Superbe Models sound fancy as hell, but maybe it’s just that extra E tacked onto the Superb. I’ll be honest, when I saw the site’s name and all the classy naked broads plastered all over the front page, I was sure this was going to be some kind of arty, highbrow art porn thing from France. It turns out I was only partly right; these refined ladies and gentlemen are peddling a style of erotica a bit more sophisticated than the average college bukkake scene, but they’re based out of Los Angeles, according to their Twitter account. They do seem to shoot around the world, though, and with a lot of Euro chicks.SuperbeModels.com is a paysite dealing in what they refer to as “Erotic Art with Beautiful Fashion Models.” Before you perverts run off, that’s really just an elaborate way of saying this paysite sells softcore porn with artier production values than most big-name sex sites. You can call it erotica if you want to feel like a fancy lad, but I wouldn’t be reviewing it here at ThePornDude if you couldn’t jack off to it.Like Cranking It To Mom’s Fashion MagsRemember whacking off to Victoria’s Secret catalogs? That’s one of the first things that came to mind as soon as I hit the SuperbeModels landing page. There’s a real fashion photo vibe going on here, even though most of the girls are wearing basically nothing. Right away, you’ll notice the framing and composition of the shots look more like some shit out of Vanity Fair than Hustler. There are exposed beavers, but the posing is very sensual, somehow classy even as a chick spreads her legs with a camera near her twat.They weren’t bullshitting about the fashion models, either. Superbe Models have a more waifish body type than the curvier chicks gaining traction in reality porn these days. The women are consistently slim and sexy. They’re exactly the chicks you expect to see modeling $10,000 dresses in artistically composed fashion shoots, except you’re seeing them wearing nothing in artistically crafted porn shoots.Or should I say “erotica” shoots? Some would argue that porn and erotica are literally the same exact fucking thing, and I sometimes groan when I hear the word. I’ve seen some self-declared erotica that was too painfully arty to even sustain my boner, but there’s a lot of T&A here, and I haven’t even started looking clicking around.One of the big, enticing brags on the front page is that Superbe Models is dropping new content every day. There’s a mix of stuff, and they offer up previews of the material that’s coming up. There’s a photoset and a selfie video coming out tomorrow, a new casting video coming out later today, and a new film in 4 days.There are some previews out front, including short snippets from those upcoming bits I just mentioned. Ultimately, though, there’s nothing long enough to really fap test the content. I guess I’ll have to take a deeper look inside.Fancy Pants Porn at Fancy Pants PricesThere’s a big sign out front offering 75% off as part of their Easter Sale. I clicked my way through to the signup page, and was a little bit disappointed. You need to sign up for the yearly plan to get 75% off, which comes out to $72. A monthly plan right now is going for $20, which is a reasonable price for a month of porn, but their regular rate is $35. That’s more than most sites, and these girls aren’t even getting fucked.Then again, if you’re trying to watch girls get cock stuffed in every hole, you’ve definitely come to the right place. This is for distinguished gentlemen who appreciate skinny broads for their gorgeous bodies and pretty faces. Anyway, the daily content drops help make up for the price difference.The daily updates also add up fast. SuperbeModels.com is only a few months old, launched at the very tail end of 2020. I was worried there’d only be a tiny amount of content, but the collection is already a respectable size. By my count, you get 20 films and 20 corresponding photosets, 12 casting videos, and 105 video selfies. It’s not as much content as you’d get on one of the big, long-established networks, but it’s solid for a site this young. It sets a good precedent for what’s to come.You can also download whatever you want. Jerk off now and save some for later. I feel like the no-downloads trend on paysites has been subsiding lately, and I’m always happy to see a site offering up MP4s. The resolutions here only go up to 1080p, but I have to assume they’ll upgrade to 4K soon. (Given the overall expensive, high-class vibes, I was really surprised they’re not publishing in ultra-HD already.)Skinny Chicks Posing in Abandoned FactoriesFor my first stop on my fap tour of SuperbeModels, I headed over to their selfie area. It’s a gallery of vertical videos the babes shot themselves. I watched a Latina pull down her red panties and bra while listening to Kanye in the bathroom, and then watched a blonde flashing her titties and shaved cooter as she rolled around in bed. A redhead flirted with the camera before dropping her leopard-print dress to the floor, and an exotic girl jiggled her little ass on a balcony before showing off her tatas.The selfies do offer a nice, intimate look at these chicks that feel like a sexed-up version of Instagram. My only real complaint about them is that they’re really short, some of them only running 30 seconds or so, leaving you horny for more.I wanted to see more of that exotic chick, Layla, so I clicked through to her profile. It turns out the little cutie is from Moldova, and she’s actually got a bunch more selfie videos on Superbe Models, plus two galleries and two videos.I checked out her video called Dream Factory. It opens with Layla strutting into an abandoned warehouse and taking her clothes off. She’s wearing jeans, boots and a denim jacket, a high-fashion riff on the traditional blue-collar work uniform, which quickly gets covered in dust from all the hard labor, so naturally, she’s got to lose it all.The whole twenty-minute video is presented as a montage, her clothes coming on and off with no real rhyme or reason. Layla pulls down her pants in slow motion a hundred times, rubs her body, squeezes her ass, and rolls around on a clean white sheet. For my money, the best stuff is towards the end, where we see a lot of close-ups of her pussy and some nice glimpses of her asshole.Not Your Typical Casting VideosLayla’s video was nice, but lacked the narrative element I like in my fap fodder. It felt more like a music video with nudity than a porno to me. I wanted to see the castings next. If you haven’t heard yet, I recently starting shooting my own entries into the genre, banging pornstars and amateurs over at PornDudeCasting.They definitely do things differently at SuperbeModels.com than on the PornDudeCasting couch. One of the biggest differences is that while I’m fucking them in all their different holes, nobody’s getting nailed at Superbe Models. I was hoping to see this babe Lilit get banged in her casting movie, but at least I got to see her naked, tatted body.That’s not to say they’re bad videos; they’re just not what porn fans typically think of when they think of casting flicks. Maybe this boils down once again to the thin line between porno and erotica. Instead of asking Lilit to show us how she plays with herself, they ask her to strut for the camera, strip and pose. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, and in fact, I had to rewind the bit where she walks away from the camera with heels on. What an absolutely fantastic ass!SuperbeModels isn’t a site that I could recommend to the average PornDude visitor. A lot of masturbators are fucking jaded these days, seeking out the hardest hardcore scenes of chicks getting double-stuffed with big dicks and drenched in copious amounts of sperm. The material here is much, much softer, focusing instead on highlighting the natural beauty of the chicks and arting up the presentation with fashion photography techniques.So, who is SuperbeModels.com really for? Well, I’d say it’s aimed squarely at those who consider themselves connoisseurs of fine erotica, drinking cognac and smoking fine cigars while masturbating furiously in the back of the limo. Alternately, it could be a good option for anybody looking for some softcore without the sleaze most of us other perverts can’t get enough of.