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Welcome to First Time Videos Girls aka FTVGirls! Has it ever occurred to you just how many dicks you have inadvertently fapped to in your life? Think about it. Nearly every porno out there features a chick getting dicked down by some muscular, well-endowed stud. In fact, the guy is actually sort of the main event in a lot of these videos. Think of series like Teens Love Big Dicks or videos like “Monster cock ravages tiny teen pussy.” At least some part of you is clicking on these videos because of the dick itself. Doesn’t that seem just a little bit gay to you?I know it isn’t technically gay because most of us are only tolerating the dick in these videos so that we can watch the girl getting fucked, so that we can imagine that his dick is our dick, making it easier to slip into the fantasy of you fucking that amazingly hot woman. But, still, there is no denying the fact that part of the reason a lot of people watch porn has to do with the cock in question, even if it is nothing more than a means of inserting ourselves into the porn. Still kind of gay, though, even if that is the case.The good news, though, is that we don’t have to look at dicks in order to get off to sexy women in porn. It’s not a necessity. There are, of course, millions of lesbian and solo videos out there that will surely get the job done in which we don’t have to see any penises whatsoever. It may be a little trickier at first to put yourself into that scenario, but once you do, it’s well worth it. There’s nothing better than some high-quality dick-free porn that allows you to jerk off to nothing but beautiful women pleasuring themselves and each other.Maybe you aren’t only tired of the dick being the main event in porn, but you are also sick of every scene you watch being so highly mediated and unrealistic. Overly fake and dramatized porn is, after all, probably the most common type of porn out there. Just look at the studios that dominate the adult entertainment industry: Team Skeet, Brazzers, Mofos—these are all examples of, although extremely hot in their own right, super fake and exaggerated hardcore sex scenes that make it hard to lose yourself in because they are so far from what girls truly enjoy in real life.Believe it or not, there aren’t many girls who are into DP anal gaping and deepthroating themselves to tears. If you crave something a little closer to real passion and real pleasure without having to constantly see giant cocks every time you watch porn, there are more options out there than you might think. And one of the best examples of this kind of porn can be found on the site, FTV Girls.Amateur Appeal, Professional Quality“FTV” is an acronym, short for First Time Video. So, as you may imagine, First Time Video Girls is a site that is, among many other things, dedicated to showcasing fresh faces (and bodies), not porn stars who have already been exploited in every possible way in hundreds of videos in the past. These girls are porn first-timers, which lends FTV Girls a sort of amateur porn appeal. But to call the porn that FTV Girls produces “amateur” would be extremely misleading.There is nothing “amateur” about it. The videos and photo galleries that FTV Girls produces are extremely high-quality and professional. In fact, the content they produce is borderline artistic, with special attention paid to lighting, setting, and narrative that many other porn studios do not give nearly as much consideration. You may have to sacrifice the hardcore and explicit fucking that you’ll be used to from other porn studios, but if you’re more into the girls themselves, FTV will be right up your alley.The website itself even looks different when compared to other premium pay porn member areas. FTV Girls has opted for a more classic approach. Whereas sites like Reality Kings or Team Skeet have adopted a layout and design that sort of resembles a free tube site—explicit thumbnails of videos that give everything away before you even explore the videos themselves—FTV Girls previews content by creating covers, resulting in thumbnails that more closely resemble magazine or DVD covers than the now typical porn thumbnail of the model getting fucked or sucking a cock.Refreshingly Different PresentationEven the way in which the content is presented is rather different. When you click on a thumbnail, in other words, you aren’t just clicking into a single video. Instead, you are opening a whole multimedia package, one that centers around the girl, as opposed to around a given scene. For example, once I enter the member's area, the first thing I notice is a slideshow of recent uploads. The girl that catches my eye is called Luna. Her content package features two covers: “Aerial silk dancer” and “Sexual Athletics.”When I click into her content, instead of being brought to a single video/scene page, I’m brought to a whole collection of Luna’s content, where I am able to select “Videos (75 minutes of HD video)” or “Photos,” which contains around 400 high-resolution photos split up into four separately themed galleries. Additionally, if I want to learn more about her as I watch her videos or check out her photos, she has her very own model page complete with an in-depth bio. The bio not only gives me an insight into her background, interests, and personality, but it also gives a thorough recap of everything I can expect to find in her media package. FTVGirls.com is a porn site that clearly cares about its models and wants their personalities to be a part of the sensual experience of watching them.Right above the Latest Updates section of the site, you’ll find a site menu bar. Here, you can choose between FTV Girls Live (their online camming site which requires a separate membership), Our Friends (ten links to ten other premium pay porn sites—including Vixen, Blacked, and Tushy—each with a free sample scene to go with it), Reviews (FTV Girls’ very own porn review site … not that you’ll need to go there!), My Favorites (a quick link to access your favorited videos), Support, and Home. Above these options, you will also have a convenient way to browse the site by a comprehensive model directory, sneak peeks of upcoming content, and bonus material (outtakes, extra scenes, and interviews with the girls).Tons of Porn, Plenty of PersonalitySo, if you haven’t already come to this conclusion yourself, FTV Girls is a fucking massive site with tons of great content for you to enjoy. In addition to all of the already mentioned material that will be made available to you as a member, if you take a quick look at the site’s model directory, you’ll see the staggering number of girls that have photos and videos.With 44 pages worth, you’ll be able to enjoy easily over 1,000 different FTV Girls, each with anywhere between 40 minutes and three hours of video footage and hundreds of photos. That is a lot of fucking porn. Plus, the site keeps uploading new content, giving you a new girl to enjoy every week. You will never run out of dick-free, intimate, sensual porn on FTV Girls. And if you do ever come close to running out, shit man, get a fucking hobby.Not only do you really get to know the girls through their bios and their highly personalized video and photoshoots, but the girls each compose their own customized message regarding their content, in which they are writing directly to the viewer. This, paired with the fact that the videographer and photographer also write their own comments on the video, makes for an extremely intimate porn viewing experience unlike any other.The one thing that I am not a huge fan of when it comes to this site is the fact that the content is so disjointed. What I mean by this, is that none of the videos appear in full, uninterrupted. Instead, for whatever reason, you’ll have to enjoy the videos in short clips, five to ten minutes each. I’m not sure why the videos have been split up this way … you can download videos, though, so perhaps it is for easier, faster downloading? Either way, I’m not crazy about it. I wish that there was at least an option for viewing the full video without interruptions.All in all, FTV Girls offers something very different from the majority of porn being produced today. Enjoy extremely high-quality videos and photos of beautiful women in the most intimate and personable way possible. If you are sick of the same old, same old, dick-heavy, hardcore porn that dominates every other site, then you’ll definitely enjoy the refreshing, intimate all-girl content that FTV Girls has to offer.