Watch 4 Beauty, aka W4B! What’s the difference between erotica and porn? Wikipedia says porno is all about the graphic depiction of sexually explicit themes, while erotica seeks to tell a story using those themes in a more plausible depiction of human sexuality. Maybe I’m just a lowbrow motherfucker, but I guess I don’t care what you call it. I’m beating off to Watch4Beauty this morning, and I’m more worried about where to spill my seed than how to classify their masturbation movies and lesbian scenes.Watch4Beaty.com has “been shooting erotic for over 13 years now,” according to the About Us page. They’re based in Prague but travel around the world in their search to expose the sexiest women in the world in artful and classy depictions of stripteases, public nudity, and golden showers. Their fanbase is worldwide, too, with thousands of horny art-hounds, intellectuals, and general perverts tuning in to their offerings every day.A Classy Take on Porno, You Fancy FuckWatch4Beauty has a different flavor than most premium websites, a difference that you’ll notice as soon as you hit the landing page. There’s something classier about this place than your typical paysite. It’s like upgrading from the local crack whores to the high-class call girls whose ads don’t even mention sex.Of course, there’s sex implied heavily all over the page. There are a lot of gorgeous naked girls, some spreading their twats, others bent over to give you a great view of young, round asses. There’s a lot of masturbation and that peeing I mentioned, which ain’t a common spectacle even among the big sites. Most of the shots are solo, but there are a couple of stunning lesbian couples out front.The girls skew young, mostly late teens and early twenties. These girls are recently legal, in their sexual primes, and ready to show off their killer bodies for the camera. I see White girls and Latinas, a couple of Asian hotties, and some lovely Ebony babes. They’ve mostly got skinny body types, as they’re mostly Euro girls. They don’t cram down the Big Macs out there like American chicks.I wanted to make a joke about these lovely ladies being hungrier for cock than fast food, but I don’t see any cock at all. I wonder how much that would ruin the classy feel of the joint, even though I’d like to see how some of these women handle a double doozy to the face. There is at least one girl licking cunt on the front page, so I know oral ain’t out of the question.According to a blurb on the tour page, their nearly 500 models are in over 200,000 photos in the stash so far. That’s cool for the old-school wankers, but I know most of you ain’t cranking it to stills. It’s a more impressive number than 500, though, which is how many videos they have.It’s not the hugest video stash in the world, but I’ve certainly seen worse. What I haven’t seen is many sites offering this kind of highbrow erotica. I think what really gets me is that they’ve got this classy, expensive-looking style that makes you feel like you should be drinking Dom Perignon in a Gucci suit while beating your dick to the site, while at the same including some serious perversion on the very front page. Who’s up for piss and champagne?Classy Erotica at Budget PricesThere’s a big banner out front offering me a discount for their 15th anniversary. It’s supposedly 50% off, but I’m still holding my breath, because this place looks classier than the sleazy dives I’m used to.It’s way better than I expected. The regular price for a membership at Watch4Beauty is the industry-standard 30 bucks a month everybody is asking. Fifty percent off makes it fifteen, and they’re asking under a Benjamin for a year. Nice!If you’re already pretty sure you’ll be hooked forever, they offer a lifetime membership, too. It’s normally $600, but it was a couple of hundreds off at the time of this writing. Few adult websites offer this perk, and it’s probably a good deal. It will pay off as long as the site sticks around a few years, and who knows? Maybe in a decade, you’ll be cashing in on some new, next-gen VR shit they’re putting out with teledildonics and a sync file for your dick-sucking machine.A Different Look, Feel, and Flavor of SmutMost premium sites these days have a similar setup once you get logged in. It’s always a wall of video thumbnails leading to their newest HD fuck movies. The setup’s a bit different here. The thumbs are bigger, the info sparse; all you see besides the naked girls are a title and what’s inside. Sometimes you get films, other times it are just photos. Most have both.The photo-only updates do look more enticing than your typical screengrab gallery tacked on to increase a site’s content numbers. There’s a young redhead posing in an artful but filthy spread, and a slim brunette spreading her twat on an awfully expensive-looking couch.Still, I’m more of a video-type masturbator. I like moving images and sound when I’m cranking it. The most recent update is more my speed. Don’t Hurry features 71 photos of young, busty Milla posing in a forest beside a lake. The bathing suit shots lead to full nudes, which lead to Milla spreading her twat for the camera while laying back in a hammock.The video runs around six minutes. Milla is buying ice cream at a stand in the opening under some twee acoustic guitar music. The music continues as Milla pulls down her top while walking through a forest. A few seconds later, she’s stripping completely nude by a gorgeous lake and then taking a dip.Milla’s laughter at the cold water is the first sound that pierces through the music. The camerawork is arty as hell, and the scene could probably fly in an R-rated Hollywood movie. I wouldn’t even call it porn.She gets a little naughtier halfway through the clip. Music off, Milla strips slowly in the woods. She touches the outside of her pussy and spreads her ass cheeks. The ratings board would never let this into the theatres, but Lars Von Trier might try to get it released on Netflix. I’m still not sure I would call it porn, even as I flog my cock to the sight of this girl’s supple booty flesh and just a glimpse of her butthole.Tons of Nude Pics and a Fair Amount of XXX VidsAs hot as the clip is, I always like to find the hardest shit I can find on any site. With that in mind, I scrolled through the member’s page, looking for couples getting their fuck on. I only found a couple of lesbian scenes.Cheerful Celebration is a Watch4Beauty update consisting of 107 photos plus video. The images show the girls making out, tasting each other’s twats, fingering and dildo play. The video? The video is three goddamn minutes of titty flashing and making out.That’s a fucking lopsided content distribution if I ever saw one. It’s pretty rare for a paysite to have more photos than videos, but maybe that’s part of the gimmick here.Happy New Year 2021 is a better update. This time it’s a 16-minute film, without an extensive photo gallery. I really prefer to see the twat-tonguing in HD video than still pictures, so this is more my style!This site doesn’t really cater to my style, though. There’s a decent chance you’ll be disappointed by Watch4Beauty if you typically beat off to premium networks full of 4K anal movies, orgies, and teen deflowerings. While they do include some lesbian action and the occasional golden showers sequence, the overall vibe here is pretty softcore. You’re usually going to spank it to girls all by their lonesomes, with nobody to stuff them full of cock. In fact, I didn’t see any cock during my visit.Another unusual element here is the ratio of pics to videos. They have way more photos than other paysites, and more emphasis placed on them. They genuinely expect their users to beat off to photo-only updates, and I’m sure they do, while most sites seem to include pics just for the numbers.It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but Watch4Beauty.com definitely has their own style to their smut. It’s softcore, high-brow, and arty, while at the same time still sexy as fuck. I recommend taking a look at their tour page if you appreciate fine erotica a little more than your fellow perverts. If you like what you see out front, there’s plenty more inside.