Welcome to ZZ Cartoon, a website that’s home to so much fictional (3D) cartoon hentai porn that it can keep its fans satisfied and jerking off to something new on a daily basis. There is so much XXX cartoon content on here that you could fap to something new every hour for literally years, and the content itself is pretty varied so you can switch between videos, images, and comics if you don’t wanna settle for one format for too long. This site hosts all kinds of fictional porn, from drawn 2D/3D comics to fucked-up 3D sex clips with tentacles and even some bestiality here and there for good taste. I’d be lying if I said that this site wasn’t a treasure trove of drawn XXX fiction compiled from all over the internet, and there’s plenty of stuff to do jerk off on here, so if you’re someone who prefers to jack off to cartoons fucking over the real stuff and also want to keep your masturbatory life spicy and full of excitement, then you should give ZZCartoon.com a shot on your lonely nights.3D Porn with No LimitsReal life porno may be more relatable and all-around ‘realistic’ than its fictional counterpart, but it can’t compete at all with 3D porn when it comes to creativity and possibility. While XXX cartoons and Hentai stay in their own thematic domains, 3D porn is made to be as realistic as it can be when it comes to fictional porn, because the animated characters in it look just like real-life people. Now when you have a horny 3D animator and real-life looking 3D character models, there’s a lot of ways that things can go down.There’s a whole heap of reality-themed 3D XXX content on here (and all over the rest of the internet) which features realistic-characters like schoolteachers, parents, siblings and even household pets getting involved in all sorts of fucked-up taboo sex that can’t legally be filmed with real-life actors. Then, there’s also a lot of this same 3D XXX content featuring the same realistic 3D character models except this time they’re getting involved with all sorts of otherworldly supernatural beings and creatures like werewolves, aliens, tentacle monsters and so on. 3D pornography has virtually no limits – all it takes is a horny animator and the rest is fapping history.Video Game Porn for EveryoneAs with most websites dedicated to drawn/animated fictional porno, ZZCartoon is full of videos and images containing your favorite video game characters fucking, getting fucked and doing all sorts of shit that you probably never will because you’re probably either always jerking off or playing video games. There’s a lot of video game heroes and heroines getting off here, including Lara Croft, sexy WoW night elves, those hot, scantily-clad Mortal Kombat ninja babes, cat babes and lizard women from the TES series, Princess Peach & Bowsette and so on. If you call yourself a gamer and you’re lonely and in need of ‘treating yourself’ to some hot XXX action with your favorite video game characters, then you can bet your cock that this website has exactly what you’re looking for in both video and image format.Can’t Get Enough of Your Favorite Cartoons?We all grew up watching cartoons and I’m pretty sure that most of us developed a crush on a certain female cartoon character back when we were little kids, which lead us to have fantasies about her. Well now we’re living in the future, and we don’t have to fantasize anymore – if you crushed on a certain pink power ranger or Kim Possible as a kid, you’ll be pretty fucking excited to see that they and literally every female character from every popular cartoon is displayed ass naked on this page. There are all kinds of content on here in both video and image format which features the hottest cartoon characters, all for your immature viewing pleasure. You can jerk off to your favorite cartoon crushes while watching them get spanked, grabbed, fucked, mouth creampied and get involved in just about every sexual act there is, right here on this site.Of Course, There’s HentaiIf there’s one category of drawn pornography that reigns supreme among all others, it’s definitely Hentai. Japanese animation exploded in the Western world in the late 90s, but no one expected its erotic counterpart of Hentai to come along with it and highjack the personal preferences of almost all drawn XXX toon enthusiasts in the Western world. I don’t know what it is about drawn women with unrealistically large eyes and crazy hair with extremely annoying squeaky voices that makes horny neckbeards all over the world horny, but numbers don’t lie and Hentai is definitely the most popular genre of drawn pornography on the internet today. There is an abundance of it on ZZCartoon (often misspelled as "zzcartoons"), and it comes in many different genres like ‘schoolgirl’, ‘forced’, ‘tentacle’, ‘futanari’, (dickgirls), and so on. This site may not be exclusively dedicated to just Hentai but it will definitely satisfy your needs if you like jacking off to erotic Japanese cartoons with blurred out genitals.One of the Biggest Collection of ‘Tags’ On a XXX SiteWhen you’re looking for something to fap to on here, the first thing you have to do is choose whether you want to jack it to Hentai, 3D or cartoon porno. Then, you’ll need to make a choice between video and pictures or comics – usually it’s videos, but there are some people who actually have an IQ larger than 90 and are capable of maintaining an attention span and using their imagination, so it’s safe to say that not everyone needs to resort to videos in order to fap. However, there’s another way to search for content on here altogether, and that’s by using the ‘Top Searches’ function on the homepage. This button takes you to all the tags that are on this website’s content, and there is such a wide variation of them on this site that it’s almost fucking mindboggling. You can choose from all kinds of weird themes to help you get off here; ‘Horse’, ‘Abused’, ‘Daddy Daughter, ‘My Little Pony’, ‘Demon’ and ‘Pain’ are just some of the out-of-this-fucking-world categories that this site lets you pick at your leisure.The Only Problem Is, Everything On This Site is Poorly OrganizedI’m seriously not impressed by this website despite the large amount of content it has, because a LOT of shit on here is extremely unorganized. From the video/picture titles to the categories and the tags as well as most of the content itself, everything on here seems to be fashioned and presented by a team of people who gave a half-assed effort because they just wanted it to look good in order to lure in horny jerkoffs desperately in need of a fap. A lot of the tags I just mentioned don’t really have a lot of content linked to them, almost every title on here looks like it was written by someone who is still learning English, and honestly most of the video content on this website is just poorly animated second-grade shit, which brings me to my next brief and final point…The Porn Here Is B-Class at BestIf you’re looking to jerk off to some quality drawn pornography then you should probably try your luck on another more distinguished site like Luscious or one of the many well-known Hentai sites like HentaiHaven or HaiHentai. A lot of the content here particularly the Hentais and cartoon animations have incredibly low framerates and repetitive scenes which give the impression that they were animated by some loser in a basement with amateur animation skills. The rest of the content is weird, fucked up 3D porn that includes all kinds of taboo shit, and everything else including the authentic Hentai movies as well as the pictures and comics has been ripped straight from other sites like rule34 and so on. I’ll say again – if you’re really into drawn porno then you’re better off looking for it on a more dedicated and focused site, because this place, as promising as it may seem, is ultimately just a clusterfuck of unorganized animated XXX content.