger generations are less familiar with. Playboy has lost some of its luster in this world of hardcore Internet smut, but they’ve still got a reputation as purveyors of refined, classy nudes for fancy lads, intellectuals, and general perverts.PlayboyPlus.com is a premium site from the original nudie mag, offering up extensive galleries and videos. The site gets about 1.4 million visits a month, which is almost sad when comparing it to the traffic of modern reality porn outfits like Brazzers. Still, it’s at least a little more attention than your mom gets, so it’s worth a peek. Anyway, I’m really curious what Playboy is doing to keep themselves relevant these days, so let’s take a closer look.Putting the Plus in Playboy PlusThe landing page for PlayboyPlus is similar to modern premium sites in that there’s a big, auto-playing video montage of a sexy babe at the top of the screen. It’s Sophie Dee at the moment, in case you were wondering. Playboy has always worked with the most prominent models, celebrities, and pornstars, and that hasn’t changed at all.That preview loop is where the huge similarities to the other sites end. For one thing, the clip features some nice titties and a flash of ass, but it’s definitely softcore compared to what most of you perverts are used to. That’s, honestly, what I expect with Playboy, and arguably one of the reasons they’ve fallen off. Everybody’s trying to outdo each other in terms of depravity, while Playboy is still trying to be all highbrow.Scroll down, and you get a nice, clean, modern layout full of asymmetrical thumbnails of still more high-end hotties. They’re putting out multiple updates a week, and while they’re relatively softcore, they’re sexy as fuck. Today’s update is a Sophie Dee gallery, and a couple of days ago, they featured a sexy video shoot with Ora Young.You can gawk at a good number of Playmate and celebrity thumbnails, but I kept getting shuffled to a signup page asking me for money. The tour page says there’s a free preview account available, no credit card required, so first, I wanted to see what I could see at PlayboyPlus without busting out the wallet.What’s Free vs What’s Premium at PlayboyPlusIt turns out the free membership gets you to access to just three content sets. They’re updated daily, which is great, so the free Playboy Plus membership is an easy recommendation if you appreciate classic nude photography. It’s also a good preview if you’re curious about what’s inside because it does help you get a taste for the Playboy vibe.And what is that Playboy vibe? It’s on beautiful display in today’s freebies, which include picks from their archive going back to 2016. One gallery features a couple of Euro babes in lingerie, getting more and more naked as you scroll down, including some nice, soapy bathtub shots. Another features the beautiful Ashleigh Rae in a nude photoshoot outdoors in the mountains, while the third gallery features a few naked ladies painting.Playboy has always been known for sexy photos of women that don’t actually have any sex, and that’s what you get at Playboy Plus. The pics showcase the natural beauty of the women in different environments, letting your mind fill in all the dirty things you’d like to do to them.Of course, if you like it, you’re probably going to want more than just three galleries a day. The entire PlayboyPlus.com collection has over 20,000 Playboy galleries and videos, but naturally, they want a few bucks before they let you in.There’s a 2-day trial for a buck, but the actual membership is thirty bones a month. That’s pretty standard anywhere, as is the 3-month membership that breaks down to twenty every 30 days. They also have a Lifetime Membership for $150, which is honestly a fucking good deal if you’re a fan of the content. Hell, I sell Lifetime VIP memberships to PornDudeCasting for $249, and I certainly haven’t achieved Playboy’s legendary status yet. (I do fuck the girls, though, which is something you won’t see on PlayboyPlus.)Let’s See What the Members SeeOnce you get into the real member’s area, Playboy Plus shows you what they’ve got to offer. I went back to today’s Sophie Dee update, this time zooming in for the full-resolution versions of all the pics in the gallery. The site has a nice setup for viewing the photos, including various zoom options and an automatic slide show for watching hands-free, if you get my drift. I mean, you can whack off with both hands, cupping the balls while the images flick by the screen.This gallery even comes with a couple-minute video of Sophie strutting around and posing in a mirror-filled mansion. I had a feeling Playboy was going to restrict downloads, but it looks like my fears were misplaced. Downloads are included with membership. You can grab the whole gallery as a zip file or save the video at the click of a button.I was hoping PlayboyPlus.com included access to the Playboy magazine archives, but it turns out that’s a different paid service called iPlayboy. You’ll see the link up in the header where it says Magazine Archives. It’s $8 a month, which ain’t bad, especially if you miss the whole Playboy experience and not just the naked ladies. The perverts don’t realize or just don’t remember, but Playboy was always respected for its interviews and literary pieces, with material from everyone from Margaret Atwood to Haruki Murakami, Kurt Vonnegut to Gore Vidal.That leaves the question of just what is included with Playboy Plus. Well, I already mentioned they’ve got over 20,000 Playboy galleries and videos, so let’s take a look at how those break down. “The centerfold is just the beginning” reads a motto at the top of their Playmates section, and it’s an apt way to describe the whole site.The Playmates section is obviously going to be one of the most popular areas of the site because you’re going to get full spreads of the most popular girls. Not to be outdone, the Celebrities section features babes like La Toya Jackson, Karlie Redd, and Pamela Anderson baring all. As you may have guessed, these archives stretch back years, even decades.There are also categories of Playboy Muses, Adult Stars, Editor’s Choice, and International. My personal favorite is the VIP Content. While all the other categories show you basically the same thing with different solo women, the VIP Content mainly features women in pairs and trios. They’re not humping as they would be on other sites, but there’s a lot of sensuality to the way they touch and interact.Maybe I love the VIP Content on PlayPlay Plus so much because the entire site is fucking softcore compared to what I’m used to as a full-time porno reviewer, and this section at least shows sexy human beings interacting with each other. No, they ain’t sticking their tongues up each other’s buttholes, but that’s never what the Playboy brand has been about.It’s that branding that will make or break the membership for most users, I think. Playboy is digital now, but they experimented with ditching nudes entirely in their final years running as a paper magazine. It’s been a struggle for them to maintain their style when it’s so soft, almost wholesome, compared to all that money-making hardcore out there.So, are you going to like PlayboyPlus.com? Well, that probably depends entirely on how much you appreciate the beauty of the naked female form, regardless of whether she’s crammed with dick in all of her tight, wet holes. If you were a fan of the original paper version, you’d probably love this digital archive, but it may not be as enticing for those of you who grew up on Reality Kings and Team Skeet. Check out the free membership first and see how those daily galleries make you feel because the full ticket includes a whole fucking library full of the stuff.