Ah, Stasy Q founded by Said Energizer! Gentlemen, I greet you from the cockpit of my new BMW, which I’ve had outfitted with a stunning Gucci interior. I’m sipping a hundred-year-old Cognac and puffing on a Cohiba while a high-class escort, not a prostitute, sucks my balls dry. Just kidding. I’m actually jerking off at the library again, but I’ve got StasyQ.com pulled up so I feel like a really fancy motherfucker.The front page of the sites says they offer “the new generation of erotic art”. That could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. About a million perverts a month are checking out what they’re selling, though, which is enough to catch the interest of a Porn Dude like me. It must be a niche site with numbers like that, but one that’s stuck it out since 2014, which ain’t always easy.Sexy and a Little Bit DifferentMost porn sites put their filthiest material out front. You’ll load up the front page and immediately see a girl’s gaping pussy dripping cum all over the place, a few couple hard cocks stuffed into various orifices. Depravity just seems to be the prime selling point in most of the industry.Stasy Q takes a different approach. The little blurb at the top makes the vague declaration that their photos and videos are “shot with a unique style.” That much is immediately true.While the girls in the preview images are gorgeous, naked, and in sexually suggestive poses, it’s all presented with a very classy veneer. Part of it is the subtle layout, opting for thin lines over gaudy fonts and loud colors. This is obviously a sex site, but it lacks even the basic amount sleaziness you expect when you’re at the computer with your lotion, tissues, and cock out.While they have some very light lesbian action from time to time, most of the site’s updates are solo shows. If you’re looking for hardcore anything, you’ve come to the wrong place. These girls are posing and showing off their perfect bodies for their 4k video and photo-shoots, but they’re not fucking themselves on camera with a series of dildos or anything. StasyQ is more about showcasing beautiful women in sensual, tasteful imagery.Top-Shelf Babes at Bargain RatesAfter watching one of the preview videos, StasyQ dropped me off at their sign-up page. At around ten bucks a month as the standard rate, they’re a lot cheaper than your typical paysite. The perks of membership are spelled out all over the screen.Your contribution of roughly one Alexander Hamilton per 30 days gets you access to more than 30 updates a week. This includes a 4k video and a new HD gallery every week, a new backstage video every day, and new interviews every two weeks. You get to watch all the movies and see all the photos, and apparently you get to listen to all the music, too.The VIP membership is a dollar more, and you’ll need that if you want to see the backstage scenes or interviews. VIP members can also vote on the model for the next release, which subverts market forces in a way that boggles the mind. Either way, they’re going to make more of what’s popular because that’s how businesses work. Whatever, though, it’s a buck and you get some extra content.Beautiful Naked Girls in 4K Ultra HDStasyQ movies and photo sets don’t have catchy or clever titles like you’ll find on other sites. There’s no Blonde Girl Enjoys Alone Time or Ripe Teen Naked On Bed. No, StasyQ just numbers their releases. As of this writing, they’re up to StasyQ 321.What’s in a name, anyway? I’ve always been more interested in what a girl looks like under her clothes than what she wants me to call her. With that in mind, I clicked on a beauty covered in paint on the front page to take a closer look at a little something called StasyQ 315.StasyQ 315 stars a girl who goes by LessyQ, which I’m sure is her real name. The site really went all out in its quest to maintain theme, scouring the Earth for beautiful women whose last names are Q. The nationality field is empty on Lessy’s bio, but she’s speaking something Eastern European in the interview and backstage videos.The StasyQ 315 page features the movie at the top. Quality options only run from 720 to 4k Ultra, so apologies or fuck-yous to the folks with poor connections. There’s a download button up top, though, so it all evens out.I know I’m jaded from watching really hardcore porn all the time, but this is an alright show. It helps that the girl is beautiful. It’s only 6 minutes long, though, with shots that cut too quickly from one to another.I’m not feeling the music so I mute it, but you can download the track at the bottom. I have to wonder if they just timed the video so the music could loop a couple of times. Seriously, I just don’t understand why the video is so short. Linger on those shots, let us enjoy these beautiful women. The maddening thing is I know there’s more footage, they just chopped it all to pieces and only gave us a taste.OMFG, These Photo-Sets of Sexy WomenThe photos are pretty fucking nice, though. If you’re into classy nudes, StasyQ has you covered. This reminds me of some of the older, nicer skin mags you used to find in your old man’s closet. The pics let you take a longer look at Lessy as she rolls around in paint, getting all wet and slippery, her perfect body glistening from all angles.While I wasn’t impressed with the video, the quality of the photography here is something I rarely see in porno, and I look at the stuff all day. This is really StasyQ’s prime selling point.Reach Out and Pretend to Touch These BeautiesMost of the recent are also available in VR format, so you can get right in there and pretend to touch Lessy or any of her sexy co-workers. They’re all marked out front, and there’s a big WATCH IN VIRTUAL REALITY button at the top of the video screen right next to the downloads.My worry was that the fast cuts would fuck with my VR experience, but I also really wanted to have Lessy’s goddess-like figure beamed directly into my eyeballs. With any luck, the VR version wasn’t all chopped up.I’d tell you all about how it turned out, but I didn’t get to watch. No, I fell for one of the dirtiest tricks in the online porno business. It’s not uncommon, but goddamn it’s fucking annoying. StasyQ implies all over the place that you can see the VR movies with your membership, but they’re actually on their sister site. That one’s going to run you another $15 a month.I wish StasyQ was a little more transparent about StasyQVR being a completely different site, but I get it. They’re probably pretty separate markets, with different demographics and consumers. The kind of folks spanking the monkey to relatively softcore still images are probably not the same people strapping computers to their faces in search of the next big orgasm. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.StasyQ is not a porn site for every pervert out there. In fact, I’d say it’s only for perverts looking for a very specific thing: tasteful nudes. The women are absolutely spectacular and their bodies are showcased by some of the best artists in the business. You won’t see any fucking, but you will have access to thousands of high-res photos and accompanying videos.VIP members get a couple of extra perks. I’m not sure it’s worth it if you’re here just for the photos, but either way, the StasyQ (often misspelled as "stacyq") is a cheap site. It costs about as much as a glossy porn rag these days, and you’ll get instant access to a much bigger collection of pics. It’s easier to wipe the cum off your keyboard than a magazine, anyway.