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Let’s talk about animated porn, and more specifically, let’s talk about the animated porn that xVideos has to offer. By now, I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about xVideos.com since this site has been here for quite some time. It is a free porn place with millions of porn videos for you to enjoy, and I particularly love their cartoon porn section.Since you are here, reading my shitty review, it is safe to guess that you are also a big fan of animated tits, right? Well, my friends, you have come to the right place. I love all kinds of hentai and cartoon porn, and I also love to talk about that crap. So, if you get a boner just thinking about those perfect cartoony sluts, you will surely enjoy what this site has to offer.If you click on the link I provided, you will immediately be taken to the cartoon section of xVideos, but if you just visit the site in general, you will have to search for it on your own. I mean, that should not really be such a big deal, because the site is pretty straightforward, so you will find your way around without an issue.Before I go balls deep into the review, for those who have not heard about this free porn site, you should know that xVideos.com offers a little bit of everything. It all depends on what the fuck you and your cock prefer to watch, but I am pretty sure that you will find your kink sooner or later. And for those who love to watch animated porn, you’ve already found your heaven.What kind of videos can I expect?Well, expect a little bit of everything, not sure what else to tell you. We all know that the reason why people enjoy watching cartoon porn is basically because there is a lot for you to enjoy. I mean, the pornographic scenes are just filled with the dirtiest and naughtiest concepts and a lot of huge tits perfect sluts. You will get the gist once you start exploring, trust me!As I opened this selection of cartoon porn, I was overwhelmed in the most positive way ever. There was lots and lots for you to check out, and I started with the classics, the actual cartoon porn. One of my favorites included hot Futurama sex scenes with the robot guy, I forgot his name, sue me. I never expected to get a woody from watching a robot fuck, but here we are.The second video that got my attention showed Santa fucking Meg from Family Guy. Now that was an odd video, yet quite classic at the same time. There were actually plenty of characters from Family Guys, The Simpsons, American Dad, Futurama, and so on. All the classic cartoons were basically featured here, and that is definitely what I love.Not to a minion that there were plenty of incest shits as well. For example, there was one scene that showed the gorgeous Lisa Simpson and her brother getting it on before Marge joined the scene. Now, that is something you do not see every day!Of course, there were plenty of 3D animations, and I must say that my favorite one was of the gorgeous babe Rapunzel getting rammed in missionary. You get to see her pretty face and tight snatch as she got fucked hardcore… the animations were super good, and while I would have appreciated it if the video was longer, I am not really complaining.Now, there were also plenty of hentai scenes, and there you really never know what to expect. Some plots are normal, some are weird, and some are just fucking… bizarre. However, that is a whole new genre, and if I start talking about it, I will never stop. But it is important to mention that hentai also falls under the cartoon porn since technically it is cartoon porn.Those were all the classics that I just mentioned, but that is not all xVideos has to offer when it comes to cartoon pornography. Sometimes, people just like to go overboard and animate the weirdest crap I have ever seen. For example, there was an animation of a horny dog fucking a human chick… basically a lot of bestiality videos, which is not something I am particularly into.Let’s also not forget about all those hardcore videos, where giants fuck small sluts, or just monster dicks all over. You basically have a little bit of everything, and that is why I always say that no matter what the fuck you were searching for, I am sure that the cartoon selection of porn will satisfy your needs.Why do people like cartoon porn?I am sure that plenty of you have seen many sections of cartoon porn, and you might just not realize why people even like this type of pornography. I mean, you are basically watching animations of babes getting fucked, but that is the beauty of it. Imagine a world where all the sluts are perfect, and they want to do whatever you want them to.Now imagine a world where no laws apply, where everything is allowed because nothing is real. That is basically what cartoon pornography is all about, and there are over 11k videos of cartoon porn on xVideos.com, so my dudes, I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for… ‘cause damn, that is a shit ton of videos!Some like cartoon porn, others are not the biggest fans, it all depends, if you ask me. So, take your time and explore what xVideos has to offer, and you will be able to see whether cartoon pornography is something that you could enjoy. Nobody is judging; since it is pretty fucking normal that we are all into different types of shit, otherwise there wouldn’t be that many categories, to begin with.All I will say is that you should be ready for anything. The thing with cartoon pornography is that everything is allowed, even porn scenes that are not physically possible. So, make sure that your stomach is ready, and explore the wonderful world of animated pornography, since I am pretty sure that you will love what you see.A bit messy, but overall a solid website.I must say that xVideos.com is one of those sites that has visible flaws from the get-go, but at the same time, nobody cares, when their selection of porn is so huge. This is a free porn site, and they do not only offer cartoon porn, but you also have a little bit of everything, and a selection of hundreds of tags to choose from. I mean, there is no way that you wouldn’t find something that would make your dick hard.Now, since the site is free, you can browse through as much as you want. In case you do not like the cartoon porn or you just got bored, you can check out plenty of the other sections of porngo0raphy they have to offer. I mean, that is the beauty of what xVideos is all about… not to mention that I do not waste my fucking time on sites that are not worth it.As for those who are looking for something more, the registration is free, and you get the usual user-privileges. You can comment, create a favorites playlist, and upload your own shit. You can also choose to follow certain channels, and get notified every time they upload something… let’s not forget that there are many pornstars who actually have their own channel on this site.What’s the overall?I think that cartoon porn is great, because you never know what the fuck to expect. No matter what your fetish might be, how fucking dirty your mind is, animated pornography has done it all. So the chances are, what you cannot find in regular porn, you will easily be able to find within the cartoon category… not to mention that all the cartoon sluts are fucking perfect!On the other hand, xVideos.com is a free site, and there are lots of other categories for you to check out. It all comes down to your personal choice, and what the fuck makes your dick hard. You have the freedom to browse through everything, the site looks pretty neat even if it is a bit messy, there are some ads, the quality is varying, but overall, the site is definitely worth your time.